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Map 200k--f48-32

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Detail sample Map 200k--f48-32
NameMap 200k--f48-32
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:200000 1 cm to 2 km
File size 5.8 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
You see a map that contains territory of Laos. On this map Xiengdi presented. On this map Sop Y free download. On this map Sop Sap presented. Displayed Sopnat marked. You can find here Ban Sopka free download. You can find here Sop Cop presented. On this map Songkoan download for free. On this map Sen Pong marked. Displayed Poungdet download for free. On this map Phong-Sathon free download. Displayed Ban Phiangdang download for free. You can find here Ban Paphai (1) free download. Displayed Ban Paktheu download for free. Pak Ten download for free. Displayed Ban Paklao download for free. Displayed Ban Nongpouk download for free. On this map Ban Naveung download for free.

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Populated places:
Sop Y
Sop Sap
Ban Sopka
Sop Cop
Sen Pong
Ban Phiangdang
Ban Paphai (1)
Ban Paktheu
Pak Ten
Ban Paklao
Ban Nongpouk
Ban Naveung
Ban Muanggnut
Muang Xon
Ban Muangsoum
Ban Sakok
Ban Muangpeun
Muang O
Ban Muanglap
Ban Muangkout
Ban Muangkao
Ban Muanghiam
La Hoa
Ban Houamuang
Ban Hatthao
Ham Neua
Ban Yong
Ban Yat
Ban Xay
Ban Xaosi
Ban Vang Mou
Ban Vangboung
Ban Tiom Houat
Ban Tia Pouong
Ban Thoun
Ban Thonggnot
Ban Then Thong
Ban Thavay
Ban Tham Pong
Ban Thamnam
Ban Tham
Ban Taniat
Ban Takhang
Ban Taboup
Ban Sop Siem
Ban Sop Saye
Ban Sop O
Ban Sop Houay Thong
Ban Sop Hot
Ban Song Kouan Tong Li
Ban Song Khouan
Ban Sen som
Ban Senkhan
Ban Sanon
Ban Sam Tiot
Ban Saleuy
Ban Sala
Ban Sa Bou
Ban Poung Tom
Ban Poungdik
Ban Pouleuymeo
Ban Phya Louong
Ban Phou Souok
Ban Phoulao
Ban Phou Koui
Ban Phou Ko Kho
Ban Pho
Ban Phiaxai
Ban Phiaxai
Ban Phiaton
Ban Phia Kham
Ban Phen
Ban Phathi
Ban Phathang
Ban Pha Phung
Ban Phapet
Ban Thongphao
Ban Phano
Ban Pha Meu
Ban Pha Mat
Ban Pha Lak
Ban Pha Kouang
Ban Phak-Lo
Ban Phakgna
Ban Phahom
Ban Pakpek
Ban Pa Khouang
Ban Pa Kha
Ban Pakha
Ban Ong
Ban Non Holle
Ban Nong Seu
Ban Nhot Sim
Ban Nhot Sam
Ban Nhot Houei Thong
Ban Ngon
Ban Ngiou
Ban Naxai
Ban Na Tou
Ban Na Sam
Ban Nasala
Ban Namuang
Ban Nam-I
Ban Na Muang
Ban Nam Seu
Ban Muangmouay
Ban Nam Lane
Ban Na Loum
Ban Na Loi
Ban Na Lieu
Ban Na Lan
Ban Nakham
Ban Nakha
Ban Na Keng
Ban Na Hing
Ban Na Heuang
Ban Nafit
Ban Nachong
Ban Mouan
Ban Meo Khang Khao
Ban Mai Nhan
Ban Lou
Ban Liane
Ban Leng
Ban Lao Kao
Ban La
Ban Kouan Louong
Ban Komu
Ban Kokiang
Ban Ko Hay
Ban Koanxu
Ban Khoum Khao
Ban Khong
Ban Khang Khao
Ban Khang
Ban Kham
Ban Kha
Ban Keo Tao
Ban Keo Phou Kong
Ban Keomat
Ban Keo Lom
Ban Keo Kout
Ban Keo Gnoung
Ban Keng S'ai
Ban Keng Long
Ban Keng
Ban Kang
Ban Kan
Ban Kadot
Ban Houei Verk
Ban Houei Souai
Ban Houei Souai
Ban Houei Saye
Ban Houei Nhang
Ban Houei Koloc
Ban Houay Youok
Ban Houay Yat
Ban Houay Thong
Ban Houay Thang
Ban Houay Than
Ban Houaytat Noy
Ban Houay Ta Ang
Ban Houay Suang
Ban Houay Sou
Ban Houay Sou
Ban Houay Sen
Ban Houay Sang Lo
Ban Houay Sam
Ban Houay Sada
Ban Houay Pok
Ban Houayphouk
Ban Houay Pha
Ban Houay Patat
Ban Houay Ouok
Ban Houay Ouo
Ban Houay Nha
Ban Houay Ngou (2)
Ban Houay Ngou (1)
Ban Houay Ngoua
Ban Houayna
Ban Houay Na
Ban Houaymengdan
Ban Houay Loun
Ban Houay Lom
Ban Houay Linep
Ban Houay Lap
Ban Houay Khami
Ban Houaykhai
Ban Houay Kha
Ban Houay Ket
Ban Houay Keng
Ban Houay Huong
Ban Houayhong
Ban Houay Hao
Ban Houay Eng
Ban Houay Dat
Ban Houaychak
Ban Houay Bouei
Ban Houaybouak
Ban Houaybao
Ban Houaxiang
Ban Houayxiang
Ban Houa Pha
Ban Houay-Nua
Ban Hong Non
Ban Hattop
Ban Hatsa
Ban Hat Heng
Ban Hatkhoun
Ban Gnot Nam Pong
Ban Gnotmat
Ban Gnotgnut
Ban Dong
Ban Den Din
Ban Den Din
Ban Den
Ban Chathao
Ban Cha Thao
Ban Cha Thao
Ban Chathao
Ban Cha Kou
Ban Cha
Ban Bouei
Ban Nampong
Ban Bouam Phou
Ban Bouak Hia
Ban Bo
Ban Bengthong
Ban Poungkon
Ban Houayka
Phou Lao
Ban Pahok
Ban Leng
Ban Sopkat
Ban Houaylouy
Ban Houaypade-Nua
Ban Houaypade-Tai
Ban Houaytomo
Ban Khonpian
Ban Khonpian-Tai
Ban Houayphok
Ban Bong
Ban Napho
Ban Houayxuang
Ban Houayma-Nua
Ban Houayma
Ban Houaypek
Ban Phoupiat
Ban Nakham
Ban Khan
Ban Nakha
Ban Naxam
Ban Houaynan
Ban Vangphouk
Ban Piat
Ban Tapouang
Ban Pacha
Ban Vangkan
Ban Houayhou
Ban Kadeng
Ban Nakhoun
Ban Phonhong
Ban Thenbe
Ban Dokkham
Ban Phanang
Ban Vek
Ban Houamuang
Ban Namtat
Ban Houaygnom
Ban Soplem
Ban Phiangkham
Ban Salong
Ban Nakham
Ban Houayhia
Ban Kang
Ban Sop-Lap-Nua
Ban Houaymoun
Ban Pacha
Ban Sopphay
Ban Vangkan
Ban Houaphou
Ban Keotat
Ban Homsay
Ban Houaysadoung
Ban Sop-Kat
Ban Sop-Lem
Ban Mo
Ban Phiangdi
Ban Sop-Lap-Tai
Ban Naphiang
Ban Komouang
Ban Pounghai
Ban Viangthong
Ban Homthong
Ban Sop-Hang
Ban Hatkai
Ban Houay-Mai
Ban Sanot
Ban Vang-Gnou
Ban That
Ban Tinkong
Ban Phiangkhong
Ban Hatli
Ban Maignan
Ban Xop-Tai
Ban Xop-Nua
Ban Nanom
Ban Vat
Ban That
Ban Leng
Ban Phonxong
Ban Chak
Ban Sop-Ong
Ban Houayma-Nua
Ban Namchiat
Ban Houaymuay
Ban Muang-Mai
Ban Ngon
Ban Nom
Ban Houaytong
Ban Houaysangon
Ban Houaythong
Ban Houaygnap
Ban Houaytong
Ban Sophan
Ban Phamon-Nua
Ban Naxai
Ban Houayxai
Ban Kenpha
Ban Kenpha-Tai
Ban Ngao
Ban Siat
Ban Phouphapheo
Ban Vangmat
Ban Phoungkout
Ban Muangmouay
Ban Pouang
Ban Paklao-Noy
Ban Omlot
Ban Phadeng
Ban Pouakhoay
Ban Ngok
Ban Gnotxeuk
Ban Nampoung
Ban Sopkok
Ban Namxoy
Ban Naven
Ban Tongkho
Ban Paklao-Nua
Ban Namtam
Ban Samxoum
Ban Songmoua
Ban Thamhon
Ban Navet
Ban Kongngoua
Ban Xiansen
Ban Houaygnai
Ban Senchan
Ban Houayna
Ban Houaymon
Ban Vangsang
Ban Houaysan
Ban Hatngo
Ban Seng-Dun
Ban Hat-Ong
Ban Nakang
Ban Kokmong
Ban Kokngoua
Ban Houaythong
Ban Houayma
Ban Phoukan
Ban Vangmat
Ban Houaykoun
Ban Naxai
Ban Bouamming
Ban Mokloy
Ban Toming
Ban Pakxeng
Ban Sophuang (2)
Ban Sophuang (1)
Ban Namxouay-Nua
Ban Namxouay-Tai
Ban Paphai (2)
Ban Longkout
Ban Deunbin
Ban Poungkon
Ban Bouak
Ban Chak
Ban San-Ong
Ban Houaykho
Ban Kohing
Ban Phoulao
Ban Khong
Ban Phouviang
Ban Naviang
Ban Khong
Ban Pounghai
Ban Sophit
Ban Phoulouang
Ban Sampakha
Ban Poungpin
Ban Phonngam
Ban Namsa
Ban Phonsaat
Ban Nampoung
Ban Hatxa
Ban Nongkham
Ban Houayphiang
Ban Bouamkhoun
Ban Bouamkhoun
Ban Donkhoun

Phou Leuy (2062 m)
Phou Gnotlian (2011 m)
Phou Mok-Lok (1939 m)
Phou Loi (1934 m)
Phou Kong (1908 m)
Phou Phameu (1890 m)
Phou Chiknou (1888 m)
Phou Kha (1866 m)
Phou Chok-Lon (1842 m)
Phou Gnotsim (1836 m)
Phou Nampa (1828 m)
Phou Ngon (1806 m)
Phou Lum (1793 m)
Phou Phathi (1786 m)
Phou Gnathao (1762 m)
Phou Sandong (1756 m)
Phou Liou (1740 m)
Phou Houayphon (1714 m)
Phou Gnotxam (1713 m)
Phou Vouk (1702 m)
Phou Hot (1701 m)
Phou Dehan (1671 m)
Phou Phakong (1669 m)
Phou Phamang (1658 m)
Phou Chenhao (1655 m)
Phou Pongthou (1650 m)
Phou Phalouang (1633 m)
Phou Tik-Lang (1628 m)
San Keosalong (1624 m)
Phou Sang (1623 m)
Phou Gnao (1618 m)
San Louang (1618 m)
Phou Phasanout (1612 m)
Phou Souy (1603 m)
Phou Khian (1602 m)
Pha Phung (1602 m)
Phou Keohe (1597 m)
Phou Kalen (1595 m)
Nong Pouc (1591 m)
Phou Houayhao (1586 m)
Phou Tikle (1583 m)
Phou Chomtiang (1568 m)
Phou Tolon (1567 m)
Phou Keodongphat (1557 m)
Phou Sanip (1549 m)
Phou Phakouk (1549 m)
Phou Keomakheo (1541 m)
Phou Houayhai (1530 m)
Phou Khouy (1517 m)
Phou Kasao (1516 m)
Phou Phai (1496 m)
Phou Thao (1489 m)
Phou Titdong (1484 m)
Phou Keokouang (1484 m)
San Khong (1469 m)
Phou Keotao (1468 m)
Phou Phakong (1461 m)
Phou Yat (1457 m)
Phou Le (1457 m)
Phou Khian-Noy (1456 m)
San Keongen (1452 m)
Phou Gnot-Houaybouak (1446 m)
Phou Chok-Lon (1444 m)
Phou Song (1444 m)
Phou Dendin (1442 m)
Phou Phasaniat (1441 m)
Phou Pasangon (1431 m)
Phou Chomchik (1430 m)
San Naaochuang (1430 m)
Phou Piat (1427 m)
Phou O (1424 m)
Phou Phalouam (1422 m)
San Nam-Noy (1422 m)
Phou Kouy (1419 m)
San Sopkok (1417 m)
Phou Pomluang (1414 m)
San Theu-Ouak (1412 m)
Phou Meopapek (1412 m)
Phou Bang (1410 m)
Phou Dongmut (1407 m)
Phou Phephao (1402 m)
Phou Chomhouat (1394 m)
Phou Hinhe (1392 m)
Phou That (1387 m)
Phou Nhot Sam (1385 m)
Phou Houaytaboun (1383 m)
Phou Keokouang (1380 m)
Phou Pit (1372 m)
Phou Bouk (1372 m)
Phou Hounouk (1365 m)
San Don (1362 m)
Phou Laothao (1361 m)
Phou Ngoua (1359 m)
San Ang (1359 m)
Phou Lao (1354 m)
Phou Ban (1347 m)
Phou Phapheo (1345 m)
San Khantot (1345 m)
Phou Yong (1338 m)
Phou Houaykadok (1336 m)
Phou Long-Nua (1330 m)
Phou Phapheo (1329 m)
Phou Thamdin (1328 m)
Phou Nakhiang (1325 m)
Phou Dongvay (1321 m)
Phou Khampom (1309 m)
San Phabouboy (1299 m)
Phou Louakmo (1297 m)
Phou Souavoua (1294 m)
San Houangoua (1293 m)
Pha Puan (1292 m)
Phou Viang (1265 m)
San Gnao (1263 m)
Phou Houaytosat (1260 m)
Phou Boua (1257 m)
Phou Dendin (1247 m)
Phou Souk-Houayloy (1246 m)
Phou Khaheng (1239 m)
Phou Houay Leuk (1236 m)
Phou Houayma (1225 m)
San Khongphan (1222 m)
Phou Phakhon (1221 m)
Phou Namboun (1218 m)
Phou Lan (1217 m)
San Keo Hai (1216 m)
San Chialek (1215 m)
San Phouhi (1214 m)
San Then Not (1213 m)
Phou Bai (1212 m)
Phou Nongseu (1210 m)
Phou Sami (1201 m)
Phou Thamhet (1195 m)
Phou Pasak (1193 m)
Phou Hang (1189 m)
Thenkeo (1184 m)
Phou Phakkomong (1172 m)
Phou Khoang (1168 m)
San Houaypet (1157 m)
San Kadeng (1147 m)
Pha Ung (1138 m)
San Keohom (1134 m)
Phou Kolian (1131 m)
Phou Samsen (1128 m)
Phou Nam Boun (1123 m)
Phou Lek (1114 m)
Phou Phadam (1002 m)
Phou Sanon (1072 m)
San Phakouang (1062 m)
Phou Senpong (1046 m)
Phou Houayloy (1035 m)
Phou Bao (1031 m)
Phou Houaykhamoun (994 m)
Phou Nongvai (989 m)
Phou Sout-Houayloy (989 m)
Phou Phakoutdiou (975 m)
Phou Phasong (968 m)
Phou Mat (958 m)
Phou Chomkoup (946 m)
Phou Thenthong (927 m)
Phou Hinsa (940 m)
San Pakha (931 m)
Phou Bia (899 m)
San Nongpa (885 m)
San Houaykeng (881 m)
Phou Pompek (691 m)
Phou Le (640 m)
Phou Keo Kuan (572 m)

Nam Gnut
Houay Yong
Nam Y
Houay Xuang
Houay Xay
Nam Vin
Houay Van
Nam Touam
Houay Tioi
Houay Thot
Nam Thon
Nam Teu
Houay Te
Houay Taban
Nam Soui
Houay Souai
Houay Som Lom
Nam Sim Sam
Houay Signao
Nam Siap
Houay Saye
Houay Salong
Houay Sadah
Houay Poung
Houay Pok
Nam Peun
Nam Pao
Nam Pai
Nam O
Houay Gnang
Houay Ngou
Nam Ngao
Nam Neun
Nam Nath
Nam Mon
Houay Mat
Houay Man
Houay Ma-Noy
Houay Ma
Nam Loi
Nam Lo
Houay Liane
Houay Leuk
Nam Lap
Nam Lao
Houay Lao
Houay Kia
Houay Kia-Ok
Nam Khap
Nam Khao
Houay Khanong
Houay Khami
Houay Khai
Houay Keng
Houay Kaseung
Nam Kang
Houay Kadok
Houay Kadok
Houay Hot
Nam Ho
Houay Hinkap
Houay Hinkap
Houay Han
Houay Gnan
Houay Dat
Nam Chong
Houay Cha Ko
Houay Lan
Houay Thoum
Houay He
Houay Han
Houay Thong
Houay Hannam
Houay Hia
Houay Xou
Houay Xuang
Houay Hok
Houay Leuk
Houay Sami
Houay Sanan
Houay Non
Nam Loi
Houay Sada
Nam Kam
Houay Khan
Houay Phouhot
Houay Sai
Nam Loy
Houay Nasam
Houay Nongmeuy
Houay Nasala
Houay Longpabon
Houay Souanphak
Nam Phen
Nam Beng
Houay Loy
Houay Vek
Houay Kok
Houay Khamoun
Houay Kao
Houay Not
Houay Souay
Houay Hap
Nam Not
Nam Dong
Houay Ngom
Nam Tan
Nam Ton
Houay Dokmat
Houay Tangan
Nam Ma
Nam Lao
Houay Gnom
Houay Sangon
Houay Siat