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Map 200k--e47-28

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Detail sample Map 200k--e47-28
NameMap 200k--e47-28
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:200000 1 cm to 2 km
File size 5.9 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
You see a map that demonstrates territory of Thailand. Displayed city Ban Na download for free. city Sukhothai download for free. On this map city Tak download for free. You can find here town Sawankhalok free download. town Ban Tak download for free. Displayed town Khiri Mat presented. You can find here Ban Yang Ong Nok marked. Ban Yang En free download. Displayed Ban Wong Khong for Garmin. Ban Wong Bo presented. You can find here Ban Wang Taku marked. Displayed Ban Wang Takhro marked. Displayed Ban Wang Takhlo presented. Displayed Ban Wang Sanim presented. Ban Wang Nang Dang presented. Displayed Ban Wang Nam Khao marked. Ban Wang Mai Daeng presented.

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Populated places:
Ban Na (40174 people)
Sukhothai (37000 people)
Tak (24149 people)
Sawankhalok (19805 people)
Ban Tak (18384 people)
Khiri Mat (11272 people)
Ban Yang Ong Nok
Ban Yang En
Ban Wong Khong
Ban Wong Bo
Ban Wang Taku
Ban Wang Takhro
Ban Wang Takhlo
Ban Wang Sanim
Ban Wang Nang Dang
Ban Wang Nam Khao
Ban Wang Mai Daeng
Ban Wang Hin
Ban Wang Hat
Ban Wang Daet
Ban Wang Cha-on
Ban Wang Chao
Ban Tong Teng
Ban Thung Yang Muang
Ban Thung Phama
Ban Thung Muang
Ban Thung Ai Ho
Ban Thok Puai
Ban Tha Wiset
Ban Thao Un
Ban Thanon Phra Ruang
Ban Tham Mai Klai
Ban Tham Chorakhe
Ban Tha Maklua
Ban Tha Kham
Ban Taphang Chai Bun
Ban Taluk Ta Chai
Ban Taluk Klang Thung
Ban Taluk Khaem
Ban Takhian Duan
Ban Sang
Ban Samo Khon
Ban Sakae Khrua
Ban Sai Yap
Ban Rong Pla Thong
Ban Riang Kradok
Ban Rai Pru
Ban Rai Dong
Ban Pong Sawing
Ban Pong Pla Khao
Ban Pong Fang
Ban Pong Daeng
Ban Plai Na
Ban Phae
Ban Pa Taeo
Ban Pang A
Ban Pak Khlong
Ban Nong Ya Plong
Ban Nong Yang
Ban Nong Yang
Ban Nong Tom
Ban Nong Ta Chot
Ban Nong Sida
Ban Nong Rua
Ban Nong Riang
Ban Nong Phai Lang
Ban Nong Phai
Ban Nong Makhua Ngam
Ban Nong Makha
Ban Nong Kathom
Ban Nong Chado
Ban Noen Khwao
Ban Nam Tok
Ban Nam Ruang
Ban Na Luk
Ban Na Choeng
Ban Na Bot
Ban Matum
Ban Map Mako
Ban Makham Ngam
Ban Mai
Ban Mae Salit Noi
Ban Mae Salit
Ban Mae Phu
Ban Maeo Sukkari
Ban Mae Bo Thong
Ban Lum
Ban Lao Makro
Ban Lan Yang
Ban Lan Thong
Ban Lan So
Ban Lan Muang
Ban Lan Krathing
Ban Lan Krabu
Ban Lan Fang
Ban Lan Du
Ban Lak Chai Mun
Ban Ko Lan
Ban Ko Ai Duan
Ban Klang Dong
Ban Khui Pa Rang
Ban Khui Khwang
Ban Khlong Yo
Ban Khlong Yang
Ban Khlong Takhian
Ban Khlong Suan
Ban Khlong Dua
Ban Khao Sawang
Ban Khao Nam Dip
Ban Khao Laeng
Ban Khao Khong
Ban Kao
Ban Huai Yang
Ban Huai Sai
Ban Huai Nung
Ban Dong Mamuang
Ban Don Chan
Ban Chet Thammat
Ban Chalat
Ban Bung Ya
Ban Bung Waeng
Ban Bo Mai Wa
Ban Lan Hoi
Ban Yan Yao (1)
Ban Yang Sai (4)
Ban Yang Sai (3)
Ban Wang Won
Ban Wang Wai
Ban Wang Thong
Ban Wang Phinphat (1)
Ban Wang Muang (1)
Ban Wang Man
Ban Wang Luk
Ban Wang Khuang
Ban Thung Luang
Ban Tha Thong
Ban Tha Sai
Ban Thap Phung
Ban Tha Mai Daeng (1)
Ban Tha Khun
Ban Tha Din Daeng (1)
Ban Tha Chang
Ban Tawet
Ban Tao Lao
Ban Tanot
Ban Taling Chan
Ban San
Ban Sam Phuang
Ban Rong Riang
Ban Rai
Ban Rai
Ban Pom
Ban Pok Tabaek
Ban Phu
Ban Pa Taeo
Ban Pa Muang (1)
Ban Pa Muang
Ban Pak Rong Hua Chi
Ban Pak Phra
Ban Pak Nam
Ban Pak Khlong Chang
Ban Pa Faek
Ban Padang (1)
Ban Nong Thong
Ban Nong Tap
Ban Nong Tao It
Ban Nong Nae
Ban Nong Kok
Ban Nong Klap
Ban Nong Khaem (2)
Ban Nong Chik Ka Chai (1)
Ban Nong Chalap (1)
Ban Nong Bua (1)
Ban Nong Bua
Ban Nong Bua
Ban Nong Bua
Ban Nam Mai
Ban Na Ka Long (1)
Ban Madua Chumphon
Ban Lan Sang Tai
Ban Kru
Ban Krang
Ban Krai Nai
Ban Krai Klang
Ban Ko Ta Liang
Ban Ko Rusi
Ban Kluai
Ban Khwang
Ban Khon Mai Sung
Ban Khlong Tan
Ban Khlong Nam Chon
Ban Khlong Krachong (1)
Ban Khlong Khaneng
Ban Khlong Haeng
Ban Kasong
Ban Hang Talat
Ban Fang Sung
Ban Dan Lan Hoi
Ban Chom Sang
Ban Bung Phing
Ban Bung
Ban Bo Thong
Ban Bang Wan
Ban Bang Pa
Ban Bang Kraban (1)
Ban Bang Khlong
Ban Nong Ngiu
Ban Dong Yang
Ban Rong Li
Ban Wang Mo
Ban Wang Mai San
Ban Mae Phayuap
Ban Mae Bon
Ban Pa Yang
Ban Yang Ong Nam
Ban Sam Ngao Luang
Ban Nong Pik Ka
Ban Den Mai Sung
Ban Chalat Rakhang
Ban Wang Luk
Ban Wang Thong Daeng
Ban Nong Kachot
Ban Wang Mut
Ban Na Phong
Ban Ko Wang Kiat
Ban Khlong Yo
Ban Khlong Mai Daeng
Ban Tha Phai Noi
Ban Tha Wiset
Ban Dong
Ban Nikhom Sahakon
Ban Khui Matum
Ban Khlong Samrong (1)
Ban Khlong Kluai
Ban Dong Duai
Thung Saliam
Si Samrong
Sam Ngao
Kong Krailat
Wang Chao
Ban Dan Lan Hoi
Ban Dan Lan Hoi

Khao Khun Pun (910 m)
Khao Luang (890 m)
Doi Ta Chi (821 m)
Doi Lan (747 m)
Doi Luang Khao (587 m)
Doi Sam Yok (557 m)
Doi Pha Khat Hang (506 m)
Khao Pong Sadao (486 m)
Mon Kong Kao (482 m)
Khao Prathak (436 m)
Doi Pu Thong (429 m)
Khao Khieo (409 m)
Khao Nong Hin Laeng (376 m)
Khao Nong Hoi (269 m)
Khao Phu Nam Thaeng (246 m)
Doi Song Phi Nong (220 m)
Khao Den Matum (219 m)
Khao Kaeo (190 m)
Khao Do Nok Kansaek (165 m)
Khao Kha Na (159 m)
Khao Nong Yo (148 m)
Khao Yai (129 m)
Khao Khieo (127 m)
Khao Phra Moen (116 m)
Khao Dong Run (99 m)
Khao Yot Lek (86 m)

Nong Kaiyasit
Bung Yai
Nong Bung
Nong Cham
Khlong Yai
Khlong Wang Nam Daeng
Huai Khlong Wang Chaliang
Lam Takho
Huai Ta Daeng
Khlong Samo Khon
Huai Mae Salit Laeng
Huai Mae Salit
Khlong Sa Ket
Khlong Huai Sai
Huai Sai
Huai Mae Ramphan
Khlong Pong
Khlong Pluai
Khlong Mae Phuk
Huai Mae Panae
Huai Mae Pa Haen
Khlong Padang
Huai Nung
Khlong Nong Meng
Huai Nong Kho
Khlong Lam Nong Bot
Nam Mae Ramphan
Nam Mae Mok
Nam Mae Mok
Khlong Muang
Huai Muang
Mae Nam Yom
Huai Mae Bon
Khlong Lan Yang
Huai Mae Lan
Khlong Khrai
Khlong Khonthi
Huai Khlong Khayang
Khlong Dan
Khlong Nam Khao
Khlong Kaphung
Khlong Kaphong
Huai Mae Kamphra
Huai Mae Kong Khai
Khlong Dua
Huai Dong Lan
Lam Dang
Khlong Huai Chanao
Khlong Chalan
Lam Nong Bua
Khlong Bong
Khlong Bong
Khlong Ai Bia
Khlong Wang Chao
Mae Nam Wang
Huai Mae Tho
Khlong Sop Yom
Khlong Sara Bop
Nam Mae Ramphan
Nam Mae Mok
Huai Mae Mok
Huai Lan Sang
Huai Mae Kong Khai
Khlong Kasong
Khlong Nam Hak
Khlong Mae Nam Fa Kradan
Khlong Ban Lum
Khlong Wang Thong
Khlong Huai Pakham Kai
Bung Ya
Nong O
Nong Lu
Nong Kho
Nong Chik
Nong Nam Bo