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Map 200k--xk19-31--(1985)

Thumbnail Map 200k--xk19-31--(1985)
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Detail sample Map 200k--xk19-31--(1985)
NameMap 200k--xk19-31--(1985)
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:200000 1 cm to 2 km
File size 5.3 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
Here is a map contains territory of Argentina, of Chile. You can find here town Palena free download. You can find here Vargas free download. Displayed Jaramillo free download. Foyel for Garmin. Displayed Elena download for free. You can find here El Corcovado presented. You can find here Carrenleufu marked. Barranca download for free. Displayed El Azul for Garmin. On this map California marked. Displayed El Aceite presented. On this map El Malito download for free. Los Corridos free download. Los Gatos presented. On this map Cerros Las Juntas presented. On this map El Porvenir for Garmin. Las Maravillas download for free.

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Populated places:
Palena (1690 people)
El Corcovado
El Azul
El Aceite
El Malito
Los Corridos
Los Gatos
Cerros Las Juntas
El Porvenir
Las Maravillas
Puerto Casanova
Valle Zancudo

Cerro Greda Este (2068 m)
Cerro El Cono (1872 m)
Cerro Serrucho (1846 m)
Cerro Ventisquero Sur (1837 m)
Cerro Condor (1823 m)
Cerro Sin Nombre (1812 m)
Cerro Mera (1812 m)
Cerro Cuche (1799 m)
Cerro Herrero (1796 m)
Cerro Ventisquero Sur (1764 m)
Cadenas de Las Lobas (1712 m)
Cerro Pelado (1699 m)
Cerro Central (1646 m)
Cerro Cortado (1642 m)
Cerro Llano (1622 m)
Cerro Sin Nombre (1590 m)
Cordon de los Morros (1583 m)
Loma Grasa (1576 m)
Loma Baya (1562 m)
Cerro Rinon (1531 m)
Cerro Pico Morro (1524 m)
Cordon Caquel (1524 m)
Cerros Picados (1491 m)
Cerro Campamento (1491 m)
Cerro Don Javier (1475 m)
Cerro de la Virgen (1468 m)
Cerro del Salto (1450 m)
Cerro Coffin (1423 m)
Cordon de las Tobas (1401 m)
Sierra Negra (1194 m)
Valle Hondo (1190 m)
Cerro Campana (1186 m)
Valle Hermoso (1183 m)
Cerro Diaz (1153 m)
Cerro Fierro (1028 m)
Cerro Catango (971 m)
Morro Carrenleufu (933 m)
Cerro Huemul (926 m)
Valle California (917 m)
Pampa Grande (841 m)
Cerro Las Lajas (752 m)
Morro Palena (658 m)

Estero El Moro
Estero Mallines
Laguna Williams
Lago Palena
Laguna Colorada
Lago Palena
Lago Berta Superior
Lago Guacho
Lago Guacho Superior
Lago Vinter
Laguna Tecka
Lagunas del Engano
Arroyo del Tucu-Tucu
Rio Corcovado
Arroyo Lyn
Rio Huemul
Rio Hielo
Rio Greda
Rio Frio
Rio El Salto
Rio Encuentro
Rio Comisario
Arroyo Comisario
Arroyo Carbon
Arroyo Siberia
Arroyo Mallines
Arroyo Lopez
Arroyo Las Matreras
Rio Engano
Rio El Salto
Arroyo EL Moro
Rio Silberia
Rio Corcovado
Arroyo Guacho
Rio Palena