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Map 200k--h32-29

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Detail sample Map 200k--h32-29
NameMap 200k--h32-29
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:200000 1 cm to 2 km
File size 1.7 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
Here is a map contains territory of Libya.

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Zahr al Himar (692 m)
Ru'us Umm ar Rawahil (665 m)
Zahrat Umm ar Rawahil (646 m)
Qar`at at Tamtam (644 m)
Qar`at Warimah (640 m)
Quru` at Tamtam (637 m)
Qar`at Wan Zawatin (634 m)
Qar`at al Handuq (632 m)
Qar`at ar Rimah (630 m)
Qar`at Bu Layla (627 m)
Qar`at Warimah (626 m)

Qa`rat Wan ar Rimah
Qa`rat Wallamed
Qa`rat Umm ar Rawahil
Qa`rat as Sayh
Qa`rat ar Rimah
Qa`rat al Musalsalat
Shu`bat Warimah
Wadi Wallamad
Wadi Umm ar Rawahil
Wadi Tajnut
Wadi as Sayh
Wadi Qar`at al Handuq
Shu`bat Bu Layla
Wadi in Aramas
Bi'r Wallamad
Hasy Iferfes