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Detail sample Map 001m--i13
NameMap 001m--i13
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:1000000 1 cm to 10 km
File size 7.3 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
CountriesUnited States
You see a map that shows territory of United States. large city Albuquerque download for free. On this map city Las Cruces presented. city Rio Rancho presented. city Enchanted Hills marked. On this map city Santa Fe download for free. On this map city Roswell download for free. Displayed city South Valley for Garmin. You can find here city Clovis free download. On this map city Hobbs download for free. Displayed city Alamogordo presented. Displayed city Carlsbad free download. You can find here town Hereford marked. You can find here town Deming download for free. On this map town Los Lunas presented. town Chaparral marked. town Las Vegas for Garmin. You can find here town Levelland for Garmin.

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Populated places:
Albuquerque (545852 people)
Las Cruces (97618 people)
Rio Rancho (87521 people)
Enchanted Hills (87521 people)
Santa Fe (67947 people)
Roswell (48366 people)
South Valley (40976 people)
Clovis (37775 people)
Hobbs (34122 people)
Alamogordo (30403 people)
Carlsbad (26138 people)
Hereford (15370 people)
Deming (14855 people)
Los Lunas (14835 people)
Chaparral (14631 people)
Las Vegas (13753 people)
Levelland (13542 people)
Portales (12280 people)
Los Alamos (12019 people)
North Valley (11333 people)
Artesia (11301 people)
Andrews (11088 people)
Lovington (11009 people)
Espanola (10224 people)
Brownfield (9657 people)
Anthony (9360 people)
Grants (9182 people)
Socorro (9051 people)
Corrales (8329 people)
Bernalillo (8320 people)
Ruidoso (8029 people)
Belen (7269 people)
Truth or Consequences (6475 people)
Seminole (6430 people)
Littlefield (6372 people)
Eldorado at Santa Fe (6130 people)
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque (6024 people)
Lee Acres (5858 people)
White Rock (5725 people)
Los Chaves (5446 people)
Tucumcari (5363 people)
Muleshoe (5158 people)
Placitas (4977 people)
Rio Communities (4723 people)
Meadow Lake (4708 people)
Denver City (4479 people)
Dimmitt (4393 people)
Paradise Hills (4256 people)
University Park (4192 people)
Friona (4123 people)
Bosque Farms (3904 people)
La Cienega (3819 people)
Wolfforth (3670 people)
Peralta (3660 people)
Milan (3245 people)
Vado (3194 people)
Sandia Heights (3193 people)
Holloman Air Force Base (3054 people)
El Cerro (2953 people)
Eunice (2922 people)
Santa Rosa (2848 people)
Tularosa (2842 people)
Ruidoso Downs (2815 people)
Agua Fria (2800 people)
Jarales (2475 people)
Santo Domingo Pueblo (2456 people)
Seagraves (2417 people)
San Felipe Pueblo (2404 people)
Cannon Air Force Base (2245 people)
Olton (2215 people)
Mesilla (2196 people)
Valencia (2192 people)
San Ysidro (2090 people)
Jal (2047 people)
Morton (2006 people)
Moriarty (1910 people)
Pojoaque (1907 people)
Bovina (1868 people)
Tome (1867 people)
Edgewood (1866 people)
Nambe (1818 people)
Jemez Pueblo (1788 people)
La Mesilla (1772 people)
Radium Springs (1699 people)
La Luz (1697 people)
Estancia (1655 people)
White Sands (1651 people)
Hatch (1648 people)
Boles Acres (1638 people)
Las Maravillas (1628 people)
Gardendale (1574 people)
Monterey Park (1567 people)
Bushland (1500 people)
Capitan (1489 people)
McIntosh (1484 people)
Plains (1481 people)
Berino (1441 people)
El Valle de Arroyo Seco (1440 people)
Elephant Butte (1431 people)
Loving (1413 people)
Sundown (1397 people)
Pecos (1392 people)
Farwell (1363 people)
Mescalero (1338 people)
Dexter (1266 people)
Hagerman (1257 people)
La Huerta (1246 people)
Laguna (1241 people)
Carnuel (1232 people)
Skyline-Ganipa (1224 people)
Dona Ana (1211 people)
Sandia Knolls (1208 people)
El Rancho (1199 people)
Ponderosa Pine (1195 people)
La Puebla (1186 people)
San Miguel (1153 people)
Texico (1130 people)
Anton (1126 people)
Hart (1114 people)
Mesquite (1112 people)
Alamo (1085 people)
Atoka (1077 people)
Earth, TX (1065 people)
Logan (1042 people)
Fort Sumner (1031 people)
Santa Clara Pueblo (1018 people)
Carrizozo (996 people)
San Antonito (985 people)
Midway (971 people)
Cedar Crest (958 people)
Sudan (958 people)
Salem (942 people)
Magdalena (938 people)
San Rafael (933 people)
Mountainair (928 people)
Tesuque (925 people)
Chamberino (919 people)
Vega (884 people)
High Rolls (834 people)
Fairacres (824 people)
Adelino (823 people)
McKinney Acres (815 people)
Algodones (814 people)
San Pablo (806 people)
Mesita (804 people)
Sedillo (802 people)
Tatum (798 people)
Pueblitos (794 people)
Paraje (777 people)
East Pecos (757 people)
Cedar Grove (747 people)
Zia Pueblo (737 people)
La Mesa (728 people)
Amherst (721 people)
Pena Blanca (709 people)
Madrone (707 people)
Cloudcroft (674 people)
Mimbres (667 people)
Mora (656 people)
Melrose (651 people)
Santa Ana Pueblo (610 people)
Meadow (593 people)
Placitas (576 people)
Cochiti Lake (569 people)
Tijeras (541 people)
Hartley (540 people)
Cochiti (528 people)
San Ildefonso Pueblo (524 people)
Isleta Village Proper (491 people)
Cuyamungue (479 people)
Smyer (474 people)
Cuartelez (469 people)
Seama (465 people)
Williamsburg (449 people)
Whiteface (449 people)
Vaughn (446 people)
Lake Arthur (436 people)
Canada de los Alamos (434 people)
Ropesville (434 people)
Cedro (430 people)
Glorieta (430 people)
Paguate (421 people)
Sunshine (420 people)
Acomita Lake (416 people)
Ribera (416 people)
Rowe (415 people)
Jacona (412 people)
Rodey (388 people)
Ponderosa (387 people)
Nadine (376 people)
Pueblo of Sandia Village (369 people)
Santa Cruz (368 people)
Channing (363 people)
Chupadero (362 people)
Sombrillo (351 people)
Timberon (348 people)
Jaconita (332 people)
Lemitar (330 people)
Canon (327 people)
Torreon (326 people)
Organ (323 people)
Los Cerrillos (321 people)
Nazareth (311 people)
North Acomita Village (303 people)
Tecolote (298 people)
Eagle Nest (295 people)
Cubero (289 people)
Boys Ranch (282 people)
Casa Colorada (272 people)
Rincon (271 people)
Polvadera (269 people)
Galisteo (253 people)
Willard (253 people)
Jemez Springs (250 people)
Cerrillos (241 people)
Sandia Park (237 people)
Torreon (237 people)
Roy (234 people)
Tesuque Pueblo (233 people)
Arrey (232 people)
Tecolotito (232 people)
Veguita (232 people)
Villanueva (229 people)
Loop (225 people)
Welch (222 people)
Lamy (218 people)
San Jon (216 people)
Encinal (210 people)
Soham (210 people)
Monument (206 people)
Madrid (204 people)
Wellman (203 people)
Elida (197 people)
San Ysidro (193 people)
Pueblo Pintado (192 people)
Anton Chico (188 people)
San Pedro (184 people)
Seboyeta (179 people)
Opdyke West (174 people)
Las Palomas (173 people)
Corona (172 people)
Adrian (166 people)
San Antonio (165 people)
San Mateo (161 people)
North San Ysidro (159 people)
Las Nutrias (149 people)
Oasis (149 people)
Malaga (147 people)
Lake Sumner (143 people)
Rio En Medio (143 people)
Puerto De Luna (141 people)
Bibo (140 people)
San Fidel (138 people)
Chilili (137 people)
Garfield (137 people)
Manzano Springs (137 people)
San Jose (137 people)
Watrous (135 people)
Dora (133 people)
Floyd (133 people)
Tajique (130 people)
Sena (129 people)
Loco Hills (126 people)
Hillsboro (124 people)
Bent (119 people)
Llano Del Medio (118 people)
Caballo (112 people)
Hot Springs Landing (110 people)
Springlake (108 people)
Chical (107 people)
Grady (107 people)
Luis Lopez (107 people)
Hope (105 people)
Causey (104 people)
Alamillo (102 people)
Chamizal (101 people)
San Lorenzo (97 people)
Nogal (96 people)
Nara Visa (95 people)
San Antonito (94 people)
Mosquero (93 people)
Encino (82 people)
La Joya (82 people)
Mayhill (75 people)
Spade (73 people)
Cundiyo (72 people)
House (68 people)
Weed (63 people)
Winston (61 people)
San Luis (59 people)
Sacramento (58 people)
Abeytas (56 people)
Datil (54 people)
Orogrande (52 people)
Escondida (47 people)
San Acacia (44 people)
Golden (37 people)
Moquino (37 people)
Duran (35 people)
Kingston (32 people)
Manzano (29 people)
Pinon (25 people)
Pastura (23 people)
Newkirk (7 people)
Whites City (7 people)
San Patricio
Seven Rivers
Acoma Pueblo
Acoma Village
Adero Az
Adobe Ranch
Agua Zarca
Air Base City
Alexander Place
Alley Place
Alpine Cellars Village
Alta Vista
Ambrosia Lake
Anasazi Trails
Anderson Place
Andrews Place
Antelope Springs
Apache Springs
Arkansas Junction
Arroyo Seco
Baird Place
Barber Crossing
Bates Place
Beatty Wells
Benson Place
Bermadez Place
Big Mill
Black River Village
Blackwell Place
Blazers Mill
Bloodgood Place
Box Bar Place
Briggs Place
Brizendine Place
Brown Place
Brown Place
Buena Ventura
Buena Vista
Bunk Clay Place
C Davis Place
Canada Village
Candelaria Place
Canyon Estates
Canyon Mill
Casa Blanca
Casa Loma
Casa Salazar
Casa Fria
Cavasos Place
Cedar Hill
Cedar Hill
Center Mill
Centerville Corner
Chaves Place
Chaves Place
Chelwood Park
Childres Place
Chippeway Park
Clines Corners
Cochiti Pueblo
Cole Place
Cora Crew
Corner Well
Corner Well
Cotton Place
Crane Place
Cuervo Crossing
Cummings Place
D Candelaria Ranch
Danvik Place
Deer Lake
Deer Creek Landing
Deering Place
Dennis Chaves Estates
Dennison Place
Desert Mountain
Diamante Mill
Diamond Tail Ranch
Dog Canyon Estates
Dos Tristes
Double Crossing
Double Mills
Douthit Place
Dunn Place
E Davis Place
East Grand Plains
El Alto
El Ancon
El Cerrito
El Chapparal
El Dado
El Dorado
El Dorado at Santa Fe
El Gato
El Llanito
El Llano
El Macho
El Ojito
El Porvenir
El Refugio
El Rito
El Tablazon
Elephant Butte Estates
Eller Place
En Medio
Estancia Ranchettes
Evergreen Hills Subdivision
Five Points
Forest Park
Fort Selden
Fort Stanton
Four Forks
Four Points
Four Wells
Francisco Rascon Place
Franks Place
Frontier Post
Garcia Place
Gibbs Place
Glover Place
Gonzales Ranch
Gran Quivira
Grass Mountain Summer Home Area
Hacienda Acres
Hagerman Heights
Hard Luck Crossing
Harkey Crossing
Harroun Crossing
Hendricks Place
Hewitt Place
Hersey Place
Higgins Place
Highway Mill
Hillburn City
Holy Ghost
Home Place Well
Horton Place
Hot Springs
Hughes Place
Humble City
Hunter Place
Hyde Place
Illinois Camp
Isleta Pueblo
Jack Canon Place
Jarett Place
Jeffers Place
Jewkes Place
John Padilla Settlement
Johns Place
Jones City
Juan Tomas
Kimball Place
King Place
Kinney Wells
Kirtland Addition
Kline Place
Knowles Place
La Bajada
La Constancia
La Cuesta
La Cueva
La Cueva
La Fragua
La Gotera
La Ladera
La Ladera
La Lande
La Liendre
La Loma
La Madera
La Manga
La Petra
Lacy Place
Lake Valley
Lake Van
Las Colonias
Las Dos
Las Huertas
Las Dispensas
Las Tusas
Las Vegas Town
Llano Viejo
Loma Parda
Lone Wolf
Lookout Crossing
Los Alamos
Los Candelarias
Los Cerrilos
Los Chavez
Los Duranes
Los Griegos
Los Lentes
Los Marias
Los Montoyas
Los Ojitos
Los Padillas
Los Pastores
Los Pinos
Los Tanos
Los Trujillos
Los Vigiles
Loving Place
Lower Colonias
Lower La Posada
Lower Pueblo
Maez Place
Martin Place
Martin Place
Martinez Town
McCord Place
McCord Place
McDermott Wells
McKinley Place
Medlin Place
Mesa Village
Mesilla Park
Mill Place
Mineral Hill
Mission Park
Monte Aplanado
Moorehead Place
Morine Place
Mosley Place
Mountain Park
Mountain View
Murphy Place
Nambe Pueblo
Nelson Place
New Laguna
New Trementina

Middle Truchas Peak (3976 m)
Truchas Peak (3975 m)
North Truchas Peak (3956 m)
Chimayosos Peak (3908 m)
Santa Fe Baldy (3847 m)
East Pecos Baldy (3808 m)
Pecos Baldy (3806 m)
Lake Peak (3766 m)
Redondo Peak (3746 m)
Penitente Peak (3722 m)
Tesuque Peak (3650 m)
Sierra Blanca (3634 m)
Sierra Blanca Peak (3625 m)
Trailriders Wall (3609 m)
Sierra Mosca (3602 m)
Gascon Point (3574 m)
Elk Mountain (3550 m)
Lookout Mountain (3518 m)
Mount Barker (3490 m)
The Dome (3450 m)
Mount Taylor (3445 m)
Redondo Peak (3434 m)
Spring Mountain (3400 m)
Puerto Nambe (3376 m)
Aspen Peak (3383 m)
Santa Fe Mountains (3342 m)
Aspen Basin (3219 m)
Bordo Del Medio (3331 m)
Cerro Toledo (3323 m)
Round Mountain (3292 m)
South Baldy (3279 m)
Buck Mountain (3277 m)
Cerrito del Padre (3272 m)
Turkey Ridge (3261 m)
Rosilla Peak (3231 m)
Sandia Crest (3229 m)
Pyramid Peak (3227 m)
Cerro de la Garita (3225 m)
Thompson Peak (3214 m)
Caballo Mountain (3200 m)
Hamilton Mesa (3197 m)
North Sandia Peak (3184 m)
Timber Peak (3181 m)
Pajarito Mountain (3176 m)
Cerro Rubio (3169 m)
Jarosa Canyon (3127 m)
Shell Mountain (3098 m)
Cerros del Abrigo (3148 m)
Sierra de Toledo (3146 m)
West Blue Mountain (3144 m)
Blue Mountain (3135 m)
Hermit Peak (3127 m)
Vicks Peak (3126 m)
Indian Point (3118 m)
Glorieta Baldy (3114 m)
Sandia Mountains (3113 m)
White Horse Hill (3104 m)
Capitan Mountains (3100 m)
Cerro Grande (3098 m)
Santa Fe Mountains (3097 m)
Chaperito Knob (3096 m)
McKnight Mountain (3096 m)
San Mateo Mountain (3089 m)
Cerro Pelado (3081 m)
San Mateo Peak (3081 m)
Los Griegos (3077 m)
Mount Withington (3077 m)
Apache Kid Peak (3065 m)
Capitan Peak (3063 m)
Manzano Peak (3060 m)
Cerro Pelon (3056 m)
Hillsboro (3053 m)
Gallo Peak (3047 m)
Reeds Peak (3046 m)
Bluebell Park (3043 m)
San Antonio Mountain (3041 m)
Las Conchas (3030 m)
Teepee Peak (3029 m)
Tower Peak (3026 m)
El Cielo Mountain (3025 m)
Rabbit Mountain (3018 m)
Cerro del Medio (3012 m)
Redondo Border (3006 m)
North Baldy (3003 m)
Grass Mountain (3002 m)
Viveash Mesa (3001 m)
Diamond Peak (2996 m)
Cooney Gap (2995 m)
Cyclone Saddle (2897 m)
Sierra de los Valles (2987 m)
Sheep Mountain (2977 m)
South Sandia Peak (2977 m)
Nogal Peak (2973 m)
Lone Pine Mesa (2968 m)
Magdalena Mountains (2966 m)
Johnson Mesa (2965 m)
Cerros de Trasquilar (2953 m)
Cerro Osha (2948 m)
Cathey Peak (2942 m)
Monjeau Peak (2942 m)
A-L Peak (2940 m)
Sawyers Peak (2936 m)
Carrizo Mountain (2932 m)
Carrizo Peak (2932 m)
Bosque Peak (2929 m)
Padilla Point (2929 m)
Aspen Mountain (2926 m)
Turkey Park (2925 m)
Bluebell Ridge (2924 m)
North Bosque Peak (2909 m)
Granite Knob (2906 m)
Luera Peak (2892 m)
Cross-O Mountain (2890 m)
Mosca Peak (2890 m)
San Miguel Mountain (2887 m)
Dirty Drawers Canyon (2754 m)
Monument Rock (2828 m)
Madre Mountain (2874 m)
Guadalupe Peak (2873 m)
Board Gate Saddle (2863 m)
Valles Caldera (2860 m)
Cow Mountain (2858 m)
Peralta Ridge (2858 m)
Capilla Peak (2852 m)
Cerros de los Posos (2851 m)
Barillas Peak (2846 m)
Bear Mountain (2842 m)
Fenimore Canyon (2706 m)
Blue Bird Mesa (2832 m)
Granite Peak (2830 m)
Holdup Mountain (2828 m)
Mora Flats (2807 m)
Sulphur Point (2825 m)
Cerro Venada (2825 m)
Osha Peak (2824 m)
Harris Canyon (2742 m)
Alamo Peak (2822 m)
Aspen Peak (2819 m)
Sacramento Peak (2819 m)
Sunset Peak (2817 m)
Big Mountain (2815 m)
Cerro Santa Rosa (2814 m)
Brazel Park (2813 m)
Benson Ridge (2806 m)
Manzano Mountains (2802 m)
Sawtooth Mountains (2802 m)
Valle de los Posos (2756 m)
Paso del Norte (2799 m)
Woodard Ridge (2789 m)
Sugarloaf Mountain (2787 m)
Argentina peak (2781 m)
Ladron Peak (2778 m)
Ruiz Peak (2778 m)
Atalaya Mountain (2777 m)
Deadman Canyon (2763 m)
Tip Top Mountain (2773 m)
La Cueva Ridge (2770 m)
Atkinson Canyon (2671 m)
Johnson Canyon (2715 m)
Blind Canyon (2706 m)
Buck Peak (2764 m)
North Peak (2763 m)
Monica Saddle (2759 m)
Puerto de Abrigo (2723 m)
Skeleton Ridge (2756 m)
Italian Peak (2752 m)
Cerro del Pino (2752 m)
Pajarito Peak (2749 m)
South Crosby Peak (2745 m)
Atkinson Field (2731 m)
Rocky Point (2744 m)
Grande Ridge (2738 m)
Black Range (2737 m)
Road Canyon (2737 m)
Bearhead Ridge (2736 m)
Cerros de Guadalupe (2736 m)
Cerro Redondo (2735 m)
Hardy Ridge (2733 m)
Cerros De Alejandro (2732 m)
Puerta de Trasquilar (2712 m)
Spring Mountain (2725 m)
Capulin Peak (2723 m)
Victorio Park Mountain (2723 m)
Mushroom Basin (2698 m)
Cerro Chivato (2716 m)
Salinas Peak (2715 m)
Sierra Nacimiento (2715 m)
Reeds Meadow (2650 m)
Anderson Mountain (2713 m)
Brown Canyon (2659 m)
Cathey Canyon (2659 m)
Bull Saddle (2711 m)
Cerro la Jara (2711 m)
Organ Needle (2708 m)
Tres Cerros (2708 m)
Cerro Pinon (2704 m)
Ball Canyon (2622 m)
Lookout Mountain (2701 m)
Molino Peak (2701 m)
Placer Mountain (2700 m)
Smokey Bear Hill (2699 m)
Woods Canyon (2682 m)
Cerro Aguila (2691 m)
Cerro Castrado (2691 m)
Sierra Pelada (2687 m)
Tecolote Peak (2684 m)
Apache Canyon (2583 m)
Little Apache Canyon (2591 m)
Rawlins Canyon (2560 m)
Valle Seco (2652 m)
Turkey Canyon (2666 m)
Corral Canyon (2628 m)
Canon del Oso (2641 m)
Sawyer Mesa (2678 m)
Cloud Canyon (2611 m)
Wahoo Peak (2675 m)
Luera Mountains (2675 m)
Cerro Ortiz (2674 m)
Aspen Canyon (2673 m)
Cebollita Mesa (2672 m)
Franks Mountain (2672 m)
Cerro Pino (2670 m)
Crosby Mountains (2669 m)
Denton Canyon (2646 m)
Organ Peak (2668 m)
Cerro la Jara (2667 m)
Jemez Mountains (2631 m)
Milligan Peak (2666 m)
South Mountain (2665 m)
Church Mountain (2662 m)
Valle Toledo (2622 m)
Seven Brothers Mountain (2657 m)
Youngs Canyon (2547 m)
El Cajete (2638 m)
Cerro Cuate (2654 m)
Bruce Ridge (2654 m)
Spud Patch Canyon (2607 m)
Shaggy Peak (2653 m)
Logan Canyon (2616 m)
Rincon de los Soldados (2643 m)
Canon Largo (2598 m)
Deerhead Canyon (2616 m)
McAfee Canyon (2636 m)
Cebollita Mesa (2647 m)
Oak Peak (2647 m)
Palomas Peak (2647 m)
Bradford Canyon (2571 m)
Bearhead Peak (2645 m)
Prestridge Hill (2638 m)
Datil Mountains (2645 m)
Gallo Peak (2642 m)
West Mountain (2641 m)
Twin Cabins Canyon (2586 m)
East Sugarloaf Mountain (2640 m)
Gaylord Peak (2640 m)
Spud Patch Ridge (2639 m)
Pumphouse Canyon (2525 m)
Harley Mountain (2636 m)
Gallinas Mountains (2631 m)
Snap Canyon (2603 m)
Oscura Peak (2629 m)
Loma Grande (2626 m)
Bear Wallow (2519 m)
Cerro Colorado (2624 m)
Banco Bonito (2623 m)
Valle Grande (2614 m)
Pierce Canyon (2575 m)
Telephone Canyon (2592 m)
Lagunas Cuatas (2589 m)
Alamo Canyon (2585 m)
Short Canyon (2587 m)
Valle Jaramillo (2610 m)
Rice Canyon (2619 m)
Biscuit Knob (2616 m)
Cerro Montoso (2616 m)
Bay Buck Peaks (2614 m)
Oscura Mountains (2608 m)
Tent Rocks (2612 m)
Cerro Colorado (2612 m)
La Jara Mesa (2612 m)
Cerro Colorado (2610 m)
Canada Bonita (2502 m)
Hollinger Canyon (2497 m)
Horace Mesa (2607 m)
Valle Santa Rosa (2582 m)
Blue Mesa (2605 m)
Wright Canyon (2580 m)
Cascade Canyon (2474 m)
Kerr Canyon (2587 m)
Skull Canyon (2489 m)
Wayne Canyon (2565 m)
North Fork Blue Canyon (2402 m)
Indian Mesa (2600 m)
Pelon (2598 m)
Crager Ridge (2598 m)
Obsidian Ridge (2598 m)
Hubbell Canyon (2580 m)
Banco del Cerro Chiuato (2593 m)
Fisherman Canyon (2594 m)
Penasco Canyon (2589 m)
Schofield Canyon (2589 m)
Cerro del Durazno (2593 m)
Jefferies Peak (2591 m)
Pony Canyon (2511 m)
Joaquin Mesa (2590 m)
Johns Canyon (2551 m)
Signboard Saddle (2589 m)
D Cross Mountain (2589 m)
Cerro Colorado (2588 m)
Pinon Mountain (2588 m)
Monument Saddle (2568 m)
Moore Canyon (2575 m)
Thousandmile Canyon (2583 m)
Valle San Antonio (2544 m)
Goodsell Canyon (2549 m)
Nave Canyon (2401 m)
Peake Canyon (2535 m)
Saint Peters Dome (2580 m)
Round Mountain (2578 m)
Black Mountain (2576 m)
Diamond Peak (2576 m)
Cerro Frio (2576 m)
Moccasin John Mountain (2576 m)
Rock Creek Mesa (2576 m)
Canada Vaca (2482 m)
Gallinas Peak (2574 m)
Lake Fork Mesa (2574 m)
Cerro Marquez (2574 m)
B-52 Hill (2554 m)
Casa Grande (2573 m)
Eagle Peak (2573 m)
Cerritos de la Jolla de Santa Rosa (2571 m)
Kline Mountain (2571 m)
Cherry Mountain (2570 m)
Mesa Chivato (2558 m)
Turkey Mountains (2570 m)
Taylor Canyon (2545 m)
Techado Mesa (2569 m)
Cerro Blanco (2551 m)
The Needles (2565 m)
Baldy Peak (2564 m)
Schoolhouse Mesa (2563 m)
Gallinas Mountains (2562 m)
South Mesa (2560 m)
Aspen Canyon (2503 m)
Bonito Canyon (2498 m)
Burro Canyon (2553 m)
Vallecito de los Caballos (2403 m)
Calf Canyon (2557 m)
Kountz Canyon (2552 m)
Potato Patch Canyon (2463 m)
Water Canyon (2541 m)
Windy Canyon (2522 m)
La Jolla de Santa Rosa (2515 m)
North Pelon (2557 m)
Romero Hills (2557 m)
Granite Peak (2554 m)
Tres Montosas (2554 m)
Moon Canyon (2436 m)
Pepper Canyon (2437 m)
Pretty Canyon (2391 m)
West Turkey Cone (2546 m)
Sawmill Peak (2545 m)
Benson Canyon (2393 m)
Tucson Mountain (2539 m)
Chilcoote Canyon (2305 m)
Johnson Canyon (2408 m)
Monument Canyon (2305 m)
Cebollita Peak (2535 m)
Comanche Pass (2504 m)
San Rafael Mesa (2533 m)
Jaralosa Mountain (2530 m)
Panther Canyon (2499 m)
Granite Point (2528 m)
Taylor Peak (2528 m)
Wiley Mesa (2528 m)
Rabbit Hill (2527 m)
Gallinas Peak (2526 m)
Barber Ridge (2525 m)
Sawmill Canyon (2497 m)
Willie White Canyon (2441 m)
Monument Rock (2521 m)
Sim Yaten Hills (2521 m)
Lion Mountain (2518 m)
Soldier Mountain (2516 m)
Hornbuckle Canyon (2412 m)
North Cebollita Mesa (2515 m)
El Poso (2514 m)
Patterson Peak (2513 m)
San Mateo Mesa (2513 m)
Upper Pendleton Canyon (2513 m)
Round House Canyon (2454 m)
Hoosier Canyon (2373 m)
Newman Canyon (2404 m)
Dry Bear Canyon (2406 m)
Little Bear Canyon (2409 m)
Rock Springs Peak (2508 m)
Bell Mountain (2507 m)
Mills Peak (2506 m)
Mesa Negra (2506 m)
Mesa de Ortega (2506 m)
Los Alamos Canyon (2331 m)
Wilmeth Canyon (2461 m)
Cerro Chavez (2504 m)
Stable Mesa (2502 m)
Cerrito del Relampago (2502 m)
Bear Mountains (2502 m)
Mesa Borrego (2501 m)
Cochiti Mesa (2500 m)
Las Carretas (2474 m)
West Railroad Canyon (2343 m)
Cerro de Escobas (2499 m)
Bell Lawrence Canyon (2482 m)
Canon Corrales (2455 m)
Gooseberry Canyon (2467 m)
Hay Canyon (2482 m)
Middle Fork Ojitos Canyon (2445 m)
Canon del Norte (2347 m)
North Fork Ojitos Canyon (2444 m)
Oat Canyon (2468 m)
Quemazon Canyon (2448 m)
Topside Canyon (2331 m)
Wallace Trough Canyon (2399 m)
Zinker Canyon (2440 m)
Burned Canyon (2455 m)
Pickett Canyon (2428 m)
San Pedro Mountain (2497 m)
Mesa de Jaramillo (2496 m)
Ice Cave Canyon (2442 m)
Deer Hill (2495 m)
Antelope Flats (2493 m)
Patos Mountain (2492 m)
Mesa del Rito (2492 m)
Ortiz Mountains (2481 m)
Board Canyon (2412 m)
El Barro Peaks (2491 m)
San Pedro Mountains (2491 m)
Ruidoso Ridge (2491 m)
West Pass (2472 m)
Emory Pass (2489 m)
Elk Flat (2489 m)
Lucas Canyon (2453 m)
Reilly Peak (2488 m)
La Jolla Alfalfa (2480 m)
Bluefront Canyon (2368 m)
Hay Canyon (2437 m)
Cerros Negros (2484 m)
Beard Canyon (2450 m)
Oro Quay Peak (2483 m)
Frazier Canyon (2412 m)
Magdalena Peak (2482 m)
Holiday Mesa (2481 m)
Mud Spring Mountain (2481 m)
Telephone Canyon (2373 m)
Danley Canyon (2476 m)
Boundary Peak (2479 m)
Indian Peak (2479 m)
Iron Mountain (2479 m)
Fragoso Ridge (2478 m)
El Cajete Canyon (2432 m)
Rough Mountain (2477 m)
South Fork Ojitos Canyon (2401 m)
Alexander Peak (2475 m)
La Sierrita (2474 m)
Bear Springs Peak (2472 m)
Muggy Point (2470 m)
Magner Park (2416 m)
Big Canyon (2440 m)
Organ Mountains (2452 m)
Me Own Hill (2464 m)
Salt Peak (2463 m)
Burnt Peaks (2462 m)
San Juan Peak (2462 m)
Calaveras Canyon (2420 m)
Canon de Tijeras (2419 m)
Ute Canyon (2462 m)
Bear Mountain (2461 m)
Mule Peak (2461 m)
East Carrizo Cone (2460 m)
Bear Canyon (2419 m)
Cerro Picacho (2459 m)
San Andres Peak (2459 m)
Deer Spring Canyon (2458 m)
Salt Rock Canyon (2411 m)
Sierrita (2456 m)
Fite Canyon (2427 m)
Jones Canyon (2426 m)
Goat Mountain (2455 m)
Lake Mountain (2455 m)
Middle Mesa (2455 m)
Las Mesas (2454 m)
East Grants Ridge (2454 m)
Rowe Peak (2453 m)
Lackey Point (2452 m)
Upper Horn Mesa (2451 m)
Indian Divide (2451 m)
Orr Canyon (2447 m)
Cerro Alesna (2446 m)
Capulin Hill (2446 m)
Canon de la Cueva (2437 m)
Wayland Canyon (2337 m)
Cookes Peak (2444 m)
Cerritos de Jaspe (2444 m)
Boiler Peak (2443 m)
Elephant Mountain (2443 m)
Sugarloaf Peak (2443 m)
Burnt Canyon (2440 m)
Doubtful Canyon (2442 m)
Young Canyon (2442 m)
Casey Canyon (2359 m)
Road Canyon (2436 m)
Black Mesa (2440 m)
Rabbit Ears (2440 m)
Mesa Redonda (2440 m)
Turkey Canyon (2359 m)
Loco Hills (2439 m)
Turkey Run Canyon (2354 m)
Cerrito Ojo Frio (2417 m)
Water Canyon Mesa (2438 m)
Barley Canyon (2417 m)
Bathtub Canyon (2416 m)
Bear Canyon (2399 m)
Big Bear Canyon (2347 m)
Black Canyon Box (2412 m)
Burnt Canyon (2415 m)
Davenport Canyon (2427 m)
Falls Canyon (2406 m)
Freelove Canyon (2410 m)
Hartman Canyon (2422 m)
Horse Canyon (2422 m)
Maverick Canyon (2436 m)
Mormon Canyon (2400 m)
Painter Canyon (2418 m)
Scales Canyon (2266 m)
Spud Patch Canyon (2434 m)
Telephone Canyon (2427 m)
Turkey Pen Canyon (2425 m)
Water Canyon (2365 m)
Wolf Canyon (2422 m)
El Dado Mesa (2436 m)
Rastus Flats (2406 m)
Telephone Canyon (2398 m)
Bear Trap Canyon (2325 m)
North Oscura Peak (2431 m)
Indian Canyon (2381 m)
Alexander Mountain (2428 m)
Virgin Mesa (2427 m)
Carlton Canyon (2368 m)
Cave Peaks (2426 m)
Baily Points (2424 m)
Mesa de las Vacas (2423 m)
Bug Peak (2422 m)
Santa Rosa Peaks (2422 m)
Rock Canyon (2412 m)
Silver Top Mountain (2421 m)
Burnt Canyon (2376 m)
Spring Canyon (2388 m)
Broom Mountain (2420 m)
Wallace Hill (2420 m)
Rincon del Cuervo (2419 m)
Dead Horse Mesa (2418 m)
Valle de las Animas (2418 m)
Hell Canyon (2314 m)
West Mesa (2417 m)
Cerro Balitas (2417 m)
Baird Canyon (2340 m)
Church Canyon (2281 m)
Lone Mountain (2416 m)
Cerro Pinon (2416 m)
Borrego Mesa (2415 m)
Bailey Canyon (2415 m)
Thumb Ridge (2414 m)
Gage Canyon (2354 m)
Russia Canyon (2384 m)
Willie Watson Canyon (2259 m)
Cerro de la Cruz (2412 m)
Sun Mountain (2412 m)
School Section Canyon (2388 m)
Pajarita Mountain (2407 m)
Indian Mesa (2408 m)
Argentina Canyon (2384 m)
Potato Knob (2406 m)
American Canyon (2350 m)
Grindstone Mesa (2404 m)
Mesa de la Vereda Piedra Blanca (2403 m)
Fisher Canyon (2403 m)
Flagpole Mountain (2402 m)
Tanbark Canyon (2338 m)
North Fork McKnight Canyon (2349 m)
Smith Canyon (2219 m)
Shelerville Ridge (2399 m)
Capulin Canyon (2353 m)
San Mateo Mountains (2397 m)
Deer Canyon (2397 m)
Thompson Cone (2396 m)
Vallecitos de los Indios (2372 m)
Turkey Saddle (2395 m)
Fisher Hill (2395 m)
Anan Canyon (2326 m)
Cuchillo Mountain (2393 m)
Third Canyon Mesa (2393 m)
Apache Canyon (2313 m)
Cub Mountain (2391 m)
Jesus Mesa (2391 m)
Little Haystack Mountain (2391 m)
Whitetail Mountain (2391 m)
Lick Ridge (2391 m)
Sleepy Grass Canyon (2308 m)
Twin Peaks (2390 m)
San Miguel Mountains (2389 m)
Apple Tree Canyon (2365 m)
Bear Canyon (2386 m)
Buck Canyon (2386 m)
Scott Able Canyon (2341 m)
Pine Flat Mountain (2385 m)
Cienega Canyon (2352 m)
Sullivan Canyon (2344 m)
Trail Canyon (2289 m)
Cerro Pelon (2381 m)
Chute Mesa (2381 m)
Tent Rock (2380 m)
Cow Flat (2379 m)
Water Canyon (2188 m)
Canon de Baca (2378 m)
Mexican Canyon (2375 m)
Poison Spring Canyon (2351 m)
Toboggan Canyon (2351 m)
Burnt Cabin Flat (2353 m)
Daugherty Ridge (2377 m)
Barley Canyon (2349 m)
Capulin Canyon (2347 m)
Chimney Canyon (2364 m)
Dark Betsy Canyon (2377 m)
Diablo Canyon (2330 m)
Dry Canyon (2361 m)
East Telephone Canyon (2358 m)
George Canyon (2375 m)
George Washington Canyon (2316 m)
Hubbard Canyon (2345 m)
Maverick Canyon (2344 m)
Patrocino Canyon (2341 m)
Spring Canyon (2327 m)
Steer Draw (2300 m)
Taylor Canyon (2372 m)
Canon de Turieta (2364 m)
Water Canyon (2367 m)
Wildcat Canyon (2326 m)
Cabezon Peak (2376 m)
Gobbler Knob (2376 m)
Baney Park Canyon (2352 m)
George Canyon (2298 m)
Cookes Range (2293 m)
Deadman Canyon (2234 m)
Vera Cruz Mountain (2372 m)
Pacheco Canyon (2321 m)
West Mesa (2371 m)
Ox Canyon (2364 m)
Minckey Ridge (2370 m)
Black Mesa (2369 m)
Cedro Peak (2369 m)
Cerro Colorado (2369 m)
Blue Mesa (2368 m)
Cobb Mountain (2367 m)
Long Canyon (2346 m)
Pinnacle Canyon (2331 m)
Haystack Mountain (2366 m)
Hells Mesa (2366 m)
South Animas Canyon (2278 m)
Indian Canyon (2364 m)
Mesa Amada (2362 m)
Lake Mountain (2362 m)
Stoner Mountain (2362 m)
Maverick Mountain (2336 m)
Monument Peak (2361 m)
Punta Pajarita (2361 m)
Canon Cola y Largo (2315 m)
Old Canyon (2335 m)
Buck Mountain (2360 m)
Blue Canyon (2351 m)
Norman Canyon (2330 m)
Cebolla Pass (2339 m)
Potato Canyon (2315 m)
Hagins Peak (2356 m)
Lassa Point (2355 m)
Joplin Ridge (2354 m)
Ojitos Canyon (2310 m)
Glorieta Mesa (2352 m)
Slaughter Canyon (2350 m)
Thompson Canyon (2307 m)
Mesita de la Madera (2350 m)
Oaks Mesa (2349 m)
Hay Canyon (2277 m)
Burleson Ridge (2315 m)
Charlie Harris Canyon (2265 m)
Bear Mouth (2347 m)
Denny Hill (2345 m)
Read Mesa (2347 m)
Mount Washington (2347 m)
Welty Hill (2345 m)
Holder Ridge (2345 m)
Cat Mountain (2344 m)
Sierra Lucero (2343 m)
Cienega Canyon (2307 m)
Spring Canyon (2308 m)
Anderson Peak (2342 m)
Cerrito Yelo (2342 m)
Chicken Mountain (2319 m)
Mesa Cortada (2341 m)
San Mateo Mountains (2341 m)
Pine Flat (2264 m)
McMillan Canyon (2274 m)
Sawmill Canyon (2328 m)
Baylor Peak (2337 m)
Ancho Peak (2336 m)
Hay Mesa (2335 m)
Hendricks Peak (2334 m)
Ortega Peak (2334 m)
Road Canyon (2289 m)
Mesa Gallina (2332 m)
School Section Draw (2282 m)
Alexander Canyon (2331 m)
Mesa Venado (2330 m)
Bailey Butte (2330 m)
Slough Canyon (2330 m)
Nolton Canyon (2179 m)
Spring Hollow Canyon (2308 m)
Mimbres Mountains (2328 m)
Canon Sal Si Puedes (2314 m)
Gray Hill (2325 m)
Hershberger Peak (2325 m)
La Sierrita (2325 m)
Banco del Encierro (2325 m)
Foster Draw (2314 m)
Trail Canyon (2292 m)
Middle Peak (2323 m)
Cal Ship Mesa (2322 m)
Running Water Canyon (2201 m)
Long Ridge (2291 m)
Stiver Canyon (2264 m)
Cerro Gordo (2320 m)
Burnt Ridge (2320 m)
Flume Ridge (2320 m)
Ranch Supply Canyon (2304 m)
Reid Canyon (2290 m)
Thompson Canyon (2320 m)
El Banquito (2319 m)
Cecil Smith Water (2260 m)
Scott Mesa (2319 m)
El Oro Mountains (2319 m)
Salazar Canyon (2319 m)
Dos Lomas (2318 m)
Flat Mesa (2318 m)
Canovas Canyon (2271 m)
Canon Cueva del Leon (2290 m)
Canon del Ojo del Indio (2290 m)
Baxter Peak (2317 m)
Manzano Mountain (2317 m)
Peggy Mesa (2317 m)
Hyatt Canyon (2305 m)
Pauls Canyon (2309 m)
Pinon Mountain (2316 m)
Jicarilla Mountains (2316 m)
Joplin Ridge (2303 m)
Canon Bonito (2296 m)
Cold Canyon (2263 m)
Canada Corral (2273 m)
East Cirhuelas Canyon (2268 m)
Eight Canyon (2293 m)
Flume Canyon (2266 m)
Jones Canyon (2277 m)
Krause Canyon (2278 m)
Lake Fork Canyon (2274 m)
Las Huertas Canyon (2316 m)
Lawrence Canyon (2288 m)
Morgan Canyon (2296 m)
Canon del Ojo Redondo (2300 m)
Rincon Lobo (2265 m)
Robinson Canyon (2300 m)
South Fork Canyon (2269 m)
South Fork Powderhorn Canyon (2238 m)
Walt Smith Canyon (2308 m)
Gilmore Canyon (2247 m)
Jarita Canyon (2250 m)
Phillips Canyon (2255 m)
Haystack Mountain (2314 m)
Hog Hill (2314 m)
Cerro Encinoso (2313 m)
Guaje Mountain (2313 m)
Antelope Flats (2287 m)
Maruca Canyon (2292 m)
Cotton Canyon (2283 m)
Mojonera Canyon (2298 m)
Ojitos Cuates Draw (2259 m)
Ruiz Canyon (2294 m)
Wills Canyon (2196 m)
Kelly Mesa (2311 m)
Vallecitos Canyon (2257 m)
San Juan Mesa (2310 m)
Glorieta Pass (2304 m)
Mesa Montanosa (2310 m)

Catfish Cove
The Box
Jungles Gate
The Narrows
White Sands Gate
Alameda Lateral
Vega Lateral
East Ditch
Acequia Indios
Acequia de Alamo
Acequia de Anton Chico
Acequia de Tecolotito
Acequia de la Otra Banda
Acequia de los Pinos
Acequia de los Ranchitos
Acequia del Bodo Juan Paiz
Acequia del Hormigoso
Agua Caliente Ditch
Alameda Drain
Alamillo Ditch
Alamo Drain
Albuquerque Main Canal
Albuquerque Main Canal Wasteway
Albuquerque Riverside Drain
Algodones Ditch
Algodones Riverside Drain
American Bend Lateral
Ancon del Gato Ditch
Angostura Drain
Angostura Lateral
Anthony Drain
Anthony Lateral
Anthony Pecos Ditch
Apache Lateral
Arenal Ditch
Arenal Main Canal
Armijo Drain
Armijo Lateral
Arrey Canal
Arroyos Ditch
Atrisco Ditch
Atrisco Drain
Atrisco Riverside Drain
Bannock Lateral
Barelas Ditch
Barr Canal
Barr Interior Drain
Beckman Lateral
Belen Grant Lateral Number One
Belen Highline Canal
Belen Waste Ditch
Bell Lateral
Bell Ranch Canal
Benson Lateral
Bernalillo Acequia
Bernalillo Interior Drain
Bernalillo Riverside Drain
Boggy Spur Drain
Bonita Community Ditch
Borrego Wasteway
Bosque Drain
Bosque Lateral
Bosque Lateral Number One
Bosque Lateral Number Two
Bosquecito Ditch
Brazito Lateral
Brazito River Lateral
Brown Interior Drain
Brown Lateral
Brown Lateral
Buena Vista Ditch
Bugg Lateral
Bullock Lateral
Butte Lateral
California Lateral
Callison Lateral
Campbell Ditch
Canones Communities Ditch
Casa Blanca Ditch
Casa Colorada Canal
Casa Colorada Ditch
Casa Colorada Drain
Casaus Ditch
Cerro Drain
Chamberino Drain
Chamberino East Lateral
Chamberino Main Lateral
Chambon Lateral
Chamisal Drain
Chamizal Lateral
Chaperito Ditch
Chical Lateral
Chical Ditch
Clark Lateral
Club Canal
Cochiti East Side Main Canal
Colorado Drain
Conchas Canal
Conchas Lateral
Contra Acequia
Corrales Lateral
Corrales Main Canal
Corrales Riverside Drain
Coulter Lateral
Crapps Lateral
Cuchillo Community Ditch
Deck Lateral
Del Rio Drain
Del Rio Lateral
Derry Lateral
Dona Ana Drain
Dona Ana Lateral
Duranes Ditch
Duranes Lateral
East Canal
East Drain
East Puerto De Luna Ditch
East Side Canal
East Side Canal
East Side Salvage Drain
El Cerro Ditch
El Rancho Ditch
Elmendorf Ditch
Elota Lateral
Elwood Lateral
Farm Lateral
Farrow Lateral
Felk Lateral
Fera Drain
Florida Lateral
Fort Sumner Main Canal
Gabaldon Lateral
Gabaldon Drain
Gallegos Ditch
Gallegos Lateral
Garcia Ditch
Garcia Lateral Number 1
Gardner Lateral
Garfield Canal
Garfield Flume
Garfield Lateral
Garfield Drain
Gaudin Lateral
Gillem Lateral
Gonzalez Lateral
Green Ditch
Griegos Drain
Griegos Lateral
Hagerman Canal
Harlan Ditch
Harlan Lateral
Harroun Canal
Harroun Ditch
Harwood Lateral
Hatch Canal
Hatch Drain
Hatch Siphon
Hells Canyon Drain
Hells Canyon Wasteway
Henderson Lateral
Herrera Ditch
Hill Lateral
Hondo Ditch
Hondo Reservoir Diversion Canal
Hope Community Canal
Houghton Lateral
Hudson Canal
Hudson Lateral
Huning Lateral
Indian Lateral
Isleta Drain
Isleta Indian Drain
Isleta Indian Lateral
Isleta Lateral
Jaral Ditch
Jaral Lateral Number 1
Jaral Lateral Number 2
Jaral Ditch
Jiminez Lateral
Johnson Ditch
Jones Lateral
Kelso Lateral
Kilgore Lateral
La Constancia Ditch
La Constancia Lateral
La Cueva Canal
La Joya Ditch
La Mesa Drain
La Mesilla Ditch
La Puebla Ditch
La Union Main Canal
Laguna Lateral
Lake Drain
Lake Isabel Inlet Ditch
Lake Lateral
Las Cercas Ditch
Las Cruces Lateral
Las Nutrias Drain
Las Nutrias Lateral
Lateral M
Leasburg Canal
Leasburg Drain
Lemitar Ditch
Lemitar Ditch Lateral
Lemitar Riverside Drain
Lemitar Waste Lateral
Liberty Lateral
Livingston Canal
Loma Parda Community Ditch
Longwell Lateral
Lopez Lateral
Lopezville Drain
Los Chavez Ditch
Los Chavez Drain
Los Chavez Lateral
Los Lentes Drain
Los Lunas Ditch
Los Lunas Wasteway
Los Padillas Acequia
Los Padillas Drain
Los Torres Ditch
Los Trigos Ditch
Louisiana Lateral
Lovato Ditch
Lower Belen Riverside Drain
Lower Chamberino Lateral
Lower Peralta Riverside Drain
Lower Phoenix Ditch
Lower Sabinal Riverside Drain
Lower San Juan Riverside Drain
Lower West Side Santo Domingo Ditch
Luis Lopez Ditch
Luis Lopez Drain
Luis Lopez and Drain B
Luna Drain
Main Canal
Main Canal
Main Ditch
McAllister Drain
McCaskey Lateral
McIntosh Lateral
Mesilla Drain
Mesilla Lateral
Mesquite Drain
Mexican Ditch
Mexican Ditch
Middle Clyde Ditch
Middle Ditch
Middle Ditch
Middle Lateral
Middle Peralta Ditch
Monticello Community Ditch
Nemexas Drain
New Belen Ditch
New Jaral Ditch
New Tome Ditch
North Company Ditch
North Golondrinas Ditch
North Storrie Inlet Canal
Old Belen Ditch
Old Jarales Ditch
Orogrande Aqueduct
Ortiz Ditch
Otero Drain
Otero Lateral
Outlet Canal
Pajarito Ditch
Pajarito Lateral
Palmer Lateral
Palomas Community Ditch
Palomas Community Ditch
Panama Canal
Paraje Irrigation Ditch
Park Drain
Pecos River
Peralta Ditch
Peralta Main Canal
Percha Lateral
Picacho Canal
Picacho Drain
Picacho Lateral
Polvader Ditch
Polvadera Drain
Potrero Ditch
Prison Lateral
Pueblo Ditch
Pueblo Lateral
Putman Drain
Quarteles Ditch
Quesenburg Lateral
Ranchitos Drain
Reservoir Ditch
Ribera Ditch
Rigney Drain
Rincon Canal
Rincon Drain
Rincon Lateral
Rincon Siphon
Rio Grande Main Conveyance Channel
Rio Grande Pilot Channel
Roberts Lateral
Rodey Lateral
Sabinal Ditch
Sabinal Lateral Number 1
Sabinal Lateral Number 2
Sais Lateral
Salem Lateral
San Acacia Drainage Canal
San Antonio Ditch
San Antonio Ditch
San Felipe East Side Ditch
San Felipe Riverside Drain
San Fernandez Drain
San Fernandez Lateral
San Felipe
San Francisco Lateral
San Francisco Riverside Drain
San Jose Drain
San Jose Lateral
San Juan Canal
San Juan Ditch
San Juan Drain
San Miguel Lateral
Sanchez Drain
Sandhills Lateral
Sandia Acequia
Sandoval Lateral
Santa Ana Ditch
Santa Clara Ditch
Santo Domingo Ditch
Santo Domingo Drain
Santo Domingo East Side Riverside Drain
Santo Domingo West Side Drain
Santo Tomas Drain
Santo Tomas Lateral
Santo Tomas River Drain
Santo Tomas River Lateral
Saracino Lateral
Sausal Drain
Savage Lateral
Selden Drain
Sena Ditch
Shalem Drain
Sile Main Canal
Socorro Ditch
Socorro Main Canal
Socorro Riverside Drain
Socorro Riverside Sub Drain
Sombrillo Ditch
Sours Lateral
South Company Ditch
Southern Canal
Southern Canal
Southwest San Felipe Ditch
Storrie Intake Canal
Storrie Project Irrigation Canal
Sykes Lateral
Tafoya Lateral
Taylor Lateral
Thomas Lateral
Three Saints Lateral
Three Saints West Lateral
Tipton Ditch
Tome Drain
Tonuco Drain
Troutman Lateral
Trujillo Lateral
Tucumcari Lateral
Upper Belen Riverside Drain
Upper Chical Acequia
Upper Chical Lateral
Upper Clyde Ditch
Upper Corrales Riverside Drain
Upper Cosique Acequia
Upper Phoenix Ditch
Upper Peralta Riverside Drain
Upper Sabinal Riverside Drain
Upper San Juan Riverside Drain
Valencia Ditch
Valencia Drain
Vasquez Lateral
Vigiles Ditch
Villanueva Northside Ditch
Villanueva Southside Ditch
Wamel Canal
Well Ditch
West Puerto De Luna Ditch
West Side Canal
West Side Canal
West Side Lateral
Wharton Lateral
Wittwer Lateral
Wood Lateral
Yeso Lateral
Zia North Side Canal
Zia South Side Canal
Zia Supply Canal
Simmons Lateral
Tome Ditch
Collins Lake
Gregory Lake
Little Red Lake
Cedar Lake
Spring Lake
Acrey Lake
Adobe Lake
Laguna de Agua
Laguna de Alejandro
Alkali Lake
Alkali Lake
Alkali Lakes
Alkali Lake
Allen Lake
Antelope Lake
Antelope Lake
Antelope Lake
Antelope Spring Lake
Laguna del Arabe
Armijo Lake
Automobile Lake
Badger Lake
Baker Lake
Baker Lake
Baker Lake
Ballard Lake
Laguna Bandeja
Barkley Lake
Los Barreales Lake
Bass Lake
Bassett Lake
Baum Lake
Beard Lake
Beaver Lake
Bell Lake
Bentley Lake
Big Flying H Lake
Big Lake
Big Lake
Big Lake
Big Lake
Big Salt Lake
Bitter Lake
Black Lake
Laguna Blanca
Laguna Blanca
Laguna Blanca
Blm Lake
Blue Hole
Blue Hole
Blue Hole Pond
Bluefront Pond
Boat Lake
Bog Hole
Laguna Bonita
Laguna Bonita
Bonner Lake
Bottomless Lakes
Bottomless Lakes
Brainard Lake
Broke Tank Lake
Brooks Lake
Browns Lake
Buck Lake
Buffalo Lake
Buffalo Lake
Bull Lake
Bullis Lake
Burk Lake
Burro Lake
Burro Lake
Burro Lake
C-N Lake
Caballo Lake
Cactus Lakes
Cactus Flat Lake
Calleys Lake
Callahan Lake
Cantwell Lake
Cantrell Lake
Capps Lake
Casaus Lake
Laguna Castillo
Cave Lake
Cedar Hill Lake
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake
Laguna del Cerro Rojo
Laguna del Cerro
Chain Lakes
Cherry Lake
Cherry Valley Lake
Cherrytree Lake
Laguna del Chical
Chimney Lake
Church Lake
Laguna Chute
Circle Diamond Lake
Clements Lake
Coats Lake
Cockle Burr Lake
Cocklebur Lakes
Cocklebur Lake
Cone Lake
Cooley Lake
Coons Lake
Laguna de Cosme
Cottonwood Lake
Covel Lake
Cowan Lake
Crow Flat Lake
Laguna Cruz
Laguna Cuarenta
Crystal Lake
La Cueva Lake
Curlew Lake
Dagger Lake
Dagger Lake
Dalry Lake
Laguna de Damacio
Lake David
Dead Horse Lake
Deadman Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Lake
Dela Van Lake
Laguna del Desaque
Dimmitt Lake
Dipping Vat Lake
Dos Lagunas
Dough Mountain Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lakes
Duck Lake
Eagle Lake Number two
Dry Eagle Lakes
East Lake
East Lake
East Lake
Edwardo Lake
Enchanted Lake
Laguna Encina
Engle Lake
Lake Erie
Espinosa Lake
Fain Lake
Fifteenmile Lake
Figure Eight Lake
Fireman Lake
Flag Lake
Flat Lake
Flat Lake
Floyd Lake
Lake Forrest
Foster Lake
Franciscan Lake
Frenchman Lake
Laguna Fria
Frutosa Lake
Fry Lake
Galisteo Lake
Galla Lakes
Gallegos Lake
Galles Lake
Garton Lake
Laguna Gatuna
Gibson Tank
Goetsck Lake
Goodhue Lake
Government Water Hole
Gowen Lake
Laguna Grande
Green Meadow Lake
Gressett Water Hole
Gunn Lake
Hackberry Lake
Hackberry Lake
Hale Lake
Harris Lake
Henderson Lake
Hernandez Lake
Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake
Hog Lake
Laguna Honda
Laguna Hondo
Horse Lake
Horse lake
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake
House Lake
Laguna Huerfana
Indian Bathtub
Indian Bluff Water Hole
Indian Lake
Ink Pots
Inkwell Lake
Isaack Lake
Jahie Lake
Johnson Lake
Lake Johnson
Jornada Lakes
Jose Vigil Lake
Juan Lake
Juan Torres Lake
Juniper Lake
Kaiser Lake
Kellar Lake
Kerr Tank
Ladd Lake
Lady Lake
Laguana del Gallego
Lagnuna Del Oro
La Laguna
Lake Katherine
The Lake
The Lake
The Lake
The Lakes
Lambing Lake
Lane Salt Lake
Laguna Largo
Lavade Lake
Law Lake
Lea Lake
Lewis Lake
Lewiston Lake
Lightning Lake
Lindsey Lake
Llonidas Lake
Little Flying H Lake
Little Lake
Little Lake
Little Salt Lake
Little Salt Lake
Little Tule Lake
Lonetree Lake
Long Lake
Lost Bear Lake
Lost Lake
Lost Lake
Lost Lake
Lost Pond
Lowe Lake
Lower Tonsill Lake
Lowry Lake
Lake Lucero
Lucky Lake
Lumley Lake
Lutz Lake (historical)
Maestas Lake
Mail Carrier Lake
Mare Lake
Maruche Lake
Matis Lake
Mauries Lake
Mayter Lake
McAllister Lake
McDonald Lake
Mennecke Lake
La Mesa Lake
Mescalero Lake
Mexican Lake
Middle Fork Lake
Middle Lake
Middle Lake
Middle Lake
Middleton Lake
Milner Lake
Mimbres Lake
Mims Lake
Mirror Lake
Monastery Lake
Laguna La Monia
Laguna del Monte
Morgan Lake
Morris Lake
Morrison Lake
Mud Lake
Muzzle Lake
Nafas Lake
Nakee Ishee Lake
Nambe Lake
Natural Lake
Ned Tank
Laguna Nieve
Nine Hundred Acre Lake
Nogal Lake
North Home Lake
North Lake
North Lake
North Lake
North Lake
Old Coe Lake
The Old Dry Lake
Old Lake
Old Water Hole
Pacheco Lake
Pacheco Lake
Paddle Cross Lake
Laguna del Padre
Papers Lake
Park Lake
Pasture Lake
Patos Lake
Pats Lake
Perch Lake
Laguna del Perro
Peters Lake
Phoenix Lake
Laguna Piedra
Laguna Pino
Laguna Plata
Pleasure Lake
Point Lake
Poker Lake
Poker Lake
Pond Lake
Porcupine Lake
Post Lake
Pothole Lake
Presler Lake
Prichard Lake
Prichard Lakes
Queen Lake
Quirke Lake
Rainy Lake
Ramadge Lake
Ranger Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lakes
Laguna Redonda
Laguna Reyes
Richardson Lake
Rip Lake
Road Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Tank
Rodeo Lake
Rogers Lake
Sabino Lake
Sacramento Lake
Lake Saint Francis
Salina Lake
Salt Cedar Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lakes
Samples Lake
San Isidro Lake
San Marcial Lake
San Luis Lake
Sand Lake
Santa Barbara Lake
Santa Fe Lake
Santa Fe Lake
Santiago Lake
Laguna Santiago
Sardine Lake
Schram Lake
Scotts Lake
Sealey Lake
Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca
Seeping Springs Lakes
Shaw Lake