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Map 001m--n34--(1990)

Thumbnail Map 001m--n34--(1990)
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Detail sample Map 001m--n34--(1990)
NameMap 001m--n34--(1990)
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:1000000 1 cm to 10 km
File size 5.2 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid


2015-06-19 01:46:32
You see a map that contains territory of Belarus, of Lithuania, of Poland, of Russia, of Sweden. You can find here capital of Poland huge city Warsaw free download. Displayed city Gdansk presented. Displayed city Kaliningrad download for free. On this map city Kaunas for Garmin. city Bydgoszcz for Garmin. You can find here city Hrodna presented. city Brest download for free. Displayed city Bialystok download for free. Displayed city Gdynia for Garmin. You can find here city Torun for Garmin. On this map city Klaipeda marked. Displayed city Olsztyn download for free. Displayed city Siauliai download for free. You can find here city Elblag download for free. Displayed city Plock presented. Displayed city Wloclawek for Garmin. city Grudziadz download for free.

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Populated places:
Warsaw (1702139 people)
Gdansk (461865 people)
Kaliningrad (434954 people)
Kaunas (374643 people)
Bydgoszcz (366452 people)
Hrodna (317365 people)
Brest (300715 people)
Bialystok (291855 people)
Gdynia (253730 people)
Torun (208717 people)
Klaipeda (192307 people)
Olsztyn (171803 people)
Siauliai (130587 people)
Elblag (127558 people)
Plock (127474 people)
Wloclawek (120339 people)
Grudziadz (99486 people)
Konin (81258 people)
Inowroclaw (77597 people)
Siedlce (77185 people)
Fordon (70000 people)
Dainava (Kaunas) (70000 people)
Suwalki (69222 people)
Lomza (63723 people)
Tczew (60133 people)
Biala Podlaska (57541 people)
Elk (55769 people)
Pruszkow (55371 people)
Ostroleka (53740 people)
Legionowo (50786 people)
Kutno (48323 people)
Starogard Gdanski (48202 people)
Marijampole (47613 people)
Wejherowo (46820 people)
Ciechanow (46438 people)
Chernyakhovsk (45187 people)
Rumia (44791 people)
Otwock (43388 people)
Sovetsk (43309 people)
Zyrardow (41179 people)
Sopot (40142 people)
Malbork (38655 people)
Sochaczew (38267 people)
Kwidzyn (37601 people)
Minsk Mazowiecki (37027 people)
Wolomin (36592 people)
Piaseczno (36278 people)
Baltiysk (34540 people)
Ostroda (33524 people)
Ilawa (32557 people)
Kedainiai (31980 people)
Telsiai (30098 people)
Gizycko (29972 people)
Lowicz (29809 people)
Augustow (29752 people)
Turek (29533 people)
Mlawa (29398 people)
Gusev (28690 people)
Gierloz (28351 people)
Ketrzyn (28171 people)
Taurage (27662 people)
Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (27633 people)
Brodnica (27341 people)
Grodzisk Mazowiecki (26684 people)
Wyszkow (26628 people)
Bielsk Podlaski (26493 people)
Szczytno (26044 people)
Swiecie (25843 people)
Bartoszyce (25660 people)
Kabaty (25000 people)
Pruszcz Gdanski (23618 people)
Kolo (23493 people)
Zabki (23473 people)
Plunge (23381 people)
Piastow (23290 people)
Marki (23177 people)
Zambrow (22857 people)
Grajewo (22803 people)
Ostrow Mazowiecka (22653 people)
Kretinga (22236 people)
Plonsk (22217 people)
Hajnowka (22157 people)
Svetlyy (22119 people)
Mragowo (21965 people)
Silute (21760 people)
Dzialdowo (21127 people)
Chelmno (20576 people)
Radviliskis (19914 people)
Pisz (19232 people)
Sokolka (19079 people)
Pultusk (19039 people)
Gostynin (18976 people)
Sierpc (18866 people)
Sulejowek (18414 people)
Braniewo (18356 people)
Sokolow Podlaski (18241 people)
Reda (18116 people)
Jozefow (17910 people)
Palanga (17796 people)
Druskininkai (17791 people)
Kobylka (17659 people)
Zielonka (17518 people)
Przasnysz (16718 people)
Rypin (16589 people)
Konstancin-Jeziorna (16548 people)
Lidzbark Warminski (16540 people)
Lapy (16434 people)
Gargzdai (15949 people)
Olecko (15923 people)
Milanowek (15784 people)
Leczyca (15528 people)
Siemiatycze (15421 people)
Chelmza (15403 people)
Lomianki (15315 people)
Solec Kujawski (15125 people)
Kartuzy (15002 people)
Wladyslawowo (14889 people)
Lipno (14821 people)
Morag (14745 people)
Nidzica (14720 people)
Kursenai (13914 people)
Wabrzezno (13911 people)
Garliava (13809 people)
Goldap (13769 people)
Jurbarkas (13102 people)
Gvardeysk (13088 people)
Vilkaviskis (13011 people)
Golub-Dobrzyn (12937 people)
Zelenogradsk (12846 people)
Raseiniai (12523 people)
Wegrow (12512 people)
Neman (12507 people)
Brwinow (12315 people)
Aleksandrow Kujawski (12290 people)
Paslek (12267 people)
Blonie (12195 people)
Wegorzewo (11864 people)
Pionerskiy (11856 people)
Gur'yevsk (11474 people)
Puck (11415 people)
Prienai (11352 people)
Svetlogorsk (11000 people)
Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (10997 people)
Ciechocinek (10832 people)
Kolno (10659 people)
Kelme (10626 people)
Monki (10577 people)
Dobre Miasto (10514 people)
Biskupiec (10340 people)
Karczew (10319 people)
Wielki Kack (10012 people)
Makow Mazowiecki (9978 people)
Nadarzyn (9881 people)
Nowy Dwor Gdanski (9822 people)
Sztum (9766 people)
Czarna Bialostocka (9592 people)
Kruszwica (9494 people)
Wasilkow (9440 people)
Orneta (9412 people)
Lubawa (9302 people)
Wysokie Mazowieckie (9203 people)
Janikowo (9169 people)
Zuromin (9019 people)
Zychlin (9009 people)
Radzymin (8818 people)
Kamyanyets (8700 people)
Prabuty (8488 people)
Pelplin (8320 people)
Ozarow Mazowiecki (8237 people)
Lidzbark (8177 people)
Polessk (7835 people)
Olsztynek (7591 people)
Tluszcz (7482 people)
Nasielsk (7445 people)
Barczewo (7315 people)
Bagrationovsk (7306 people)
Mamonovo (7271 people)
Kazlu Ruda (7247 people)
Gniewkowo (7224 people)
Losice (7207 people)
Raszyn (7109 people)
Bolszewo (7064 people)
Luzino (7056 people)
Skarszewy (6942 people)
Gniew (6759 people)
Klodawa (6714 people)
Sakiai (6613 people)
Jablonna (6552 people)
Zukowo (6494 people)
Lochow (6486 people)
Kybartai (6355 people)
Nowe (6104 people)
Dabrowa Bialostocka (6044 people)
Silale (6026 people)
Terespol (6000 people)
Orzysz (5998 people)
Pakruojis (5964 people)
Strzelno (5951 people)
Sejny (5872 people)
Grudki (5822 people)
Pakosc (5762 people)
Radziejow (5759 people)
Ozersk (5705 people)
Susz (5593 people)
Yantarnyy (5527 people)
Dzierzgon (5518 people)
Choroszcz (5449 people)
Lesznowola (5374 people)
Goscicino (5278 people)
Slavsk (5248 people)
Reszel (5226 people)
Malkinia Gorna (5199 people)
Komorow (5136 people)
Nesterov (5071 people)
Piotrkow Kujawski (5030 people)
Lazdijai (4975 people)
Ciechanowiec (4946 people)
Gorowo Ilaweckie (4900 people)
Kalvarija (4875 people)
Ruciane-Nida (4722 people)
Raciaz (4676 people)
Krosniewice (4610 people)
Sliwice (4600 people)
Suprasl (4526 people)
Brzesc Kujawski (4522 people)
Korsze (4521 people)
Pravdinsk (4515 people)
Vysokaye (4496 people)
Jozefoslaw (4484 people)
Nowy Staw (4403 people)
Golina (4387 people)
Kazimierz Biskupi (4280 people)
Kleczew (4217 people)
Kadzidlo (4210 people)
Hel (4136 people)
Rybie (4100 people)
Kowalewo Pomorskie (4081 people)
Gabin (4056 people)
Pszczolki (4053 people)
Biala Piska (4027 people)
Serock (4023 people)
Celestynow (4007 people)
Baniocha (4000 people)
Osielsko (3930 people)
Ladushkin (3928 people)
Jastarnia (3925 people)
Mikolajki (3851 people)
Podkowa Lesna (3844 people)
Bransk (3822 people)
Rietavas (3737 people)
Krasnoznamensk (3724 people)
Jablonowo Pomorskie (3658 people)
Ariogala (3653 people)
Michalowo (3621 people)
Sompolno (3610 people)
Skorcz (3564 people)
Szczuczyn (3552 people)
Halinow (3551 people)
Skepe (3539 people)
Lubicz Gorny (3520 people)
Unislaw (3490 people)
Kowal (3490 people)
Jeziorany (3382 people)
Wieliszew (3373 people)
Tuliszkow (3371 people)
Mrozy (3368 people)
Zakroczym (3347 people)
Lubraniec (3344 people)
Seduva (3321 people)
Piecki (3320 people)
Lasin (3285 people)
Zblewo (3263 people)
Leszno (3253 people)
Nieporet (3239 people)
Czarna Woda (3227 people)
Donskoye (3212 people)
Slesin (3182 people)
Glinojeck (3117 people)
Yuzhnyy (3111 people)
Zalesie Gorne (3099 people)
Kurzetnik (3065 people)
Izabelin (3045 people)
Kolbudy (3012 people)
Mysiadlo (3000 people)
Kozlowo (3000 people)
Smetowo Graniczne (3000 people)
Kolbiel (3000 people)
Ryn (2992 people)
Sztutowo (2988 people)
Zheleznodorozhnyy (2984 people)
Myszyniec (2980 people)
Straszyn (2962 people)
Kaluszyn (2955 people)
Wielbark (2943 people)
Drobin (2938 people)
Ryjewo (2914 people)
Legowo (2850 people)
Ceglow (2846 people)
Pieniezno (2845 people)
Osieciny (2845 people)
Chorzele (2807 people)
Ilowo -Osada (2800 people)
Wyszogrod (2779 people)
Tytuveneliai (2775 people)
Izbica Kujawska (2771 people)
Knyszyn (2758 people)
Czernikowo (2752 people)
Debe Wielkie (2750 people)
Lubicz Dolny (2700 people)
Krynki (2700 people)
Tolkmicko (2700 people)
Michalowice (2699 people)
Milakowo (2691 people)
Chwaszczyno (2678 people)
Czyzew (2670 people)
Bialowieza (2670 people)
Janow Podlaski (2655 people)
Czeremcha (2640 people)
Rozan (2619 people)
Siennica (2600 people)
Bielsk (2600 people)
Banino (2593 people)
Rybno (2558 people)
Prostki (2541 people)
Pasym (2539 people)
Frombork (2529 people)
Osie (2520 people)
Kotun (2503 people)
Teresin (2500 people)
Duczki (2500 people)
Gardeja (2500 people)
Dobre (2500 people)
Rusne (2484 people)
Lipsk (2463 people)
Bisztynek (2462 people)
Zabludow (2452 people)
Wydminy (2448 people)
Stawiski (2417 people)
Zlotniki Kujawskie (2400 people)
Neringa (2380 people)
Rychwal (2370 people)
Pagegiai (2363 people)
Lyse (2350 people)
Zelistrzewo (2340 people)
Milomlyn (2336 people)
Szepietowo (2335 people)
Raczki (2322 people)
Mrzezino (2312 people)
Dywity (2300 people)
Pruszcz (2300 people)
Vilkija (2289 people)
Lubichowo (2276 people)
Kaliska (2268 people)
Dobrzyn nad Wisla (2268 people)
Filipow (2234 people)
Kisielice (2234 people)
Primorsk (2222 people)
Suchowola (2211 people)
Kowale Oleckie (2209 people)
Nowa Wies Wielka (2207 people)
Somonino (2206 people)
Jedwabne (2204 people)
Stanislawow (2200 people)
Piatek (2130 people)
Starozreby (2128 people)
Zalewo (2112 people)
Slubice (2110 people)
Bojano (2100 people)
Kosow Lacki (2090 people)
Nowogrod (2084 people)
Drohiczyn (2075 people)
Ezerelis (2051 people)
Warlubie (2043 people)
Sepopol (2043 people)
Dlugosiodlo (2020 people)
Dabie (2003 people)
Nieszawa (2002 people)
Swietajno (2000 people)
Otrebusy (2000 people)
Nurzec-Stacja (2000 people)
Jasienica (2000 people)
Koleczkowo (2000 people)
Volochaevskoe (2000 people)
Strzegowo (2000 people)
Nowe Miasto (2000 people)
Sanniki (2000 people)
Lubowidz (2000 people)
Sadlinki (1987 people)
Stegna (1978 people)
Skaudvile (1976 people)
Kowale (1972 people)
Kudirkos Naumiestis (1961 people)
Goniadz (1954 people)
Sochocin (1945 people)
Subkowy (1941 people)
Gniewino (1940 people)
Radzyn Chelminski (1934 people)
Biezun (1931 people)
Biskupiec (1927 people)
Garcz (1908 people)
Tykocin (1907 people)
Chodecz (1902 people)
Brok (1896 people)
Simnas (1864 people)
Mordy (1843 people)
Gelgaudiskis (1839 people)
Zbuczyn (1836 people)
Stare Pole (1834 people)
Mosty (1830 people)
Mlynary (1815 people)
Stare Juchy (1800 people)
Piatnica (1800 people)
Ostrowek (1800 people)
Rzekun (1800 people)
Jednorozec (1800 people)
Baboszewo (1800 people)
Mrozy (1789 people)
Rotmanka (1782 people)
Przedecz (1780 people)
Jozefow (1766 people)
Jezewo (1753 people)
Kuznica (1740 people)
Rajgrod (1732 people)
Priekule (1710 people)
Cekcyn (1710 people)
Owczarnia (1700 people)
Ostrowek (1700 people)
Lisewo (1700 people)
Kramsk (1700 people)
Boguty-Pianki (1690 people)
Przywidz (1673 people)
Veisiejai (1654 people)
Nida (1650 people)
Grzegorzew (1650 people)
Szemud (1639 people)
Dobre (1627 people)
Wladyslawow (1625 people)
Skrwilno (1624 people)
Brudzew (1620 people)
Wasosz (1600 people)
Swietajno (1600 people)
Rzasnik (1600 people)
Raciazek (1600 people)
Gronowo Elblaskie (1600 people)
Brody-Parcele (1600 people)
Mokobody (1600 people)
Gruta (1600 people)
Chmielno (1580 people)
Brzozie (1578 people)
Paprotnia (1539 people)
Wierzchucino (1536 people)
Rekowo Dolne (1509 people)
Sniadowo (1500 people)
Slupno (1500 people)
Jonkowo (1500 people)
Jablonna Lacka (1500 people)
Bocki (1500 people)
Banie Mazurskie (1500 people)
Grudusk (1500 people)
Swinice Warckie (1500 people)
Stare Miasto (1500 people)
Kikol (1500 people)
Babiak (1500 people)
Otradnoye (1500 people)
Stara Kiszewa (1480 people)
Dziekanow Lesny (1466 people)
Stawiguda (1464 people)
Sokoly (1450 people)
Truskaw (1440 people)
Konstantynow (1437 people)
Wiskitki (1420 people)
Rozogi (1418 people)
Mikolajki Pomorskie (1416 people)
Kleszczele (1410 people)
Maldyty (1410 people)
Obrowo (1410 people)
Trabki Wielkie (1407 people)
Gozdowo (1403 people)
Kulautuva (1401 people)
Latowicz (1401 people)
Srokowo (1400 people)
Rudka (1400 people)
Radzilow (1400 people)
Narew (1400 people)
Wierzchoslawice (1400 people)
Dabrowa Chelminska (1400 people)
Miedzna (1400 people)
Dabrowno (1400 people)
Skulsk (1400 people)
Grodziec (1400 people)
Kielpin (1381 people)
Dzwierzuty (1380 people)
Orle (1373 people)
Mala Wies (1361 people)
Gorzno (1352 people)
Lack (1350 people)
Krynica Morska (1339 people)
Maszewo Duze (1332 people)
Pozezdrze (1320 people)
Michalow-Reginow (1318 people)
Wizna (1300 people)
Krasnopol (1300 people)
Waganiec (1300 people)
Ostrowite (1300 people)
Rutki-Kossaki (1300 people)
Krasnosielc (1300 people)
Bodzanow (1300 people)
Grabow (1300 people)
Dabrowice (1300 people)
Lubien Kujawski (1293 people)
Mlodzieszyn (1287 people)
Przodkowo (1286 people)
Zemaiciu Naumiestis (1284 people)
Virbalis (1281 people)
Lisewo Malborskie (1280 people)
Bobowo (1271 people)
Gronowo Gorne (1270 people)
Stare Babice (1268 people)
Zabia Wola (1256 people)
Baranowo (1250 people)
Gasocin (1238 people)
Varniai (1227 people)
Punsk (1210 people)
Bukowiec (1210 people)
Orchowo (1210 people)
Bialobrzegi (1208 people)
Nowe Lipiny (1200 people)
Jadow (1200 people)
Dobrzyniewo Duze (1200 people)
Bobrowniki (1200 people)
Szlachta (1200 people)
Ostrowy (1200 people)
Lniano (1200 people)
Drzycim (1200 people)
Szrensk (1200 people)
Sadowne (1200 people)
Czerwinsk Nad Wisla (1200 people)
Wilczyn (1200 people)
Wilczogora (1198 people)
Sarnaki (1194 people)
Lubomino (1194 people)
Radzanowo (1186 people)
Stanislawow Pierwszy (1176 people)
Stary Targ (1162 people)
Grabowo Koscierskie (1159 people)
Tluchowo (1159 people)
Purda (1140 people)
Witonia (1130 people)
Bieniewice (1129 people)
Zabieniec (1126 people)
Jedwabno (1125 people)
Pogorze (1123 people)
Miloradz (1114 people)
Gniezdzewo (1113 people)
Granica (1110 people)
Branszczyk (1109 people)
Guzow (1108 people)
Nowe Grocholice (1106 people)
Zbojna (1100 people)
Szumowo (1100 people)
Orla (1100 people)
Milejczyce (1100 people)
Kruklanki (1100 people)
Barciany (1100 people)
Lublewo Gdanskie (1100 people)
Lysomice (1100 people)
Lichen Stary (1100 people)
Czerwonka (1090 people)
Stara Kornica (1088 people)
Wielgie (1081 people)
Lelkowo (1080 people)
Swiekatowo (1077 people)
Gietrzwald (1070 people)
Chlapowo (1069 people)
Jastrzebia Gora (1068 people)
Osiek (1064 people)
Hornowek (1054 people)
Liniewo (1052 people)
Maly Plock (1051 people)
Brdow (1050 people)
Czerniewice (1027 people)
Ostaszewo (1017 people)
Radomin (1012 people)
Osiek (1012 people)
Lubiewo (1012 people)
Cedry Wielkie (1007 people)
Zlotoria (1000 people)
Reguly (1000 people)
Miastkowo (1000 people)
Lukta (1000 people)
Kanie (1000 people)
Janowo (1000 people)
Dabrowa Biskupia (1000 people)
Krasne (1000 people)
Suraz (993 people)
Plosnica (990 people)
Osiek (990 people)
Swarzewo (988 people)
Gac (986 people)
Wiazowna (980 people)
Mielnik (980 people)
Rusocin (980 people)
Chocen (980 people)
Bobrowniki (980 people)
Wizajny (974 people)
Rybachiy (973 people)
Lichnowy (973 people)
Kmiecin (970 people)
Zatory (970 people)
Skorzec (969 people)
Karniewo (968 people)
Dubeninki (962 people)
Pepowo (962 people)
Debogorze (962 people)
Bielawa (960 people)
Rogozno (960 people)
Golkow (959 people)
Swiedziebnia (958 people)
Zawidz (956 people)
Lubianka (953 people)
Juszkowo (950 people)
Jantar (940 people)
Wislinka (939 people)
Brudzen Duzy (939 people)
Pomiechowek (936 people)
Karwia (931 people)
Radzanow (930 people)
Obryte (930 people)
Bolimow (930 people)
Kiernozia (930 people)
Rokitnica (924 people)
Sztabin (920 people)
Klembow (920 people)
Jaktorow (910 people)
Domaniewice (906 people)
Rewa (905 people)
Kopytkowo (903 people)
Andrzejewo (900 people)
Nieborow (900 people)
Lesna Podlaska (900 people)
Koscielec (900 people)
Kacergine (896 people)
Dobrcz (891 people)
Bakalarzewo (890 people)
Grodziczno (890 people)
Stoczek (890 people)
Sonsk (881 people)
Nowy Duninow (873 people)
Kozlow Biskupi (871 people)
Wisniew (870 people)
Lipowiec Koscielny (870 people)
Swiecie nad Osa (870 people)
Badkowo (863 people)
Zielonki-Wies (861 people)
Jasionowka (860 people)
Chylice (858 people)
Duchnice (858 people)
Swiatki (852 people)
Zbiczno (850 people)
Zbojno (841 people)
Drewnica (840 people)
Suchy Dab (832 people)
Lutocin (831 people)
Nowy Dwor (830 people)
Osieczna (830 people)
Chodow (830 people)
Przerosl (829 people)
Repki (829 people)
Uzventis (827 people)
Olszewo Borki (820 people)
Goworowo (820 people)
Linksmakalnis (817 people)
Sterdyn (814 people)
Ceranow (810 people)
Lubanie (810 people)
Czarlin (806 people)
Rychliki (805 people)
Wapielsk (803 people)
Zakrzewo (801 people)
Grunwald (800 people)
Grabowo (800 people)
Barglow Koscielny (800 people)
Platerow (798 people)
Nowa Karczma (792 people)
Wielgolas (791 people)
Slupno (790 people)
Lomna (787 people)
Lapalice (787 people)
Dotnuva (783 people)
Stupsk (783 people)
Krokowa (782 people)
Wasewo (780 people)
Narewka (780 people)
Jablonka (780 people)
Lubieszewo (780 people)
Ciechocin (776 people)
Sorkwity (770 people)
Lipinki (760 people)
Nur (760 people)
Korczew (760 people)
Kalinowo (750 people)
Jaworowa (750 people)
Janowo (750 people)
Ojrzen (750 people)
Kosakowo (750 people)
Debowa Laka (750 people)
Rokitno (747 people)
Korytnica (747 people)
Strzelce (746 people)
Zaborow (735 people)
Wieliczki (730 people)
Sidra (730 people)
Suchacz (730 people)
Golotczyzna (727 people)
Kampinos (723 people)
Juodkrante (720 people)
Pregowo (720 people)
Dziekanow Bajkowy (720 people)
Pierwoszyno (718 people)
Katy Rybackie (712 people)
Papowo Biskupie (711 people)
Mikoszewo (710 people)
Cieplewo (710 people)
Nowa Iwiczna (710 people)
Czarna (700 people)
Marzecino (700 people)
Boza Wola (700 people)
Turosn Koscielna (700 people)
Golymin-Osrodek (700 people)
Czerwin (700 people)
Boniewo (700 people)
Ostrowite (698 people)
Jazgarzew (693 people)
Zduny (693 people)
Ilow (690 people)
Troszyn (688 people)
Morzeszczyn (684 people)
Zlawies Wielka (682 people)
Jesionka (680 people)
Koscielec (680 people)
Chyliczki (672 people)
Swiercze (672 people)
Przesmyki (670 people)
Rosciszewo (668 people)
Tarnowa (667 people)
Kamionka (662 people)
Zareby Koscielne (660 people)
Dzierzgowo (660 people)
Fabianki (660 people)
Lelis (656 people)
Szudzialowo (650 people)
Grabowo (645 people)
Grodzisk (640 people)
Bedlno (640 people)
Russocice (638 people)
Gierzwald (638 people)
Paprotnia (635 people)
Lanieta (634 people)
Toporzysko (633 people)
Giby (632 people)
Przejazdowo (630 people)
Wodynie (630 people)
Opinogora Gorna (630 people)
Osiek Maly (630 people)
Gora (628 people)
Rzgow Pierwszy (627 people)
Kuczbork-Wies (626 people)
Szczutowo (620 people)
Bielawy (620 people)
Kaliska (617 people)
Zduny (616 people)
Grabowo (615 people)
Jeleniewo (614 people)
Biala (613 people)
Klukowo (610 people)
Stolno (610 people)
Dragasz (610 people)
Trzcianne (607 people)
Rybno (607 people)
Franciszkow (605 people)
Ostrowo (605 people)
Lubin (604 people)
Czarnow (600 people)
Baranowo (600 people)
Daszyna (600 people)
Smalininkai (599 people)
Zabrodzie (590 people)
Kolno (590 people)
Czyze (590 people)
Rojewo (588 people)
Suchozebry (586 people)
Ostrowite (582 people)
Stary Barcik (581 people)
Milki (580 people)
Jaswily (580 people)
Markusy (580 people)
Szydlowo (579 people)
Pogorzel (578 people)
Koneck (570 people)
Kamiennik Wielki (570 people)

Wiezyca (309 m)
Wiezyca (285 m)
Gora Leszczynowa (272 m)
Dylewska Gora (267 m)
Pavistycio Kalnas (259 m)
Szeskie Wzgorza (258 m)
Tatarska Gora (256 m)
Szeska Gora (253 m)
Krzemieniucha (244 m)
Gora Dozor (230 m)
Gora Zamkowa (228 m)
Karpackie Gory (226 m)
Ostra Gora (223 m)
Gora Dubka (211 m)
Grodnenskiye Vysoty (208 m)
Lipowa Gora (207 m)
Debowe Gory (206 m)
Gora Uszescie (201 m)
Dabrowa (200 m)
Wyzyna Elblaska (200 m)
Gora Maslana (198 m)
Gory Lence (196 m)
Gora Krepkaya (195 m)
Pilaki (195 m)
Gora Popova (192 m)
Garb Podlaski (191 m)
Gora Ploskaya (190 m)
Katerinina Gora (190 m)
Wilcza Gora (188 m)
Gora Batorego (187 m)
Gora Dabrowa (187 m)
Dabrowka (186 m)
Wysoczyzny Podlaskie (185 m)
Medvegalio Kalnas (184 m)
Girgzdute (183 m)
Jablonskie Gory (183 m)
Gora Swietego Jana (182 m)
Kietkalnis (180 m)
Wysoczyzna Kolnenska (180 m)
Kalnas Satrija (175 m)
Gora Donas (175 m)
Debowe Gory (175 m)
Rozkosz (174 m)
Stromkalnis (172 m)
Gora Jelonka (172 m)
Czerwony (171 m)
Zlota Gora (171 m)
Wzgorza Mlawskie (170 m)
Zlote Gory (169 m)
Suduvos Aukstuma (162 m)
Czubak (161 m)
Gory Cygielnia (161 m)
Borek (159 m)
Sutrijos Kalnas (158 m)
Hrodzyenskaye Uzvyshsha (157 m)
Gora Lykovaya (153 m)
Bedziuzne Gory (150 m)
Gory Lysyye (148 m)
Prybuhskaya Rawnina (148 m)
Audyniskie Gora (145 m)
Paproteckie Gory (143 m)
Salduve (141 m)
Zhyamaytskaya (139 m)
Gora Zelenaya (138 m)
Gora Lysaya (137 m)
Rownina Augistowska (137 m)
Gora Krutaya (129 m)
Gory Ptich'i (127 m)
Szeroki Ostrow (126 m)
Pucka Gora (126 m)
Gora Podlesnaya (123 m)
Alkos Kalnelis (122 m)
Gora Krepkaya (122 m)
Gora Gusarova (120 m)
Upalty (120 m)
Krzyzewskie Gory (119 m)
Gora Cygan (118 m)
Gora Ograda (114 m)
Rownina Kurpiowska (114 m)
Solistowska Gora (113 m)
Gora Svetlaya (112 m)
Gora Lipovaya (111 m)
Gora Sadovaya (108 m)
Gora Dubovaya (107 m)
Gora Lis'ya (101 m)
Gory Uvaly (101 m)
Gora Volch'ya (97 m)
Gora Povarskaya (87 m)
Gora Tupaya (86 m)
Gora Mokraya (86 m)
Gora Lipovaya (85 m)
Gora Kosciuslki (83 m)
Gora Zamok (82 m)
Gora Krivaya (78 m)
Gora Yevreyskaya (77 m)
Gora Khlebnaya (76 m)
Gora Fazan'ya (73 m)
Malyye Gory (72 m)
Gora Bol'nichnaya (70 m)
Gora Okopnaya (69 m)
Gora Zelenaya (69 m)
Kurgan Inzhenernyy (68 m)
Kurgan Ozernoye (67 m)
Kurgan Izmaylovo (65 m)
Gora Koshka (64 m)
Kurgan Kuz'mino (64 m)
Kurgan Shlakovo (64 m)
Kurgan Obzornaya (63 m)
Kurgan Aviatsionnaya (63 m)
Gora Glinyanaya (62 m)
Gora Kruglaya (62 m)
Gora Velikaya (61 m)
Kurgan Rotnyy (61 m)
Kurgan Baby (61 m)
Kepa Oksywska (60 m)
Kurgan Krotovo (60 m)
Gora Verkhnyaya (59 m)
Gora Krestovaya (59 m)
Gora Malaya Koshka (59 m)
Kurgan Oleshevo (59 m)
Kepa Swarzewska (58 m)
Gora Ivanova (57 m)
Gora Ozernaya (57 m)
Gora Ovsyanaya (57 m)
Gora Dolgaya (57 m)
Gora Ovrazhnaya (56 m)
Gora Berezovaya (56 m)
Gora Kazach'ya (56 m)
Gora Polevaya (55 m)
Kurgan Ovrazhkino (55 m)
Gora Bol'shaya (54 m)
Gora Vysokaya (53 m)
Gora Stantsionnaya (53 m)
Gora Voron'ya (52 m)
Gora Ploskaya (51 m)
Gora Ryazanovka (50 m)
Gora Zol'naya (50 m)
Kamienna Gora (50 m)
Ovrag Lesnoy (50 m)
Gora Obzornaya (47 m)
Gora Donskaya (47 m)
Gora Zhilinka (46 m)
Gora Mel'nichnaya (46 m)
Natkiskiu Kalnelis (45 m)
Gora Shapka (45 m)
Jovaru Kalnelis (44 m)
Gora Ostraya (44 m)
Gora Temnaya (44 m)
Ovrag Skrytyy (44 m)
Gora Lipovaya (43 m)
Gora Malaya (42 m)
Gora Bomba (42 m)
Gora Vinogradnaya (41 m)
Gudu Kalnelis (40 m)
Gora Sonnaya (40 m)
Gora Yaroslavskaya (40 m)
Gora Kruzhka (40 m)
Gora Prudnaya (39 m)
Gora Ostraya (39 m)
Gora Obzornaya (39 m)
Gora Bol'shaya (38 m)
Gora Rebyach'ya (37 m)
Gora Lis'ya (37 m)
Gora Yasnaya (37 m)
Gora Koz"ya (36 m)
Gora Mogil'naya (36 m)
Gora Sem' Lip (36 m)
Gora Sypuchaya (36 m)
Gora Khvalebnaya (36 m)
Gora Dolgaya Griva (36 m)
Gora Kopanaya (24 m)
Gora Vysokaya (35 m)
Gora Orekhovaya (35 m)
Gora Kudryavaya (27 m)
Gora Ozernaya (34 m)
Gora Avgustovskaya (33 m)
Gora Ploskaya (33 m)
Gora Ploskaya (33 m)
Olandu Kepure (31 m)
Kholm Kyrgannyy (31 m)
Gora Lipovaya (31 m)
Gora Troynaya (31 m)
Gora Lesnaya (31 m)
Gora Dorozhnaya (31 m)
Gora Lipki (31 m)
Norrbadan (31 m)
Silo Kalnas (30 m)
Gora Bolotnaya (25 m)
Gora Pchelinaya (30 m)
Gora Domashnyaya (30 m)
Gora Krepostnaya (30 m)
Kepa Pucka (30 m)
Gora Rytaya (29 m)
Gora Chasovaya (29 m)
Gora Mertvaya (28 m)
Gora Monakh (28 m)
Gora Vos'merka (28 m)
Kurgan Alekseyevskiy (28 m)
Gora Borsuki (27 m)
Gora Kostyl' (27 m)
Gora Zheleznaya (27 m)
Gora Blizkaya (27 m)
Kholm Vstrechnyy (26 m)
Gora Ozernaya (26 m)
Gora Obzornaya (25 m)
Gora Krepostnaya (25 m)
Kurgan Khimicheskiy (25 m)
Gora Stepnaya (24 m)
Gora Uval (24 m)
Gora Lysaya (24 m)
Gora Kolkaya (24 m)
Gora Vysota Gorelaya (23 m)
Gora Lenivaya (23 m)
Gora Kosaya (23 m)
Gora Prival (22 m)
Gora Pastush'ya (22 m)
Gora Mel'nichnaya (21 m)
Gora Vetryanka (21 m)
Gora Kadino (21 m)
Gora Vetryanka (19 m)
Gora Vysokaya (19 m)
Westerplatte (19 m)
Ostrow II (18 m)
Ostrow I (18 m)
Basen Gorniczy (18 m)
Gora Shirokaya (18 m)
Gora Obryv (18 m)
Gora Severnaya (18 m)
Gora Koster (18 m)
Rambyno Kalnas (17 m)
Gora Skrytnaya (17 m)
Gora Krucha (17 m)
Gora Sosnovaya (16 m)
Wyspa Holm (16 m)
Gora Zamok (13 m)
Gora Plotnich'ya (15 m)
Gora Mertvaya (15 m)
Gora Polevaya (15 m)
Ostrov Bol'shoy (15 m)
Basen Ministra Kwiatkowskiego (14 m)
Gora Peschanaya (14 m)
Gora Zelenaya (14 m)
Gora Krestovaya (14 m)
Gora Slavyanka (14 m)
Ostrov Kamyshevyy (14 m)
Ostrov Severnyy (14 m)
Poluostrov Pelitakos-Verderis (14 m)
Gora Krutaya (13 m)
Gora Tri Sestry (13 m)
Gora Spokoynaya (13 m)
Gora Radost' (13 m)
Gora Obzornaya (13 m)
Gora Gorodskaya (13 m)
Lapkalnis (12 m)
Elenos Verderis (10 m)
Gora Lesnaya (9 m)
Kiemo Sala (9 m)
Zulawy Wislane (9 m)
Skirviteles Kranta (8 m)
Triusiu Sala (8 m)
Kubiliu Sala (8 m)
Ostrov Sredniy (8 m)
Mys Tupoy (6 m)
Kurshskaya Kosa (6 m)
Gora Krasnaya (5 m)
Gora Chernaya (5 m)
Baltiyskaya Kosa (2 m)
Kiaules Nugara (1 m)
Mys Kurgannyy (1 m)
Przyladek Rozewie (1 m)
Basen Marszalka Pilsudskiego (1 m)
Dyuny Zhivyye (1 m)
Gora Olen'ya (1 m)
Gora Vyshka (1 m)
Gora Kruglaya (1 m)
Gora Shvedskaya (1 m)
Ostrov Kosse (1 m)
Ostrov Rybachiy (1 m)
Gora Lesnaya (1 m)
Preilu Ragas (1 m)
Mys Gvardeyskiy (1 m)
Mys Vysokiy (1 m)
Mys Glavnyy (1 m)
Mys Ostryy (1 m)
Mys Krayniy (1 m)
Mys Chayachiy (1 m)
Mys Tikhiy (1 m)
Mys Duga (1 m)
Mys Gdan'skiy (1 m)
Mys Taran
Basen Prezydenta
Basen Poludniowy
Gora Lysaya
Gora Beregovaya
Gora Matrosova
Gora Belaya
Gora Vakhtennaya
Gora Yubileynaya
Ostrov Yuzhnyy
Ostrov Malyy
Ostrov Nasypnoy
Jastrzebia Gora
Polwysep Hel
Mys Vostochnyy
Ventes Ragas
Pervelkos Ragas
Ozkos Ragas
Bulvykio Ragas
Arkliu Ragas
Agilos Ragas
Mys Ostryy
Mys Rinderort
Mys Shtrale-Yekke
Mys Dryakhlyy
Mys Urez
Mys Kryuk
Mys Ptichiy
Mys Svetlyy
Mys Kupal'nyy
Cypel Rewski
Mys Razmytyy
Mys Peschanyy
Mys Peschanyy
Mys Severnyy
Kamen' Ploskiy
Kamen' Malyy Shchukinskiy
Kamen' Bol'shoy Shchukinskiy
Kamen' Shchukinskiy
Kurshskaya Kosa
Kosa Pribrezhnaya

Preilu Mazoji Ilanka
Preilu Didzioji Ilanka
Pervelkos Ilanka
Pervalkos Ilanka
Karvaiciu Ilanka
Bulvykio Ilanka
Agilos Ilanka
Zaliv Teplyy
Bukhta Otmelaya
Bukhta Chernogorskaya
Zaliv Kamyshevyy
Zaliv Slepoy
Kaliningradskiy Zaliv
Vislinskiy Zaliv
Bukhta Primorskaya
Zaliv Prostornyy
Zaliv Skrytyy
Banka Kurshskaya
Banka Kamenistaya
Tverdaya Banka
Banka Kal'va
Banka Shteyn
Banka Rakitinskaya
Banka Yantarnaya
Sandrausiskiu Pelke
Radviliskio Pelke
Protoka Yuzhnaya
Kanal Zeglugi
Primorskiy Kanal
Golovkinskiy Kanal
Ventos Perkasas
Klaipedos Kanalas
Karaliaus Vilhelmo Perkasas
Dubysos-Ventos Kanalas
Banko Perkasas
Kanal Woznawiejski
Kanal Rudzki
Kanal Mazurskiy
Kanal Leg
Kanal Lasica
Kanal Krolewski
Kanal Elblasko-Ostrodzki
Kanal Brodnowski
Avgustovskiy Kanal
Kaliningradskiy Otvodnoy Kanal
Kanal Mostovoy
Zapadnyy Kanal
Vostochnyy Kanal
Kanal Mordovskiy
Polesskiy Kanal
Kanal Malyy
Kanal Obvodnoy
Kanal Obvodnyy
Kanal Mokryy
Kanal Nerpa
Kanal Pissa
Kanal Obkhodnyy
Kanal Bednyy
Kanal Muchnoy
Kanal Lavskiy
Kanal Mokryy
Kanal Glubokiy
Kanal Obkhodnyy
Kanal Petel'ka
Kanal Rucheyka
Kanal Kolenchatyy
Kanal Tikhiy
Kanal Obvodnyy
Kanal Mostovoy
Kleopedos Kanalas
Kanal Tovarnyy
Pit'yevoy Kanal
Kanal Golovenskiy
Kanal Sredniy
Kanal Rakovka
Przekop Wisly
Kanal Wislano-Zalewowy
Kanal Warta-Goplo
Kanal Sitno
Kanal Parchanski
Kanal Morzyslawski
Kanal Bachorze
Przekop Wisly
Kaliningradskiy Morskoy Kanal
Kanal Elblaski
Nidzkie - DO OCZKA
Ros - Ujscie Pisy
Ros - Ujscie kanalu Jeglinskiego
Seksty - Ujscie kanalu Jeglinskiego
Beldany - Ujscie Krutyni
Taltowisko - Ujscie Kanalu Talckiego
Taltowisko - Kanal Lelecki
Kanal Lelecki
Kanal Miodunski
Szymon - Ujscie Kanalu Miodunskiego
Szymon - Ujscie Kanalu Szymonskiego
Jagodne - Ujscie Kanalu Szymonskiego
Kanal Kula
Niegocin - Ujscie Kanalu Niegocinskiego
Piekna Gora
Niegocin - Ujscie Kanalu Luczanskiego
Kisajno - LSZ3
Kisajno - Ujscie Kanalu Luczanskiego
Kisajno - LSZ2
Kisajno - LSZ1
Kisajno - Ciesnina Labedzi Szlak
Kisajno - Ciesnina KISB06
Dargin - Ujscie Kanalu Sztynorckiego
Dargin - Ujscie Kanalu Sztynorckiego
Sztynorckie - Ujscie Kanalu Sztynorckiego
Kirsajty - Ciesnina Kirsajty-Mamry
Bramka Kalska - Pomiedzy Swiecajny i Mamry
Swiecajny - SAPINA
Mamry - Ujscie Kanalu Mazurskiego
Mamry - Ujscie Wegorapy
Kanal Khvoyanskiy Rov
Motykal'skiy Kanal
Povorot Izhevskiy
Kanal Zeran-Zegrze
Kanal Portowy
Kanal Kaszubski
Rupkalviu Griovys
Kanava Pryamaya
Kanava Zhernovka
Kanava Glubokaya
Kanava Staraya
Kanava Lomanaya
Kanava Srednyaya
Kanava Osushinka
Kanava Protok
Kanava Kol'tsevaya
Kanava Lugovaya
Kanava Fedorovka
Kanava Karotkaya
Kanava Shirokaya
Kanava Borovaya
Kanava Dvykhotochnaya
Kanava Russkaya
Kanava Smolyanaya
Kanava Obrytaya
Kanava Zhitnaya
Kanava Semerka
Kanava Glavnaya
Kanava Belaya
Kanava Doshchataya
Kanava Brannaya
Kanava Lesnaya
Kanava Strelkovaya
kanava Uzkaya
Kanava Krutaya
Kanava Sosnovka
Kanava Dvorovaya
Kanava Lukovaya
Kanava Chernaya
Kanava Uglovaya
Kanava Kirpichnaya
Kanava Dvoynaya
Kanava Shumnaya
Kanava Strelka
Kanava Medvezh'ya
Kanava Mayskaya
Kanava Dubovaya
Kanava Uglovaya
Kanava Podlesnaya
Kanava Yuzhnaya
Kanava Shilovka
Kanava Malyavka
Kanava Lugovaya
Kanava Lugovaya
Zatoka Pucka
Gulf of Gdansk
Kumpasis Uostas
Port Czerniakowski
Lesnaya Gavan'
Gavan' Pionerskaya
Gavan' Primorskaya
Cesarski Port
Gavan' Sevastopol'sk
Zaliv Ushakovskiy
Kurshskiy Zaliv
Kurshskiy Zaliv
Pagegiu Ezeras
Zuvinto Ezeras
Ziaunes Ezeras
Ezeras Zeizdis
Ezeras Zaltytis
Ozero Vishtynetskoye
Ezeras Vilbenas
Vieksnaliu Ezeras
Veniu Ezeras
Veisiejo Ezeras
Vainagiu Ezeras
Vaiduloniu Ezeras
Ezeras Uzlenkis
Ezeras Uplankis
Tujainiu Ezeras
Telksvos Ezeras
Ezeras Sydeklis
Sutojaus Ezeras
Sulinkiu Ezeras
Snaigyno Ezeras
Slavantu Ezeras
Ezeras Skirvyciai
Simno Ezeras
Ezeras Silinis
Senoji Rusne
Senasis Nemunas
Senasis Nemunas
Seirijo Ezeras
Ezeras Salotas
Ezeras Ruskis
Ezeras Rotalis
Ezeras Resketis
Ezeras Remtis
Rekyvos Ezeras
Reiskiu Ezeras
Ezeras Rauskas
Raizgiu Ezeras
Ezeras Pravirsulis
Ezeras Pozeris
Ezeras Pluotinalis
Pazeriu Ezeras
Ezeras Pasvine
Ezeras Parsezeris
Papiskiu Ezeras
Palekiu Ezeras
Paezeriu Ezeras
Ezeras Paezeriu
Obelijos Ezeras
Ezeras Nudis
Noruisiu Ezeras
Miskiniu Ezeras
Metelio Ezeras
Ezeras Medinis
Mascio Ezeras
Ezeras Maryziogis
Ezeras Luoka
Lukstas Ezeras
Ezeras Lukojus
Lingiu Ezeras
Ezeras Labunas
Ezeras Kupstis
Kroku Lankos Ezeras
Krepstos Ezeras
Ezeras Kliokis
Ezeras Keve
Ezeras Keve
Karklenu Ezeras
Ezeras Kapstatas
Kalotes Ezeras
Kairiu Ezeras
Joniskes Ezeras
Jonelaiciu Ezeras
Ezeras Jiesnalis
Ezeras Ilgis
Ezeras Ilgezeris
Gudeliu Ezeras
Gudeliu Ezeras
Gluosto Ezeras
Ezeras Gludas
Ezeras Glitis
Ginkunu Ezeras
Ezeras Gilius
Germanto Ezeras
Ezeras Gelzis
Ezeras Geluva
Ezeras Gaustvinis
Gaudiesiaus Ezeras
Ezeras Epusis
Dusios Ezeras
Ezeras Durbinis
Ezeras Duksta
Drukciu Ezeras
Ezeras Draudenis
Dirvenu Ezeras
Ezeras Didysis Ziogis
Ezeras Didovas
Daugedu Ezeras
Bulenu Ezeras
Ezeras Bridvaisis
Ezeras Birzulis
Ezeras Bijote
Ezeras Baublys
Ezeras Baltezeris
Ezeras Baltezeris
Avirio Ezeras
Arimaiciu Ezeras
Ancios Ezeras
Alsedziu Ezeras
Zyzdroj Wielki
Jezioro Zygmunta Augusta
Jezioro Zubrowo
Jezioro Zelwa
Jezioro Zdruzno
Jezioro Zdrezno
Zawadzkie Jezioro
Zawadzkie Jezioro
Jezioro Wydminskie
Jezioro Wulpinskie
Woszczelskie Jezioro
Jezioro Wizajny
Jezioro Wigry
Jezioro Wielkie Dabrowskie
Widrynskie Jezioro
Jezioro Waz
Jezioro Ustrych
Ublik Wielki
Tumianskie Jezioro
Jezioro Tonka
Jezioro Taborz
Jezioro Szymon
Jezioro Szwalk Wielki
Jezioro Szurpily
Jezioro Szostak
Jezioro Szlamy
Jezioro Szelment
Jezioro Szelag Wielki
Jezioro Szejpiszki
Jezioro Symsar
Jezioro Swietajno
Jezioro Swietajno
Jezioro Swiecajty
Jezioro Sunowo
Jezioro Sunia
Jezioro Sumowo
Jezioro Studzieniczne
Jezioro Stromek
Jezioro Stregiel
Stackie Jezioro
Jezioro Soltmany
Jezioro Sniardwy
Jezioro Skometno
Jezioro Silec
Jezioro Serwy
Jezioro Serwent
Jezioro Selmet Wielki
Jezioro Seksty
Jezioro Sejwy
Jezioro Sejny
Sedanskie Jezioro
Jezioro Sawinda Wielka
Jezioro Sasek Wielki
Jezioro Sasek Maly
Jezioro Sarag
Jezioro Salet
Jezioro Sajno
Jezioro Rynskie
Jezioro Rydzowka
Jezioro Rospuda
Jezioro Ros
Jezioro Ranskie
Jezioro Rajgrodzkie
Przytulskie Jezioro
Jezioro Przerosl
Jezioro Przepiorka
Probarskie Jezioro
Jezioro Pozezdrze
Jezioro Pomorze
Jezioro Pogubie Wielkie
Pobledzie Jezioro
Jezioro Pluszne
Jezioro Plaskie
Jezioro Pisz
Jezioro Pilwag
Jezioro Pilackie
Jezioro Pierty
Jezioro Oswin
Jezioro Ostrowin
Jezioro Orzyskie
Jezioro Orlo
Jezioro Omulew
Oleckie Wielkie Jezioro
Jezioro Oleckie Male
Jezioro Okmin
Jezioro Nozyce
Jezioro Notyst
Jezioro Niegocin
Jezioro Nidzkie
Jezioro Necko
Jezioro Narie
Jezioro Mosag
Jezioro Morag
Jezioro Mokre
Jezioro Mikolajskie
Jezioro Mikaszewo
Mierunskie Wielkie Jezioro
Jezioro Mamry
Jezioro Maly Szelment
Jezioro Malszewskie
Majcz Wielki
Jezioro Luterskie
Jezioro Luknianskie
Lipienskie Jezioro
Linowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Limajno
Jezioro Lichtajny
Jezioro Lenskie
Jezioro Leleskie
Jezioro Lekuk
Jezioro Leguty
Leginskie Jezioro
Jezioro Lazno
Jezioro Lanskie
Lampackie Jezioro
Jezioro Kukowino
Jezioro Kuc
Krzywe Jezioro
Krzywe Jezioro
Jezioro Krzywe
Jezioro Krzywe
Jezioro Krzywa Kuta
Jezioro Kruklin
Jezioro Krawno Wielkie
Jezioro Krawno Male
Jezioro Kownatki
Jezioro Kosno
Jezioro Koscielne
Kortowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Kolno
Jezioro Kociol
Jezioro Klebarskie
Jezioro Kisajno
Jezioro Kinkajmskie
Jezioro Kikity
Kierzlinskie Jezioro
Jezioro Kierz
Jezioro Kierwik
Jezioro Kiersztanowskie
Jezioro Kepna
Jezioro Kalwa
Jezioro Kalejty
Jezioro Juno
Jezioro Juksty
Jezioro Jelmun
Jezioro Jegocin
Jezioro Jedzelewo
Jezioro Jedzelek
Jezioro Jagodne
Jezioro Isag
Jezioro Inulec
Jezioro Holny
Jezioro Harsz
Jezioro Hancza
Jezioro Gugowo
Gromskie Jezioro
Jezioro Gremzdy
Jezioro Gorbacz
Golubskie Jezioro
Jezioro Goldopiwo
Ozero Krasnoye
Jezioro Glebowko
Jezioro Gim
Jezioro Gilwa
Jezioro Gieladzkie
Jezioro Gawlik
Gardynskie Jezioro
Jezioro Garbas
Jezioro Gant
Jezioro Galadus
Elckie Jezioro
Dybowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Dworackie
Jezioro Dudeckie
Jezioro Druglin
Jezioro Drestwo
Dobskie Jezioro
Jezioro Dobskie
Jezioro Dobrag
Jezioro Dluzek
Jezioro Dluzek
Jezioro Dluzec
Dlugie Jezioro
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Dgal Wielki
Jezioro Dejguny
Jezioro Dargin
Jezioro Dargiejmy
Jezioro Dadaj
Jezioro Czos
Jezioro Czerniakowskie
Jezioro Czarne
Jezioro Buwelno
Jezioro Brzozolasek
Jezioro Brozane
Jezioro Brajnickie
Jezioro Borowe
Jezioro Bolesty
Jezioro Boksze
Jezioro Blizno
Jezioro Blanki
Bitkowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Bialolawki
Biale Jezioro
Jezioro Biale Filipowskie
Jezioro Biale
Jezioro Biale
Jezioro Biale
Jezioro Beldany
Jezioro Babiety Wielkie
Jezioro Babiety Male
Arklickie Jezioro
Ozero Divnoye
Ozero Borodinskoye
Ozero Voron'ye
Ozero Pustoye
Ozero Kamyshevoye
Ozero Nikitinskoye
Ozero Russkoye
Ozero Dubovskoye
Ozero Domashneye
Ozero Utinoye
Ozero Vikovskoye
Ozero Ostrovnoye
Ozero Plavni
Ozero Bol'nichnoye
Ozero Dorozhnoye
Ozero Marinovo
Ozero Kamyshovoye
Ozero Ragnitskoye
Ozero Chertov Prud
Ozero Malaya Zavod'
Ozero V'yun
Ozero Pastush'ye
Ozero Yazykovoye
Ozero Dlinnoye
Ozero Utinoye
Ozero Kamyshi
Ozero Dolgoye
Ozero Lubyanoye
Ozero Bol'shoye
Ozero Maloye
Ozero Maloye Olen'ye
Ozero Olen'ye
Ozero Gornoye
Ozero Rogovoye
Ozero Linnemar
Ozero Chayka
Ozero Staroye
Ozero Langer
Ozero Varshkayty
Ozero Uglovoye
Ozero Kamenka Pervoye
Ozero Kamenka Vtoroye
Ozero Burnoye
Ozero Rybnoye
Ozero Melovoye
Ozero Gniloye
Ozero Kokskoye
Ozero Kol'tso
Ozero Podgornoye
Ozero Bol'shoye
Ozero Karpovskoye
Ozero Dorozhnoye
Ozero Beloye
Ozero Tikhoye
Ozero Uzkoye
Ozero Utinoye
Ozero Protochnoye
Ozero Rybnoye
Ozero Chistoye
Ozero Krugloye
Ozero Buda
Ozero Lindykinskoye Boloto
Jezioro Zdworskie
Jezioro Zdunskie
Jezioro Zawada
Jezioro Zaspowe
Jezioro Zarybinek
Jezioro Zarnowieckie
Jezioro Zamkowe
Zalskie Jezioro
Jezioro Wojtowskie
Witoszewskie Jezioro
Wilczynskie Jezioro
Jezioro Wikaryjskie
Jezioro Wielki Staw
Jezioro Wielkie Parteczyny
Jezioro Wielkie Brodno
Jezioro Wielkie Borzechowskie
Jezioro Wielkie
Jezioro Wielkie
Jezioro Wielgie
Jezioro Wielgie
Jezioro Wasoskie
Jezioro Wadzynskie
Urszulewskie Jezioro
Jezioro Udzierz
Jezioro Tylickie
Jezioro Tuczno
Tuchomskie Jezioro
Jezioro Trazebomierz
Jezioro Tarczynskie
Szymbarskie Jezioro
Jezioro Szczytnowskie
Szczutowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Swiete
Jezioro Suszewskie
Jezioro Suskie
Jezioro Sumowek
Jezioro Suminskie
Jezioro Sumin
Jezioro Strazyn
Jezioro Sosno
Jezioro Sosna
Jezioro Smarzewskie
Jezioro Slone
Jezioro Slesinskie
Jezioro Slepe
Skulskie Jezioro
Jezioro Skulska Wies
Jezioro Skrwilno
Jeziora Skiertag
Skarlinskie Jezioro
Jezioro Skape
Jezioro Sitno
Jezioro Silm
Jezioro Sianowskie
Jezioro Sambrod
Jezioro Salno
Jezioro Rydwan
Jezioro Ruskie
Jezioro Rumian
Jezioro Rudusk
Jezioro Rudnickie
Jezioro Ruda Woda
Jezioro Rucewo Wielkie
Jezioro Rucewo Male
Jezioro Robotno
Rakutowskie Wielkie Jezioro
Jezioro Radunskie
Jezioro Radodzierz
Przywidzkie Jezioro
Jezioro Przedecz
Jezioro Polaszkowskie
Jezioro Plowez
Plaskie Jezioro
Jezioro Placzewo
Piotrkowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Piniewo
Pierzchalskie Jezioro
Pauzenskie Jezioro
Jezioro Patulskie
Jezioro Patnowskie
Pakoskie Jezioro
Jezioro Pakoskie
Jezioro Ostrzyckie
Jezioro Ostrowskie
Jezioro Ostrowite
Jezioro Ostrowite
Jezioro Osa
Jezioro Orlowskie
Jezioro Orle
Jezioro Orkusz
Jezioro Okret
Jezioro Okoninskie
Jezioro Okonin
Ocypel Wielki
Jezioro Nogat
Jezioro Niedackie
Jezioro Moszczonne
Jezioro Morliny
Jezioro Modzerowskie
Jezioro Mlewiskie
Jezioro Mikorzynskie
Jezioro Mieliwo
Jezioro Male Brodno
Jezioro Makolno
Jezioro Lucienskie
Jezioro Lubstowskie
Jezioro Lubotyn
Jezioro Lubien
Jezioro Liwieniec
Jezioro Liniewskie
Jezioro Lidzbarskie
Jezioro Lichenskie
Jezioro Lekarty
Jezioro Laskowickie
Jezioro Lasinskie
Jezioro Lapalickie
Jezioro Lakosz
Jezioro Lakorz
Lakie Jezioro
Jezioro Lakie
Lackie Wielkie Jezioro
Jezioro Labedz
Jezioro Kucki
Jezioro Kuchnia
Jezioro Kromszewickie
Jezioro Krag
Jezioro Kownackie
Jezioro Konotopie
Jezioro Kociol
Jezioro Klodno
Klasztorne Jezioro
Jezioro Kielpinskie
Jezioro Kety
Jezioro Karnickie
Jezioro Karas
Jezioro Kamionkowskie
Jezioro Kamien
Jezioro Kalebie
Jezioro Kakaj
Jezioro Jezuickie
Jezioro Jeziorak
Jezioro Jazy
Jezioro Jaskowskie
Januszewskie Jezioro
Jezioro Janowko
Jezioro Ilinsk
Jezioro Ilgi
Jezioro Ilawskie
Jezioro Hutowe
Jezioro Gutno
Jezioro Grodzienskie
Grazymowskie Jezioro
Jezioro Grady
Jezioro Grabowskie
Jezioro Goslawskie
Gorynskie Jezioro
Jezioro Goplo
Jezioro Godziszewskie
Jezioro Gluszynskie
Jezioro Gluche
Jezioro Glowinskie
Jezioro Gil Wielki
Jezioro Gil
Jezioro Gaudy
Jezioro Gardzien
Jezioro Ewingi
Jezioro Dzierzgon
Jezioro Dzierzazno
Jezioro Duze
Jezioro Duze
Jezioro Drweckie
Jezioro Druzno
Jezioro Dluzek
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Dlugie
Jezioro Deczno

Underwater objects:
Gdansk Basin