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Map 500k--e49-3

Thumbnail Map 500k--e49-3
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Detail sample Map 500k--e49-3
NameMap 500k--e49-3
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:500000 1 cm to 5 km
File size 1.4 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
Here is a map demonstrates territory of Vietnam. On this map large city Turan free download. On this map Xuan Tien marked. On this map Xom Son Thuy marked. On this map Xom Nhan Hoa download for free. On this map Xom Da Me (1) marked. Tuyen Hoa download for free. Displayed Tung Son presented. Displayed Truong Dinh for Garmin. Thon Tung Son for Garmin. You can find here Thon Trung Luong marked. Thon Tho Son for Garmin. You can find here Thon Phuoc Son presented. You can find here Thon Phuoc Dong download for free. Thon Phu Hai download for free. You can find here Thon Phu Ha download for free. Thon Phu Gia download for free. On this map Thon Phong Bac for Garmin.

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Populated places:
Turan (752493 people)
Xuan Tien
Xom Son Thuy
Xom Nhan Hoa
Xom Da Me (1)
Tuyen Hoa
Tung Son
Truong Dinh
Thon Tung Son
Thon Trung Luong
Thon Tho Son
Thon Phuoc Son
Thon Phuoc Dong
Thon Phu Hai
Thon Phu Ha
Thon Phu Gia
Thon Phong Bac
Thon Nghi An
Thon My Thi
Thon Lap An
Thon Hoa Yen
Thon Hoa Trung
Thon Hoa Thanh
Thon Dong Duong
Thon Da Son
Thon Binh Thai
Thon Binh An
Thon An Hao
Thon An Cu Dong
Thai Lai
Tan An Phuong
Quan Nam
Phu Thuong Xa
Phu Thuong Thon
Phuong Xuan Hoa
Phuong Quang San
Phuong My Thanh
Phuong Ha Khe
Phuong An Thuong
Phu Hoa
Pho Nam Thuong Ha
Nam Yen
Khu Trieu Binh
Khu Pho Tan Thai
Khu Pho Nam Tho
Hoi Vuc
Hoi An Thuong
Hoa Vang
Hoa Khue
Hieu Duc
Don Bai Ca
Dinh Lien Chieu
Co Man
Binh Thai (1)
Ap Xuan Thieu
Ap Xuan Duong
Ap Van Duong (1)
Ap Trung Son
Ap Thuy Tu (2)
Ap Thanh Vinh
Ap Thach Nham
Ap Quan Nam (2)
Ap Quan Nam (1)
Ap Phuoc Thuan
Ap Nam O
Ap Kim Lien
Ap Huong Phuoc
Ap Hoa Khuong
Ap Hai
Ap Da Phuoc
Ap Dai La
Ap Ba
An Hai

Hon Chay (1037 m)
Son Tra (696 m)
Nui Hoi (690 m)
Ban Dao Son Tra (492 m)
Hon Dun (355 m)
Deo Hai Van (290 m)
Dong Den (289 m)
Ti Tou (139 m)
Nui Tron (49 m)
Montagnes de Marbre (8 m)
Pointe Isabelle (1 m)
Mui Da Nang
Mui Chan May Dong
Hon Son Cha
Pointe de Nam O
Roche Canton

Baie du Rocher Noir
Baie de Nam Chon
Vung Kim Lien
Vinh Da Nang
Vung Chon May
Dam Lap An
Dam An Cu
Song Vinh Dien
Song Han
Song Cu De
Song Cau Do