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Map 200k--xk19-19--(1985)

Thumbnail Map 200k--xk19-19--(1985)
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Detail sample Map 200k--xk19-19--(1985)
NameMap 200k--xk19-19--(1985)
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:200000 1 cm to 2 km
File size 5.4 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
This map shows territory of Argentina, of Chile. You can find here town Lago Puelo download for free. You can find here town El Maiten download for free. You can find here town Hoyo de Epuyen free download. Displayed Rio Puelo presented. Lepa for Garmin. On this map Leleque marked. On this map La Bolsa marked. On this map Golondrinas download for free. You can find here Epuyen marked. You can find here El Rincon marked. Displayed Cholila marked. You can find here Buenos Aires Chico download for free. Displayed Lago Puelo (pueblo) download for free.

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Populated places:
Lago Puelo (4046 people)
El Maiten (3782 people)
Hoyo de Epuyen (2498 people)
Rio Puelo
La Bolsa
El Rincon
Buenos Aires Chico
Lago Puelo (pueblo)

Cerro Dos Picos (2491 m)
Cerro Ocaso (2327 m)
Cerro Anexo (2191 m)
Cerro Bellaco (2160 m)
Cerro Tres Picos (2065 m)
Cerro Torrecillas (2063 m)
Cerro Maiten (2006 m)
Cerro Coronado (2006 m)
Cerro Leleque (1949 m)
Cerro Esperanza (1932 m)
Cerro Morrudo (1918 m)
Cerro Mirador (1898 m)
Cordon Leleque (1857 m)
Cerro Puntiagudo (1842 m)
Cordon del Derrumbe (1840 m)
Cerro Derrumbe (1811 m)
Cerro Pilqui (1804 m)
Cerro Pico Alto (1747 m)
Cerro Pico Solo (1716 m)
Cordon de Cholila (1694 m)
Cerro Rivadavia (1690 m)
Cerro Puntudo (1688 m)
Cerro Pirque (1651 m)
Cerro Cholila (1638 m)
Cerro Cubridor (1627 m)
Cerro Coihue (1610 m)
Cerros Colorados (1609 m)
Cerro Agua Norte (1575 m)
Cerro Aguja Norte (1575 m)
Cordon Esperanza (1563 m)
Cerro Negro (1556 m)
Cerro Subir (1535 m)
Cerro Cuevas (1479 m)
Cerros Pelados (1466 m)
Cerro Aguja Sur (1444 m)
Loma Boscosa (1369 m)
Cordon del Pico Alto (1290 m)
Cerro Cardenas (1212 m)
Cerro Pico Bayo (1204 m)
Cerro Plataforma (1179 m)
Sierra del Maiten (1110 m)
Paso Esperanza (1090 m)
Cerro Churrumahuida (1017 m)
Cerro la Momia (952 m)
Loma Guacha (817 m)
Cadena del Pico Alto (798 m)
Portezuelo Esperanza (783 m)
Tercera Angostura (499 m)

Estero Correntoso
Brazo Norte
Lago Rivadavia
Lago Puelo
Lago Los Cisnes
Lago Lezama
Lago Esperanza
Lago Epuyen
Laguna del Condor
Lago Cisne
Laguna Chulta
Lago Cholila
Lago Carlos Pellegrini
Lago de Las Rocas
Lago Interior
Arroyo del Turco
Rio Turbio
Rio Tigre
Arroyo Pizarro
Arroyo Pedregoso
Arroyo Pedregoso
Arroyo de las Nutrias
Rio Navarro
Arroyo de las Minas
Rio Epuyen
Rio Blanco
Rio Azul
Rio Alerzal
Arroyo Aguja
Arroyo Barrancas
Rio Puelo
Arroyo Correntoso