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Map 500k--m30-4

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Detail sample Map 500k--m30-4
NameMap 500k--m30-4
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:500000 1 cm to 5 km
File size 4.8 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
United Kingdom
This map demonstrates territory of France, of United Kingdom, of Guernsey, of Jersey. Displayed city Rennes for Garmin. You can find here city Caen for Garmin. Displayed city Saint-Brieuc presented. You can find here city Saint-Malo for Garmin. On this map city Laval free download. Displayed capital of Jersey city Saint Helier presented. city Cherbourg-Octeville free download. Displayed city Herouville-Saint-Clair free download. Displayed city Fougeres download for free. You can find here city Saint-Lo presented. Displayed town Equeurdreville-Hainneville download for free. Displayed town Tourlaville free download. Displayed town Argentan for Garmin. Displayed town Flers presented. You can find here town Vitre free download. You can find here town Octeville marked. Displayed town Pontivy marked.

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Populated places:
Rennes (209375 people)
Caen (110624 people)
Saint-Brieuc (52774 people)
Saint-Malo (50676 people)
Laval (50489 people)
Saint Helier (28000 people)
Cherbourg-Octeville (26655 people)
Herouville-Saint-Clair (24258 people)
Fougeres (23719 people)
Saint-Lo (21722 people)
Equeurdreville-Hainneville (18862 people)
Tourlaville (18273 people)
Argentan (18230 people)
Flers (17430 people)
Vitre (17266 people)
Octeville (16951 people)
Pontivy (16752 people)
Saint Peter Port (16488 people)
Cesson-Sevigne (16222 people)
Bayeux (15963 people)
Mayenne (15583 people)
Vire (14603 people)
Bruz (14533 people)
Granville (14289 people)
Plerin (13860 people)
Lamballe (12344 people)
Dinan (12237 people)
Dinard (11993 people)
Mondeville (11582 people)
Ploufragan (11577 people)
Loudeac (10552 people)
Coutances (9657 people)
Ifs (9617 people)
Betton (9343 people)
Avranches (9295 people)
Falaise (9107 people)
Ouistreham (9067 people)
Pace (8608 people)
Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (8505 people)
Vern-sur-Seiche (8110 people)
Saint-Gregoire (8058 people)
Valognes (7873 people)
Evron (7808 people)
Chantepie (7560 people)
La Ferte-Mace (7372 people)
Chartres-de-Bretagne (7074 people)
Liffre (7034 people)
Carentan (6950 people)
Saint-Berthevin (6887 people)
Langueux (6822 people)
Fouillard (6737 people)
Le Rheu (6601 people)
Colombelles (6493 people)
Mordelles (6484 people)
Conde-sur-Noireau (6364 people)
Chateaugiron (6274 people)
Chatillon-sur-Seiche (6152 people)
Ernee (6127 people)
Montfort-sur-Meu (6007 people)
Dives-sur-Mer (5906 people)
Cancale (5751 people)
Acigne (5746 people)
Melesse (5675 people)
Querqueville (5670 people)
Pledran (5550 people)
Pordic (5441 people)
Dol-de-Bretagne (5394 people)
Combourg (5362 people)
Chateaubourg (5362 people)
Change (5245 people)
Douvres-la-Delivrande (5182 people)
La Glacerie (5117 people)
Bonchamp-les-Laval (5094 people)
Agneaux (5017 people)
Pleurtuit (4989 people)
Canon (4926 people)
Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouet (4846 people)
Noyal-sur-Vilaine (4823 people)
Cormelles-le-Royal (4808 people)
Giberville (4802 people)
Blainville-sur-Orne (4598 people)
Montauban-de-Bretagne (4552 people)
Bricquebec (4475 people)
Louvigne-du-Desert (4467 people)
Fleury-sur-Orne (4457 people)
Plouha (4435 people)
Vezin-le-Coquet (4416 people)
Domfront (4402 people)
Yffiniac (4392 people)
Bretteville-sur-Odon (4320 people)
Breal-sous-Montfort (4168 people)
Pontorson (4147 people)
Courseulles-sur-Mer (4061 people)
Saint-Meen-le-Grand (4028 people)
Argentre-du-Plessis (4007 people)
La Bouexiere (3960 people)
Hillion (3943 people)
Pleneuf-Val-Andre (3942 people)
Villedieu-les-Poeles (3927 people)
La Meziere (3808 people)
Saint-Gilles (3797 people)
Verson (3763 people)
Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (3741 people)
Erquy (3722 people)
Plaintel (3693 people)
Cabourg (3686 people)
Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives (3658 people)
La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz (3621 people)
Quessoy (3600 people)
Noyal-Pontivy (3533 people)
Bedee (3478 people)
Donville-les-Bains (3466 people)
Mauron (3426 people)
Les Pieux (3413 people)
Argences (3405 people)
Chavagne (3378 people)
Saint-Cast-le-Guildo (3363 people)
Troarn (3361 people)
Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers (3357 people)
Iffendic (3357 people)
Servon-sur-Vilaine (3328 people)
Quevert (3325 people)
Plouezec (3321 people)
Villaines-la-Juhel (3320 people)
Goven (3291 people)
Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes (3289 people)
Geveze (3287 people)
Binic (3272 people)
Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (3269 people)
Lanvallay (3269 people)
Breteil (3242 people)
Demouville (3238 people)
Plelan-le-Grand (3220 people)
Lecousse (3202 people)
Luc-sur-Mer (3171 people)
Plemet (3161 people)
Merdrignac (3159 people)
Isigny-sur-Mer (3137 people)
Isigny-le-Buat (3136 people)
Sourdeval (3127 people)
Conde-sur-Vire (3114 people)
Tinchebray (3102 people)
Pleslin-Trigavou (3087 people)
Louverne (3077 people)
Ploeuc-sur-Lie (3061 people)
Miniac-Morvan (3045 people)
Gorron (3040 people)
Aunay-sur-Odon (3038 people)
Villers-Bocage (3025 people)
Saint-Quay-Portrieux (3024 people)
Saint-James (3014 people)
Montgermont (3012 people)
Quintin (2994 people)
Romille (2951 people)
Tinteniac (2877 people)
Plouer-sur-Rance (2848 people)
Le Molay-Littry (2790 people)
Ambrieres-les-Vallees (2786 people)
Nouvoitou (2785 people)
Hermanville-sur-Mer (2785 people)
Sille-le-Guillaume (2747 people)
Plelo (2745 people)
Saint-Jouan-des-Guerets (2725 people)
Lehon (2708 people)
Plancoet (2703 people)
Brehal (2669 people)
Lassay-les-Chateaux (2650 people)
Torigni-sur-Vire (2648 people)
Periers (2647 people)
Etables-sur-Mer (2623 people)
Pleudihen-sur-Rance (2618 people)
Saint-Brice-en-Cogles (2617 people)
Broons (2542 people)
Lion-sur-Mer (2534 people)
Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe (2516 people)
Ploubalay (2506 people)
Saint-Lunaire (2480 people)
Mortain (2470 people)
Argentre (2462 people)
Saint-Erblon (2431 people)
Plenee-Jugon (2405 people)
Alderney (2400 people)
Saint-Coulomb (2398 people)
Etrelles (2395 people)
Brecey (2336 people)
Pleumeleuc (2330 people)
Caulnes (2320 people)
Beuville (2311 people)
Barneville-Plage (2308 people)
Urville-Nacqueville (2307 people)
Plouagat (2288 people)
Trelivan (2286 people)
Colleville-Montgomery (2285 people)
Ducey (2272 people)
Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte (2259 people)
Talensac (2250 people)
Percy (2236 people)
Saint-Brandan (2232 people)
Louvigny (2222 people)
Montebourg (2217 people)
La Richardais (2207 people)
Mur-de-Bretagne (2183 people)
Andouille (2177 people)
Saint-Pierre-de-Plesguen (2174 people)
Saint-Martin-des-Champs (2163 people)
Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (2144 people)
La Fresnais (2143 people)
Pre-en-Pail (2129 people)
Montsurs (2119 people)
La Chapelle-Thouarault (2113 people)
Bais (2109 people)
Saint-Contest (2101 people)
Balaze (2101 people)
Hede-Bazouges (2076 people)
Pire-sur-Seiche (2065 people)
Creances (2052 people)
Saint-Amand (2045 people)
Carpiquet (2040 people)
Picauville (2023 people)
Saint-Pere (2008 people)
Marigny (2008 people)
Le Sourn (2008 people)
Saint-Thuriau (2000 people)
Port-en-Bessin-Huppain (1984 people)
Brix (1984 people)
Ranville (1982 people)
Bernieres-sur-Mer (1972 people)
Plerguer (1967 people)
Saint-Vigor-le-Grand (1962 people)
Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay (1962 people)
Saint-Germain-en-Cogles (1957 people)
Le Theil-Bocage (1955 people)
Port-Brillet (1940 people)
Saint-Briac-sur-Mer (1934 people)
Houlgate (1927 people)
Grandcamp-Maisy (1920 people)
Messei (1910 people)
Thury-Harcourt (1909 people)
Taden (1909 people)
Saint-Julien (1897 people)
Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (1881 people)
Corseul (1877 people)
Epron (1861 people)
Cuverville (1860 people)
Sens-de-Bretagne (1851 people)
Bazouges-la-Perouse (1849 people)
Saint-Georges-de-Reintembault (1841 people)
Saint-Pierre-Eglise (1829 people)
Benouville (1828 people)
Soliers (1818 people)
La Haye-du-Puits (1810 people)
Meneac (1808 people)
Romagne (1806 people)
Plouguenast (1806 people)
La Lande-Patry (1804 people)
Lessay (1800 people)
Saint-Pierre-des-Nids (1798 people)
Pluduno (1798 people)
Pommeret (1796 people)
Plessala (1795 people)
Pleine-Fougeres (1795 people)
May-sur-Orne (1795 people)
Bavent (1795 people)
Henon (1794 people)
Domagne (1794 people)
Saint-Thurial (1770 people)
Pont-Hebert (1769 people)
Saint-Denis-de-Gastines (1764 people)
Tremuson (1763 people)
Fontaine-Etoupefour (1762 people)
Chevaigne (1756 people)
Parigny (1751 people)
Montreuil-le-Gast (1750 people)
Conlie (1746 people)
Potigny (1740 people)
Vassy (1734 people)
Portbail (1726 people)
Mathieu (1725 people)
Gouville-sur-Mer (1722 people)
Flamanville (1722 people)
Saint-Pierre-la-Cour (1711 people)
Chatillon-en-Vendelais (1709 people)
Saint-Armel (1708 people)
Montreuil-sur-Ille (1705 people)
La Ferriere-aux-Etangs (1694 people)
Dozule (1689 people)
Langrune-sur-Mer (1688 people)
Javene (1682 people)
Saint-Andre-sur-Orne (1679 people)
Cairon (1674 people)
Le Val-Saint-Pere (1656 people)
Erbree (1655 people)
Cagny (1653 people)
Le Bourgneuf-la-Foret (1650 people)
Fougerolles-du-Plessis (1646 people)
Aron (1642 people)
Rohan (1639 people)
Lanouee (1638 people)
Saint-Alban (1635 people)
Medreac (1634 people)
Sainte-Mere-Eglise (1624 people)
Matignon (1620 people)
Planguenoual (1614 people)
Cintre (1601 people)
Briouze (1597 people)
Merville-Franceville-Plage (1592 people)
Saint-Manvieu (1591 people)
Plemy (1585 people)
Saint-Domineuc (1576 people)
Crehen (1576 people)
Plelan-le-Petit (1575 people)
Neulliac (1575 people)
Bretteville-sur-Laize (1572 people)
Brece (1572 people)
Tremblay (1571 people)
Bais (1568 people)
Amanlis (1568 people)
Saint-Etienne-en-Cogles (1562 people)
Evran (1561 people)
Vaudry (1559 people)
Guipel (1557 people)
Cambes-en-Plaine (1550 people)
Paimpont (1549 people)
Sannerville (1540 people)
Louvigne-de-Bais (1539 people)
Fontenay-le-Marmion (1530 people)
Gavray (1524 people)
Irodouer (1523 people)
Antrain (1523 people)
Jullouville (1517 people)
Saint-Ouen-des-Toits (1515 people)
Quettehou (1508 people)
Digosville (1505 people)
Gosne (1499 people)
Meillac (1497 people)
Erce-pres-Liffre (1493 people)
Creully (1490 people)
Saint-Sever-Calvados (1486 people)
Gael (1486 people)
Credin (1478 people)
Montenay (1476 people)
Lanvollon (1474 people)
Saint-Georges-Buttavent (1470 people)
Bellengreville (1468 people)
Tessy-sur-Vire (1465 people)
Baguer-Morvan (1465 people)
Guilliers (1453 people)
Dinge (1452 people)
Plouasne (1451 people)
Fermanville (1451 people)
Ahuille (1451 people)
La Baconniere (1449 people)
Plestan (1447 people)
Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin (1438 people)
Barenton (1426 people)
Saint-Sulpice-la-Foret (1423 people)
Le Teilleul (1422 people)
Saint-Donan (1421 people)
Saint-Hilaire-Petitville (1417 people)
Rots (1417 people)
Saint-Manvieu-Norrey (1417 people)
Jugon-les-Lacs (1416 people)
Saint-Barnabe (1414 people)
Ecouche (1413 people)
Beaumont-Hague (1413 people)
Thaon (1410 people)
Juvigne (1405 people)
Pleugueneuc (1403 people)
Saint-Didier (1400 people)
Ver-sur-Mer (1382 people)
Treve (1382 people)
La Haye-Pesnel (1379 people)
Le Pertre (1374 people)
Martigne-sur-Mayenne (1370 people)
Livre-sur-Changeon (1366 people)
Evrecy (1365 people)
Henanbihen (1354 people)
Pirou (1353 people)
Boisgervilly (1350 people)
Blainville-sur-Mer (1350 people)
Mouen (1344 people)
Landivy (1344 people)
Loiron (1342 people)
Brehand (1321 people)
La Selle-la-Forge (1320 people)
Sartilly (1318 people)
Coetmieux (1317 people)
Landean (1314 people)
Tilly-sur-Seulles (1311 people)
Clecy (1311 people)
Magny-le-Desert (1308 people)
Le Minihic-sur-Rance (1303 people)
Tesse-la-Madeleine (1302 people)
Luitre (1298 people)
Saint-Pierre-du-Regard (1289 people)
Hirel (1288 people)
Pledeliac (1284 people)
Plurien (1283 people)
Ceauce (1279 people)
Saint-Carreuc (1274 people)
La Chapelle-Janson (1268 people)
Montigne-le-Brillant (1266 people)
Lancieux (1264 people)
Plaine-Haute (1262 people)
Quettreville-sur-Sienne (1261 people)
Saint-Martin-de-Landelles (1260 people)
Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne (1256 people)
Cresserons (1255 people)
Bonnemain (1249 people)
Saint-Medard-sur-Ille (1248 people)
Saint-Sauveur-des-Landes (1244 people)
Saint-Sylvain (1242 people)
Parigne (1241 people)
Chanu (1238 people)
Chasne-sur-Illet (1236 people)
Sottevast (1232 people)
Saint-Samson-sur-Rance (1232 people)
Amfreville (1198 people)
Tollevast (1196 people)
Reville (1194 people)
Saint-Caradec (1191 people)
Vignoc (1190 people)
Saint-Marc-le-Blanc (1190 people)
Le Foeil (1186 people)
Moult (1179 people)
Beauce (1178 people)
Chailland (1176 people)
Bully (1175 people)
La Meaugon (1173 people)
Herouvillette (1168 people)
Lantic (1167 people)
La Gouesniere (1164 people)
Saint-Planchers (1158 people)
Martinvast (1152 people)
Roz-Landrieux (1151 people)
Sainte-Honorine-du-Fay (1145 people)
Saint-Jean-des-Champs (1144 people)
Commer (1142 people)
Quebriac (1141 people)
Hambye (1141 people)
Cheux (1141 people)
Epiniac (1133 people)
Plumieux (1131 people)
Marcey-les-Greves (1128 people)
Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme (1125 people)
Yvignac-la-Tour (1124 people)
Montmartin-sur-Mer (1121 people)
Vaiges (1119 people)
Bourguebus (1118 people)
Cahagnes (1117 people)
Tourville-sur-Odon (1112 people)
Saint-Martin-des-Besaces (1105 people)
Eterville (1098 people)
Le Vivier-sur-Mer (1097 people)
Oisseau (1094 people)
Surtainville (1093 people)
Saint-Helen (1093 people)
Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon (1082 people)
Baguer-Pican (1080 people)
Monterfil (1078 people)
Sevignac (1077 people)
Romagny (1076 people)
Quedillac (1074 people)
Juvigny-sous-Andaine (1071 people)
La Meauffe (1069 people)
Larchamp (1068 people)
Saint-Remy (1065 people)
Saint-Baudelle (1062 people)
Poce-les-Bois (1062 people)
La Boussac (1062 people)
Sainte-Suzanne (1059 people)
Champsecret (1055 people)
Saint-Senier-sous-Avranches (1051 people)
Couterne (1050 people)
Pleguien (1049 people)
Cherrueix (1043 people)
Courcite (1042 people)
Plumaugat (1041 people)
Courteilles (1041 people)
Roz-sur-Couesnon (1038 people)
Bretteville (1036 people)
Authie (1034 people)
Pont-Ecrepin (1032 people)
Landehen (1028 people)
Clinchamps-sur-Orne (1025 people)
Cerisy-la-Salle (1024 people)
Saint-Broladre (1020 people)
Montreuil-sous-Perouse (1020 people)
Saint-Jean-des-Baisants (1019 people)
Tennie (1018 people)
Soulge-sur-Ouette (1018 people)
Saint-Jean-sur-Couesnon (1015 people)
Saint-Gonnery (1013 people)
Osse (1013 people)
Grainville-sur-Odon (1010 people)
Moulay (1008 people)
Torce (1007 people)
Saint-Ouen-des-Alleux (1004 people)
Les Loges-Marchis (1004 people)
Les Champs-Geraux (1004 people)
Yquelon (999 people)
Mouaze (997 people)
Gahard (997 people)
Hebecrevon (992 people)
Le Beny-Bocage (991 people)
Fleurigne (990 people)
Parne-sur-Roc (989 people)
Chatillon-sur-Colmont (986 people)
Saint-Pierre-des-Landes (985 people)
Le Gouray (983 people)
Ranes (982 people)
Bazougers (981 people)
Fontenay-le-Pesnel (980 people)
Saint-Bomer-les-Forges (976 people)
Henansal (975 people)
Saint-Hilaire-des-Landes (973 people)
Collinee (973 people)
Ger (972 people)
Bellou-en-Houlme (971 people)
Saint-Germain-le-Vasson (969 people)
Chatelaudren (969 people)
Canisy (963 people)
Bourseul (962 people)
Saint-Gerand (961 people)
Plouvara (961 people)
Andel (961 people)
Mohon (960 people)
Montaudin (959 people)
Saint-Jean-sur-Vilaine (958 people)
Saint-Aubin-des-Landes (958 people)
Virey (953 people)
Uzel (953 people)
Saint-Fraimbault-de-Prieres (953 people)
Plumaudan (953 people)
Trevieres (952 people)
Tremorel (951 people)
Anctoville (946 people)
Lingreville (945 people)
Esquay-Notre-Dame (942 people)
Pontmain (941 people)
Saint-Suliac (940 people)
Vilde-Guingalan (939 people)
Force (938 people)
Saussemesnil (937 people)
Vieux-Vy-sur-Couesnon (933 people)
Le Tronchet (932 people)
Saint-Georges-Montcocq (931 people)
Bobital (931 people)
La Sauvagere (928 people)
Bricqueville-sur-Mer (928 people)
Plerneuf (923 people)
Moyon (916 people)
Neant-sur-Yvel (915 people)
Bille (915 people)
Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer (912 people)
Guilberville (909 people)
Lanrelas (900 people)
Vasteville (899 people)
Sarceaux (899 people)
Tredaniel (895 people)
Mezieres-sur-Couesnon (894 people)
Caligny (894 people)
Moncontour (892 people)
Saint-Carne (889 people)
Laignelet (887 people)
Montours (886 people)
Boqueho (884 people)
Mery-Corbon (882 people)
Landelles-et-Coupigny (877 people)
Montfarville (876 people)
Rauville-la-Bigot (875 people)
Mesnil-Clinchamps (875 people)
Gonneville (874 people)
Saint-Germain-sur-Ay (873 people)
Saint-Benoit-des-Ondes (872 people)
Balleroy (871 people)
Asse-le-Boisne (864 people)
Aucaleuc (863 people)
La Trinite-Porhoet (862 people)
Saint-Onen-la-Chapelle (860 people)
Saint-Clair-de-Halouze (860 people)
Voutre (859 people)
Noyers-Bocage (857 people)
Meslin (855 people)
Cerisy-la-Foret (853 people)
Gouvix (852 people)
Varaville (850 people)
Saint-Pern (850 people)
Ussy (848 people)
Souge-le-Ganelon (845 people)
Langan (843 people)
Treffendel (842 people)
Taillis (842 people)
Marpire (842 people)
Marcille-la-Ville (841 people)
Saint-Denis-de-Mere (840 people)
Languenan (838 people)
La Chapelle-Chaussee (837 people)
Domjean (837 people)
Couville (837 people)
Orval (836 people)
Montjean (833 people)
Moon-sur-Elle (832 people)
Brusvily (831 people)
Saint-Remy-de-Sille (830 people)
Roncey (828 people)
Le Fresne-Camilly (828 people)
Hardinvast (826 people)
Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert (825 people)
Quibou (825 people)
Audrieu (825 people)
La Vicomte-sur-Rance (824 people)
La Prenessaye (824 people)
Regneville-sur-Mer (822 people)
La Barre-de-Semilly (820 people)
Sainte-Marie-du-Mont (819 people)
Roullours (816 people)
Brece (816 people)
Saint-Lormel (812 people)
Saint-Gilles (812 people)
Saint-Germain-du-Crioult (807 people)
Noyal (807 people)
Contest (807 people)
Morieux (803 people)
Saint-Guinoux (802 people)
Sainteny (801 people)
Folligny (801 people)
Breville-sur-Mer (801 people)
Ruille-le-Gravelais (798 people)
Passais (792 people)
Virandeville (789 people)
Saint-Germain-sur-Ille (786 people)
Sainte-Cecile (786 people)
Grentheville (783 people)
Sommervieu (782 people)
Fleury (782 people)
Kerfourn (779 people)
Montilly-sur-Noireau (778 people)
Feins (772 people)
Teurtheville-Hague (770 people)
Torce-Viviers-en-Charnie (769 people)
Lignieres-Orgeres (769 people)
Cornille (769 people)
Chef-du-Pont (769 people)
Landisacq (768 people)
Dourdain (767 people)
Tregomeur (766 people)
Saint-Potan (765 people)
Vendeuvre (763 people)
Rouesse-Vasse (763 people)
Laurenan (759 people)
Coudeville-sur-Mer (758 people)
Carrouges (758 people)
Anguerny (757 people)
Rouez (754 people)
Saint-Joseph (753 people)
Negreville (752 people)
Saint-Jacut-du-Mene (749 people)
Le Horps (747 people)
Trebry (746 people)
Neau (746 people)
Landujan (745 people)
La Ville-es-Nonais (742 people)
Saint-Samson-de-Bonfosse (741 people)
Flottemanville-Hague (741 people)
Jublains (739 people)
Vains (738 people)
Livry (737 people)
Greville-Hague (736 people)
Saint-Symphorien-le-Valois (734 people)
Hudimesnil (731 people)
Escoville (731 people)
Amaye-sur-Orne (730 people)
Airan (728 people)
Marcille-Raoul (725 people)
Becherel (723 people)
Le Hingle (720 people)
Muel (718 people)
Frenes (714 people)
Saint-Germain-le-Fouilloux (711 people)
Cambernon (711 people)
Tirepied (710 people)
Kergrist (710 people)
Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly (708 people)
Saint-Germain-du-Pinel (707 people)
Pleboulle (705 people)
Maltot (703 people)
Louvigne (702 people)
Langrolay-sur-Rance (702 people)
La Chapelle-Anthenaise (702 people)
Breville-les-Monts (702 people)
Saint-Cornier-des-Landes (700 people)
Saint-Maurice-du-Desert (695 people)
Saint-Hilaire-du-Maine (695 people)
Viessoix (694 people)
La Bouillie (694 people)
Villy-Bocage (693 people)
Moulins-le-Carbonnel (693 people)
Trevron (692 people)
Saint-Fraimbault (692 people)
Saint-Vran (691 people)
Mondevert (691 people)
Poilley (689 people)
Concoret (689 people)
Juvigny-le-Tertre (688 people)
Basly (688 people)
Fresney-le-Puceux (685 people)
Chauvigne (685 people)
Grosville (684 people)
Baron-sur-Odon (683 people)
Chatres-la-Foret (682 people)
Bacilly (680 people)
Anisy (679 people)
Sainte-Honorine-la-Chardonne (678 people)
Marchesieux (678 people)
Lanhelin (678 people)
Saint-Ebremond-de-Bonfosse (677 people)
Notre-Dame-du-Touchet (677 people)
Melle (676 people)
Graignes-Mesnil-Angot (675 people)
Saint-Goueno (674 people)
Megrit (673 people)
Langast (672 people)
Acqueville (672 people)
La Brulatte (669 people)
Saint-Paul-du-Vernay (668 people)
Saint-Fromond (668 people)
Le Tronquay (667 people)
La Chapelle-au-Moine (664 people)
Hemonstoir (663 people)
Parigne-sur-Braye (662 people)
Tremeur (660 people)
Illifaut (660 people)
Tourville-sur-Sienne (659 people)
Cesny-Bois-Halbout (659 people)
Parce (657 people)
Meautis (657 people)
Barfleur (655 people)
Averton (652 people)
Juaye-Mondaye (651 people)
Saint-Aubin-du-Pavail (650 people)
Saint-Mars-sur-la-Futaie (649 people)
Treauville (647 people)
Mantilly (647 people)
Vergeal (644 people)
Sougeal (644 people)
Bernay-en-Champagne (644 people)
Saint-Germain-le-Gaillard (642 people)
Mont-Saint-Jean (639 people)
Gratot (638 people)
Trans-la-Foret (637 people)
Le Ferre (637 people)
Langourla (636 people)
La Chapelle-en-Juger (634 people)
Saint-Jean-de-Daye (632 people)
Saint-Remy-du-Plain (631 people)
Loscouet-sur-Meu (630 people)
Hauteville-sur-Mer (630 people)
Dragey-Ronthon (629 people)
Bouce (629 people)
Saint-Juvat (628 people)
Buais (626 people)
La Ferriere-Bochard (625 people)
Sainte-Croix-Hague (624 people)
Graye-sur-Mer (622 people)
Lantheuil (621 people)
Ereac (621 people)
Bailleul (621 people)
Longues-sur-Mer (620 people)
Dangy (619 people)
Treveneuc (618 people)
Moulins (618 people)
Chantrigne (618 people)
Cogles (617 people)
Vieux (616 people)
Parthenay-de-Bretagne (615 people)
Miniac-sous-Becherel (615 people)
La Haute-Chapelle (614 people)
Saint-Romphaire (613 people)
Plesder (612 people)
Bourgon (612 people)
Saint-Denis-le-Vetu (610 people)
Banville (610 people)
Jurques (608 people)
Gausson (607 people)
Rocquancourt (606 people)
La Hoguette (605 people)
Gieville (605 people)
Pleven (604 people)
Tonneville (602 people)
La Cheze (600 people)
Sark (600 people)
Pierreville (599 people)
Monthuchon (599 people)
Asnelles (599 people)
Vautorte (598 people)
Gonneville-sur-Mer (598 people)
Saint-Clement-Rancoudray (597 people)
Truttemer-le-Grand (595 people)
Auvers (594 people)

Mont Pincon (340 m)
Mont Rochard (322 m)
Mont du Saule (305 m)
Bel Air (275 m)
Butte Chaumont (272 m)
Mont d'Ancre (252 m)
Mont Margantin (247 m)
Collines des Coevrons (243 m)
Val sans Retour (183 m)
Massif Armoricain (123 m)
Prise de Bercevil (99 m)
Moie du Mouton (99 m)
Tintageu (99 m)
Platte Rock (99 m)
Les Autelets (99 m)
La Plaine Point (96 m)
Moie des Orgeries (95 m)
Mount Hubert (94 m)
Isle Agois (94 m)
Sark (85 m)
Jersey (83 m)
Les Landes (83 m)
Grosnez Point (83 m)
Le Mont Durand (82 m)
Rouge Nez (82 m)
Le Val Rouget (82 m)
Plage de Bretteville (81 m)
Val de la Bonne Terre (75 m)
Les Blanches Banques (74 m)
Clonque Rock (74 m)
Rouge Nez Point (73 m)
Black Rock (73 m)
Pointe des Greves (72 m)
Greve au Lancon (70 m)
L'Etaquerel (63 m)
La Longue Rocque (63 m)
Pointe du Rozel (54 m)
Meulet Point (53 m)
Oyster Rocks (53 m)
Les Laveurs (50 m)
Greve de Lecq (47 m)
Pointe du Heu (47 m)
Pointe du Chatelet (45 m)
La Cotte Point (45 m)
Point Le Grouin (45 m)
Gold Beach (43 m)
Guernsey (43 m)
Pointe de Pleneuf (43 m)
Mount Bingham (42 m)
La Grune (34 m)
Guillaumesse (34 m)
Les Sept Moies (34 m)
Lande de Lessaye (32 m)
Belle Hougue Point (32 m)
Pointe d'Houlgate (29 m)
Mount Hale (28 m)
Alderney (24 m)
Platte Saline (23 m)
Albecq (23 m)
Cotentin (20 m)
Les Ecarets (20 m)
Mont de Rouen (17 m)
Pointe du Brule (17 m)
Pointe de la Varde (14 m)
Houmet des Pies (14 m)
L'Ouziere (12 m)
Rocquerais (11 m)
Banque Barque (11 m)
Creve Coeur (11 m)
Bibette Head (10 m)
Roselle Point (10 m)
Juno Beach (7 m)
Chouet (7 m)
Mont Cuet (7 m)
Pointe du Nid (7 m)
Pointe du Brick (7 m)
Champ Rouget (7 m)
Fontaine Marches (7 m)
Grosse Rock (7 m)
Hommet de Greve (7 m)
Plage Collignon (6 m)
Pointe de Maisy (5 m)
Picquerel Point (5 m)
Beacon Staff (5 m)
La Lipende Point (4 m)
Plage de Collignon (3 m)
Plage Napoleon (2 m)
Le Nez (2 m)
Boue de Port Grat (2 m)
Plage de la Mondree (1 m)
Cap Manvieux (1 m)
Cap Levi (1 m)
Cap de la Hague (1 m)
Cap d'Erquy (1 m)
Pointe Saint-Pierre (1 m)
Pointe de Querqueville (1 m)
Pointe du Nez (1 m)
Pointe de Barfleur (1 m)
Vicard Point (1 m)
Tour de Rozel (1 m)
Sorel Point (1 m)
Ronez Point (1 m)
Plemont Point (1 m)
Le Couperon (1 m)
La Crete Point (1 m)
Fremont Point (1 m)
Rousse Point (1 m)
Grosnez Point (1 m)
Pointe de Nacqueville (1 m)
Grand Becquet (1 m)
Le Col de la Rocque (1 m)
Cotil Point (1 m)
Nez du Guet (1 m)
Pezeries Point (1 m)
Congriere (1 m)
Le Platon (1 m)
La Colombiere (1 m)
La Grosse Rock (1 m)
Corbet Rock (1 m)
Amas du Cap (1 m)
Cormorant Rock (1 m)
Demie Rock (1 m)
Cheval Rock (1 m)
L'Islet (1 m)
Demie de la Tour (1 m)
Hiaux (1 m)
Red Rock (1 m)
Roustel Rock (1 m)
La Tour (1 m)
Banque Mouton (1 m)
Le Fougnet (1 m)
La Vieille de Portinfer (1 m)
Chateau d'Albecq (1 m)
La Capelle (1 m)
La Baveuse (1 m)
Les Herbeuses (1 m)
La Bennette (1 m)
Ninepin (1 m)
Roque-Rousse (1 m)
La Pequerie de L'Ouest (1 m)
Le Noir Houmet (1 m)
Gros Etat (1 m)
Lion Rock (1 m)
La Greve d' Azette
South Beach
North Beach
Sword Beach
Omaha Beach
Utah Beach
Green Island Beach
Nez de Jobourg
Cap Frehel
Cap de Flamanville
Cap de Carteret
Cap de Carteret
Les Sommeilleuses
The Pot
Convanche Chasm
Noirmont Point
Adonis Headland
Gouliot Headland
Saut a Juan
Derrible Headland
Mont Herault
Mont Crevett
Essex Hill
Ile de Terre
Ile de Tatihou
Ile Saint-Rion
Ile des Rimains
Ile Pelee
Ile Mez de Goelo
Ile Logodec
Le Taurel
Le Petit Bey
Ile Lemenez
Le Grand Bey
Ile du Large
Ile des Landes
Ile Harbour
Grand Jardin
Grande Ile
Ile des Ehbiens
Ile de Cezembre
Ile de Brehat
Ile Agot
La Motte
Ile au Guerdain
Raz Island
Little Burhou
Lihou Island
Grande Fauconniere
Elizabeth Castle
Ile Maitre
Mont Saint-Michel
Iles Saint-Marcouf
Le Grand Pourier
Iles Chausey
Channel Islands
La Coupee
La Hougette de la Taillie
Little Sark
Pointe de Troupetet
Pointe de la Tour
Pointe de Saire
Pointe de Saint-Quay
Pointe de Saint-Cast
Pointe du Roselier
Pointe de Roche-Gautier
Pointe du Roc
Pointe de Pordic
Pointe Plouha
Pointe de Plouezec
Pointe de la Percee
Pointe du Muret
Pointe de Minard
Pointe du Meinga
Pointe de L'Epail
Pointe de la Latte
Pointe de Jardeheu
Pointe des Guettes
Pointe du Grouin
Pointe du Grouin
Pointe du Decolle
Pointe du Chevet
Pointe de Champeaux
Pointe du Bec de Vir
Pointe Barjul
Verclut Point
Plat Roque Point
Le Nez Point
Le Hocq Point
Point Le Fret
Point Le Croc
La Rocque Point
Point La Moye
La Crete Point
La Coupe Point
Corbiere Point
Point Sauzebourge
Saint Martin's Point
Point Robert
Quesnard Point
La Pointe de Pleinmont
Les Terres Point
Pointe de la Moye
Jerbourg Point
Icart Point
Point Derrible
Point Banquette
Pointe d'Agon
Pointe du Vieux Fort
Pointe de la Roque
Pointe du Siege
Point des Pas
Point de But
Petit Etaquerel
Grand Etaquerel
Les Cretes
Les Kaines d'Aval
Les Bouffeures
Les Tielles
Les Ecrilleurs
Dog and Lion Rocks
Fermain Point
Richmond Corner
Spur Point
Port de Noirment
Croix Besnard
Vieille du Nord
Le Plomb
La Pointe de la Joue
La Louge
Noir Bais
Point Chateau
Corblets Point
Les Becquets
Le Pinacle
Rocher du Verdelet
Rocher Rohein
Roche Roemel
Ile Plate
Petit Lejon
Le Videcoq
Le Senequet
Le Herpin
Le Haut Plat
Le Haumet
La Selliere
La Corbiere
La Coque
Pierre de Herpin
Ile Harbour
Gros du Raz
Grand Romont
Grand Lejon
Grand Colombier
Rocher Benard
Ile d'Ancre
Rousse Rock
Ile Percee
La Corbiere
La Conchiere
Hermitage Rock
Les Dirouilles
Tetes d'Aval
Roque au Nord
Noir Pute
Noir Houmet
Longue Pierre
Little Nannel
L'Etac de la Quoire
Les Hanois
Les Etacs
Le Puits Jervais
La Conchee
Houmet Herbe
Great Nannel
Grande Amfroque
Cul de l'Autel
Creve Coeur
Courbee du Nez
Coque Lihou
Moie de Breniere
Bec du Nez
Roche de la Marguerite
La Catis
La Rousse Platte
La Grande Frouquie
La Rousse
Jinquet Rock
Rouget Rock
Margaret Rock
La Frouquie
Demie de Pas
Little Demie
La Coniere
Rocque Herbeuse
Rocque Larron
La Sambue
La Trouee
Round Rouget
Flat Rock
La Ronde
Tas de Pois
Nipple Rock
Dog's Nest Rock
Crabiere Rock
East Rock
Quereme Rock
Southeast Rock
Crow Rock
Beach Rock
Southwest Rock
Passage Rock
Portelet Ledge
Fournier Rock
Grosse Tete
Jument Rock
Flat Rock
Sharp Rock
Great Rock
Sharp Rock
Le Ruquet
Grande Rousse
Petite Rousse
Le Giffard
Grune La Hauche
Herpin Rock
Tas de Pois d'Aval
La Genouinne
La Corbiere
Cradle Rock
Gold Fisher Rock
Anfre Beacon
Sardette Beacon
Conger Rock
Quaine Rock
Kempt Rock
Demie Flieroque
Black Rock
Grande Demie
Southwest Platte
La Platte
Le Gros Rocher
La Vieille
Le Poincon
Hommet Paradis
Petit Omptolle
Rocque Vieille
Fontaine es Boeufs
La Platte Jetteuse
Blanche Boue
Les Anes
The Knife
L'oeil de Boeuf
Roque Noire
Petit Saut Roquier
Grand Saut Roquier
Dents d'Herches
Houmet Jerbe
Boue de Saline
Petit Etat
Le Jaune Pont
Gros Pont
Pierre du Cours
Moie Fano
Moie a Charbon
Moie de Port Gorey
Petite Baveuse
Moie de la Bretagne
Pierre Norman
Moie du Gouliot
Les Laches
Grande Moie
Noire Pierre
La Givaude
Pierre des Burons
La Petite Folie
La Retrieve
La Nache
La Roche Pendante
Long Rock
Les Roches de Ver
Roches de Saint-Quay
Roches du Sac de Pirou
Roches du Roho
Iles aux Oiseaux
Ile Longue
Les Tintiaux
Les Savattes
Les Huguenans
Les Herbiers
Les Haies de la Conchee
Les Haches
Le Secret
Les Cheminees
Les Banquetiers
La Dechiree
Plateau de la Horaine
Roches de Grandcamp
Rochers Deon
Roches de Brehal
Les Sambues
Pierres de Lecq
The Noires Putes
Les Homeaux Florains
Les Burons
Roches du Nord-Ouest
La Pierre Noire
La Longy
Gros Etacs
Gros du Chateau
Brayes Rocks
Les Burons
Les Grunes
Le Fierco
Grunes du Gris-Banc
Braye Rocks
Les Kaines d'Amont
Les Haises
Vieux Poulain
Les Grunes de Jerbourg
Longue Pierre
Ozanne Steps
Oyster Rock
Les Brayes
Vieille Jetteure
Les Jumelles
Hommet Benes
Les Fourquies
Boue La Greve
Les Ancreois
La Lochante
Grand Moulinets
Petits Moulinets
Col du Pont
Les Menues Marquies
La Pierre a Ballais
La Marquie
Boue Corneille
Le Mont Devaloir
Le Perron
Les Fourquies
Bretagne Uset
Moie de la Fontaine
Petite Moie
Les Dents
La Grande Folie
Brinchetais Rocks
Noire Rogue
Val L'Emauve
Vallee des Gaudulons
Vallee des Trois Vaux

Rade d'Erquy
Grande Rade
Petite Rade
Anse d'Yffiniac
Anse des Sevignes
Baie de la Seine
Golfe de Saint-Malo
Baie de Sainte-Anne
Anse de Saint-Cast
Baie de Saint-Brieuc
Port Racine
Baie de Nacqueville
Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel
Anse de la Mondree
Baie de Lancieux
Baie de la Frenaye
Anse des Bas-Sablons
Baie de l'Arguenon
Saint Ouen's Bay
Saint John's Bay
Saint Clements Bay
Saint Catherine Bay
Saint Brelade's Bay
Saint Aubins Bay
Rozel Bay
Portelet Bay
Grouville Bay
Giffard Bay
Fliquet Bay
Bouley Bay
Bonne Nuit Bay
Belcroute Bay
Anne Port
Vazon Bay
Saline Bay
Saint's Bay
Rocquaine Bay
Portinfer Bay
Baie de Port Grat
Port Gorey
Saline Bay
Perelle Bay
Baie des Pequeries
Moulin Huet Bay
Longis Bay
Long Port
L'Eree Bay
Le Gouffre
La Tchue
L'Ancresse Bay
La Greve de la Ville
La Grande Greve
Icart Bay
Hannaine Bay
Baie du Grounard
Grand Havre
Havre Gosselin
Dixcart Bay
Derrible Bay
Corblets Bay
Corbiere Bay
Cobo Bay
Clonque Bay
Braye Bay
Bordeaux Harbour
Havre de Bon Repos
Belle Greve Bay
Banquette Bay
Anse de Querqueville
Fiquet Bay
Soldiers' Bay
Havelet Bay
Petils Bay
Miellette Bay
Mares a Fils
Pembroke Bay
Chouet Bay
Ladies Bay
Baie du Pont
Saignie Bay
Port du Moulin
Port a la Jument
Port es Saies
Vermandaye Bay
Rouge Cane
Les Fontaines
Pot Bay
Baleine Bay
Petit Derrible Bay
La Maseline
Les Fontaines
Saye Bay
Veaux Trembliers Bay
Cats Bay
Saint Esquere Bay
Trois Vaux Bay
Telegraph Bay
Crabby Bay
Anse de Vauville
Anse de Sciotot
Banc de la Schole
Alderney South Banks
Le Parfond
Banc Desormes
English Channel
Violet Channel
The Swinge
Ortac Channel
Little Russel
Great Russel
Gouliot Passage
Doyle Pass
Sillette Passage
Passe d'Isigny
Chenal de la Grande Porte
Chenal d'Erquy
Passage de la Deroute
Passage du Decolle
Passe de Carentan
Chenal de Brehat
Race of Alderney
Passe de l'Est
Passe de l'Ouest
Passe Collignon
Fosse d'Espagne
Swashway Channel
Plemont Deep
Le Ruau
Passe de l' Etoc
Canal de Vire et Taute
Chenal du Port d'Isigny
Chenal du Port de Carentan
Canal d'Ille et Rance
Canal du Couesnon
Canal de Caen a la Mer
Canal du Blavet
Anse Saint-Martin
Anse de Dinard
Anse du Cap Levi
Anse Calgrain
Anse de Brehec
Petit Port
Petit Port
Douet de la Mer
Bouilly Port
Port Soif
Petit Bot Bay
Fermain Bay
Anse du Moulin
Anse du Poulet
Anse du Brick
Anse du Pied Sablon
Anse des Longs Camps
Port Pignot
Havre de Fontaines
Ouaisne Bay
Beau Port
Les Reuses
Le Fosse Vicq
La Houle
Mourier Bay
Vicard Harbour
Belval Cove
Baie de la Forge
Belle Elizabeth
Havre de Bon Repos
Portelet Bay
Le Jaonnet Bay
La Bette Bay
Moulin Huet
Petit Port
Telegraph Bay
Baie de la Jaonneuse
Baie de Pulais
Le Port aux Malades
Le Sauchet
La Rosiere
Percee Raz de la
Raz du Cap Levi
Raz de Barfleur
Raz de Bannes
Bassin Napoleon III
Bassin Charles X
Darse des Mielles
Darse Transatlantique
Bassin d'Herouville
Bassin de Calix
Nouveau Bassin
Bassin Saint-Pierre
Fosse aux Chevaliers
Fosse Herve
Les Mouriers
Bancs de Merville
Bancs du Grand Vey
Banc des Oiseaux
Banc des Corbeilles
Bancs de Riva-Bella
Banc de la Carcasse
Banc de l'Ile
Banc de Bature
Havre de Surville
Havre de Saint-Germain
Havre de Regneville
Port Nieux
Port des Flamands
Port du Cap Levi
Port Barrier
Saint Sampson Harbour
Creux Harbour
Bec du Nez
Port du Becquet
Havre des Pas
Saint Helier Harbour
Old Harbour
La Collette Yacht Basin
The Harbour
French Harbour
English Harbour
Baie de Sallenelles
Entree du Havre de Regneville
Etang de Tremigon
Etang de Tremelin
Etang de Paintourteau
Etang Neuf
Etang de Montjean
Etang du Guebriand
Grand Etang de Jugon
Etang de Daniel
Etang de Chevre
Etang de Chatillon
Etang de la Chaine
Etang de Boulet
Etang de Beaulieu
Saint Ouen's Pond
Marais de la Sensuriere
Marais de Gorges
Marais de Dol
Le Marais de Cagny
Mare de Bouillon
La Mare du Roe
Mannez Pond
Venus Pool
Adonis Pool
Rade de Portrieux
Rade de Cancale
Rade de Caen
Rade de Brehat
L'Anneau de la Marguerite
Small Road
Basses du Sen
Plateau des Roches-Douvres
Plateau du Ringue-Bras
Basses du Renier
Plateau des Portes d'Erquy
Plateau de Men-Marc'h
Basse Maurice
Roches de Lion
Le Vieux Banc
Les Rondes de l'Ouest
Les Huquets de Jobourg
Les Essarts de Langrune
Plateau des Jaunes
Les Bancs Feles
Plateau des Echaudes
Rochers du Calvados
Plateau du Calvados
Chaussee des Boeufs
Plateau de Barnouic
Violet Bank
Les Kaines
Les Ecrehou
Plateau des Minquiers
La Saline
Le Rocher Blanc
Les Ranes
Roche de la Vieille
La Platriere
Le Four
Roche du Douet
Roche du Puits
Rocher de Nacqueville
Le Fumier
Le Pourri
Goule de Breme
La Dame Blanche
Rocher du Grand Castel
Les Haches
Les Grues
La Goulette de Vary
Roche de la Valette
Les Iles de Bernieres
Les Grouins
Ile des Essarts
Le Quihot
La Roque
West Rock
Plateau de la Frouquie
Trois Grunes
East La Cloche
West La Cloche
South Reef
West Rock
Moulet Rock
Petite Mangeuse
Grande Mangeuse
Crapaud of the Mangeuse
Sharp Rock
Platte Rock
Oyster Rocks
Grunes Saint Michel
Fairway Rock
Ruaudiere Rock
Diamond Rock
Crapaud of the Castle
Les Buts
La Vrachiere
Les Tetards
Danger Rock
Grunes aux Dardes
Les Grunes du Port
Les Junees
Platte Rock
Grosse Rock
Les Poches a Suie
Grande Vaudin
Les Grunes Vaudin
Les Vracheres
Frouquie des Vracheres
Les Vraicquieres
Grande Grune
Petite Grune
Noirs Hommes
Petit Four
Grand Four
Fournier du Havre
Noirmontaise Reef
Les Boiteaux
Green Rock
La Boue
La Frouquie
Rigdon Bank
Mouilliere Rock
North East Rock
North West Head
East Reef
North Rock
North West Reef
Flat Rock
South West Grune
La Grune de Lecq
Grune de Becquet
The Demies
Grune de Vicq
Long Echet
La Grune
Les Troupeurs
Coupe Rock
Le Graveur
Pillon Rock
La Hau
Le Foret
Le But
La Platte
Grune de South West
La Grese
Noire Roque
La Joie
Clump Rock
Grune de North West
Grune Le Feuvre
La Grande Arconie
La Conchee
Le Vermeux
Saint Saviour Reservoir
Le Grand Creux
Banc de Tombelaine
Banc de Saint-Marcouf
Banc de la Rade
Banc de la Madeleine
Les Brequets
Grand Banc de Fer
Bancs de la Catheue
Banc du Cardonnet
Les Vingt Clos
La Catis Rock
Basse des Sauvages
Basse Nouvelle
Basse Trouvee
La Truite
Banc de l'Ile Pelee
Basse des Dragages
Basse du Chenal
Le Carcan
La Tenarde
Banc de Seine
Plateau de Nacqueville
Basse du Happetout
Les Grunes de Bretteville
Le Cul de Roc
Basse Bieroc
Basse du Cap Levi
Tete Septentrionale
Pointe du Connebar
Pointe des Essarts
Icho Bank
Banc Le Fret
Banc de Saint Brelade
Great Bank
Grune de Douet
Shamrock Bank
Ecreviere Bank
Banc du Chateau
Les Tetes de la Conchee
Boue de Grune Gouliot
Ruisseau la Truite
Ruisseau de Trottebec
Ruisseau de la Rongere
Ruisseau du Passoir
Ruisseau de Panard
Ruisseau d'Ortel
Ruisseau Montafilan
Ruisseau d'Ise
Ruisseau le Guioult
Ruisseau de Guinejort
Ruisseau du Gue-Chartier
Ruisseau du Guebriand
Ruisseau du Fief-aux-Boeufs
Ruisseau d'Evran
Ruisseau le Doigt
Ruisseau la Dielette
Deux Evailles
Ruisseau de Cocane
Ruisseau de la Chaise
Ruisseau le Blosne
Ruisseau de Blaie
Ruisseau du Biez Jean
Ruisseau de Baseille
Vallee des Vaux
Le Pisseau Rau
La Gronde Rau
La Provence Rau
La Capricieuse Rau
Embouchure de la Seulles
Embouchure de l'Orne
Embouchure de la Dives

Underwater objects:
Fosse de la Hague
Hurd Deep