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Map 100k--j41-081

Thumbnail Map 100k--j41-081
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Detail sample Map 100k--j41-081
NameMap 100k--j41-081
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:100000 1 cm to 1 km
File size 4.3 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
Here is a map demonstrates territory of Turkmenistan. interesting map of Kel'teshor 1 cm to 1 km this.

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Populated places:

Dozhdevaya Yama Yakshi-Bay
Kolodets Togalak
Kolodets Tazy-Kuyu
Kolodets Salar
Kolodets Sakar
Kolodets Rza
Kolodets Padil'-Kuyu
Dozhdevaya Yama Mulla-Sach
Dozhdevaya Yama Mamen-Kak
Kolodets Maldgyr
Kolodets Kully
Kolodets Kosh-Adzhi
Kolodets Kopek-Adzhi
Kolodets Kara-Kuyu
Kolodets Karadzhi-Kel'ty
Kolodets Karadzhi
Kolodets Kapandzhi
Dozhdevaya Yama Kamysh-Akly
Kolodets Kalyn-Kuyu
Kolodets Kak-Guyar
Kolodets Ishak-Adzhi
Kolodets Gusha-Kui
Kolodets Dzhuma-Ters
Kolodets Dzhapar
Dozhdevaya Yama Chiryshli
Kolodets Chirakchi
Dozhdevaya Yama Besh-Kak
Kolodets Anna-Piri
Kolodets Anna-Murat
Dozhdevaya Yama Anna-Bay
Kolodets Aldyrgush
Kolodets Adzhi-Kamysh
Dozhdevyye Yamy Yedy-Kak
Dozhdevyye Yamy Tut-Kak
Dozhdevyye Yamy Sabatly-Kak