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NameMap 001m--e55
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:1000000 1 cm to 10 km
File size 1.4 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
CountriesNorthern Mariana Islands
This map demonstrates territory of Northern Mariana Islands. You can find here Pagan Village download for free. Displayed Agrihan Village free download. You can find here Alamagan Village download for free. On this map Intermittent Historic Settlements download for free. former Songsong Village download for free. On this map Copra Workers Settlement pre-WW2 presented. You can find here Anatahan Village - abandoned since 1993 marked.

Populated places:
Pagan Village (50 people)
Agrihan Village (20 people)
Alamagan Village (15 people)
Intermittent Historic Settlements
former Songsong Village
Copra Workers Settlement pre-WW2
Anatahan Village - abandoned since 1993

Agrihan Crater South Rim (979 m)
Mount Agrihan (979 m)
Agrihan Stratovolcano - Fumarolic Activity (979 m)
Agrihan (911 m)
Asuncion Island (891 m)
Mount Asuncion (891 m)
Asuncion Stratovolcano - Fumarolic Activities (891 m)
Agrihan Crater West Rim (870 m)
Agrihan Crater East Rim (840 m)
Caldera West Rim (787 m)
Anatahan Island (787 m)
Mount Anatahan (787 m)
Active Anatahan Stratovolcano (787 m)
Crater North Rim (744 m)
Alamagan Island (744 m)
Bandeera Peak (744 m)
Alamagan Stratovolcano - Permanent Geothermic Activity (744 m)
Large Southwest Graben (682 m)
Caldera NorthEast Rim (659 m)
Caldera NorthNorthEast Rim (650 m)
Agrihan Crater North Rim (650 m)
Crater South Rim (645 m)
Old South Volcano Caldera Rim NorthEast (572 m)
Pagan Island (572 m)
South Pagan Top (572 m)
Mount Pagan - Active Volcano (570 m)
Active Stratovolcano Mount Pagan (570 m)
Caldera SouthEast Rim (550 m)
Crater West Rim (550 m)
South Pagan Volcano (549 m)
South Pagan Post-Caldera Volcanoes Group (549 m)
Mount Togari (541 m)
Mount Pagan Crater Rim South (540 m)
New Agrihan Somma Volcano - Fumarolic Activity (539 m)
Sarigan Island (538 m)
Mount Sarigan (538 m)
Dormant Sarigan Stratovolcano (538 m)
Peak Plateau North (532 m)
Caldera Bottom (500 m)
Crater East Rim (500 m)
Mount Pagan Crater Bottom (490 m)
Mount Maru (490 m)
Mount Pagan Open Crater Rim NW (485 m)
Mount Pagan Secondary Crater S (460 m)
Old South Volcano Caldera Rim South (447 m)
Kutake Yashi (447 m)
Extra-Caldera NorthWest Crater (100 m)
Secondary Vent (400 m)
Caldera South Rim (380 m)
Deep Crater Bottom (375 m)
Old South Volcano Caldera Rim East (363 m)
Guguan Island (300 m)
South Guguan Caldera Southwest Rim (300 m)
South Guguan Volcano (300 m)
Truncated Cone Part Plateau (300 m)
South Guguan Extinct Stratovolcano (300 m)
North Guguan Volcano Caldera South Rim (210 m)
North Guguan Volcano post-caldera Southern Vent (266 m)
North Guguan Volcano post-caldera Northern Vent (252 m)
Bulikan Bulifli - South Post-Caldera Crater (293 m)
North Guguan Volcano (266 m)
Dormant North Guguan Volcano (266 m)
South Guguan Caldera Rim Northeast (290 m)
Saddle between Volcanoes (175 m)
Mount Pagan Old Secondary Crater S (260 m)
Post-Caldera Craters (260 m)
Caldera North Rim (250 m)
Eastern Maar East Rim and Mount Pagan Slope (250 m)
Eastern Maar South Rim (250 m)
South Guguan Caldera Bottom (245 m)
West Caldera Bottom (240 m)
Seismic - South Post-Caldera Crater (221 m)
Bilikan Paliat - South Post-Caldera Crater (221 m)
NoName - South Post-Caldera Crater (221 m)
Old South Volcano Caldera Bottom (210 m)
Major NW Lava Flow (200 m)
Eastern Maar West Rim (125 m)
Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim Southwest (110 m)
Eastern Maar North Rim (110 m)
Pagan Isthmus Saddle (105 m)
Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim South (100 m)
Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim East (100 m)
Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim North (100 m)
Black Sand Beaches on Southwestern Coast (98 m)
Farallon de Medinilla (82 m)
Easternmost Land Point of Northern Mariana Islands (85 m)
Top of FDM (82 m)
North Cape (68 m)
Sengao Peninsula (65 m)
Bandeera - Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim West (49 m)
Bandeera Rock (49 m)
South Cape (42 m)
Old Mt.Pagan Volcano Caldera Rim West (40 m)
Central Isthmus - 20m wide (40 m)
1981 Lava Flow North Limit (40 m)
Extra-Caldera Southeast Crater (20 m)
1981 Lava Flow SW Limit (20 m)
1872-73 Lava Flows (20 m)
Puntan Gagu (10 m)
Barankan Talu (5 m)
Barankan Lanchu (10 m)
Butkan Kanat Dagu (10 m)
Eastern Volcanic Maar (10 m)
Active post-caldera East Pit Crater (-110 m)
Zealandia Southwest Rock (1 m)
Zealandia Northeast Rock (1 m)
Zealandia Bank (1 m)
Western Volcanic Maar (1 m)
Oldest Central Volcano - Eroded Fragment (1 m)
Zealandia Dormant Stratovolcano - Geothermal Activity (1 m)
Talage Beach
South Point
Barren Landslides Areas
Hira Rock
Togari Rock
Western Lava Fields
Barren and Steep East and South Slopes

Small Vessel Anchorage
Northeasterlies Anchorage
Shomushon Boat Anchorage
Apaan Anchorage
Apaan Bay
Shomushon Entrance
Agrihan Vessel Anchorage
Laguna Sanhalom - Brackish Water
Caldera Lake
East Crater Lake 2009
Laguna Sanhiyon - Salt Water

Underwater objects:
Extending Sand Bank (-96 m)
Mariana Basin
East Mariana Ridge - Northern Islands Arc (572 m)
Lapulapu Ridge
Southern Islands Arc North Tip - Sonome Reef (-63 m)
Mariana Ridge
North Reef 1 (-16 m)
North Reef 2 (-7 m)
North Reef 3 (-7 m)
Isolated North Reef (-22 m)
Zealandia Bank - Active Hydrothermal Discharge (1 m)
Poyo Seamount (-1327 m)
Daon Seamount (-774 m)
Cheref Seamount (-109 m)
Del Cano Seamount (-1780 m)
West Guguan 2 Seamount (-803 m)
West Guguan 1 Seamount (-906 m)
North Zealandia Seamount (-307 m)
West Zealandia Seamount (-619 m)
West Sarigan Seamount (-212 m)
NE Anatahan Seamount (-459 m)
S Sarigan Seamount - Eplosive Activity (-316 m)
West Guguan 3 Seamount (-1678 m)
Northwest Reef (-10 m)
ESE Anatahan Bank (-67 m)
Alice Springs Seamount - Fumarolic Activity
Sonome Reef (-63 m)
Sarigan Seamount Extended Top (-180 m)
Cheref Seamount
Uplifted Medinilla-Island Seamount (82 m)
Vogt Guyot
Marianas Central Trough - Fumarolic Activity
Mariana Trough
Mariana Trench