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Map 500k--xm20-4

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Detail sample Map 500k--xm20-4
NameMap 500k--xm20-4
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:500000 1 cm to 5 km
File size 3.3 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
CountriesFalkland Islands
This map contains territory of Falkland Islands. You can find here Spring Point Settlement download for free. You can find here Roy Cove Settlement download for free. Hill Cove presented. On this map Fox Bay West Settlement marked. Displayed Fox Bay East Settlement download for free. Displayed Dunnose Head Settlement download for free. Chartres presented. On this map Weddell Settlement download for free. On this map New Island Settlement free download. Displayed Saunders Island Settlement for Garmin. You can find here Beaver Settlement free download. Westpoint Island Settlement for Garmin. On this map Carcass Island Settlement download for free.

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Populated places:
Spring Point Settlement
Roy Cove Settlement
Hill Cove
Fox Bay West Settlement
Fox Bay East Settlement
Dunnose Head Settlement
Weddell Settlement
New Island Settlement
Saunders Island Settlement
Beaver Settlement
Westpoint Island Settlement
Carcass Island Settlement

Storm Mount (521 m)
Mount Sulivan (460 m)
Mount Weddell (383 m)
Mount Beaufort (332 m)
Mount Adam (323 m)
Fox Bay Mount (307 m)
Byron Heights (270 m)
Mount Richards (256 m)
Cliff Mountain (234 m)
Flat Jason (192 m)
Mount Philomel (174 m)
Rabbit Hill (168 m)
Mount Doyle (135 m)
Rookery Mount (128 m)
Mount Rees (127 m)
Weddell Island (111 m)
Mount Brown (94 m)
Rocky Ridge Hill (81 m)
Gull Hill (77 m)
Mount Fegen (76 m)
Mount Ararat (73 m)
Chatham Hill (71 m)
Death's Head Ridge (69 m)
Sugar Loaf (68 m)
Grand Jason (66 m)
South Jason (53 m)
Saunders Island (52 m)
Narrows Hill (50 m)
French Peaks (49 m)
Horseshoe Hill (48 m)
Low Island (47 m)
Boulder Point Hill (45 m)
Strawberry Hill (41 m)
West Cliffs (39 m)
Second Island (37 m)
Signboard Hill (33 m)
Bold Hill (32 m)
Rame Head (30 m)
Fish Creek Hill (28 m)
Devil's Nose (26 m)
Valley Hill (25 m)
Penn Island (24 m)
Doyle Ridge (24 m)
Gorgon Peak (22 m)
Beaver Hill (21 m)
Hotham Heights (21 m)
Mount Chartres (21 m)
Brett Hill (20 m)
Spring Point Hill (18 m)
Entrance Hill (17 m)
Barclay Island (17 m)
Stone Hill (15 m)
Westpoint Island (14 m)
Tern Hill (13 m)
Inlet Hill (13 m)
Third Island (8 m)
Low Island (8 m)
Middle Island (7 m)
Pitt Heights (5 m)
Quaker Island (5 m)
First Island (5 m)
Carcass Island (4 m)
Stanhope Hill (3 m)
Cove Peak (3 m)
Dyke Point (3 m)
Egmont Hill (2 m)
North Beach (1 m)
Cape Terrible (1 m)
Staats Bluff (1 m)
Shallow Bluff (1 m)
Cape Percival (1 m)
Wine Bluff (1 m)
Grand Cliff (1 m)
East Head (1 m)
Dunnose Head (1 m)
Deaths Head (1 m)
Channel Hill (1 m)
Stevelly Hill (1 m)
South Hill (1 m)
Sharp Peak (1 m)
Rookery Hill (1 m)
Nipple Hill (1 m)
Gun Hill (1 m)
Double Peak (1 m)
Cooke Hill (1 m)
Cliff Peak (1 m)
Dog Hill (1 m)
Standing Man Hill (1 m)
West End Hill (1 m)
Tea Island (1 m)
Steeple Jason (1 m)
Staats Island (1 m)
Split Island (1 m)
Sedge Island (1 m)
Second Flat Islet (1 m)
Rabbit Island (1 m)
New Island (1 m)
Hummock Island (1 m)
Half Tide Island (1 m)
Governor Island (1 m)
Fox Island (1 m)
Flat Islet (1 m)
Dyke Island (1 m)
Dunbar Island (1 m)
Burnt Island (1 m)
Beaver Island (1 m)
Turkey Island (1 m)
Seal Rocks (1 m)
Jason Islands (1 m)
Mount Pickthorne (1 m)
Mount Harston (1 m)
Yellow Point (1 m)
Tussac Point (1 m)
Tide Point (1 m)
Strong Tide Point (1 m)
Steep Point (1 m)
Spring Point (1 m)
Sound Point (1 m)
Shallop Point (1 m)
Queen Point (1 m)
Mound Point (1 m)
Low Point (1 m)
Landsend Bluff (1 m)
Gull Point (1 m)
Green Point (1 m)
Dick Point (1 m)
Brown Point (1 m)
Bluff Point (1 m)
Woolly Gut Point (1 m)
Seal Island (1 m)
Pond Valley (1 m)
West Bluff
Cape Split
Pillar Bluff
North Bluff
South West Point
Tea Bluff
Loop Head
Precipice Hill
Wreck Island
Stop Islet
Split Island
South Fur Island
Sea Lion Island
Saddle Island
Round Island
Penguin Island
Outer Island
North Island
North Fur Island
Knob Islet
Jason West Cay
Jason East Cay
Hill Island
Green Island
Green Island
Green Island
Fox Island
Fourth Island
Elephant Jason
Double Island
Coffin Island
Cliff Island
Circum Island
Button Islet
Bluff Island
Bald Island
Cliff Knob Island
Beef Island
Rookery Island
Gid's Island
Little Bense
The Twins
Port Egmont Cays
Passage Islands
The Fridays
Channel Islands
Bense Islands
Harbour Islands
Double Creek Islands
Mount Misery
White Point
Weddell Point
Town Point
Tern Point
Table Point
Swan Point
Stickout Bluff
Round Point
Ropewalk Point
Race Point
Rabbit Point
Pond Point
Pickthorne Point
Penguin Point
Penarrow Point
Peak Point
Mound Point
Mark Point
Lion Point
Kelp Point
Hope Point
Gull Point
Foot Point
Elephant Point
East Point
Cliff Point
Channel Point
Boulder Point
Bold Point
Bold Point
Beacon Point
Stinker Point
Gull Point
Lion Point
Penguin Point
North West Point
Boxwood Point
Letterbox Point
Red Point
White Rock
Smylie Rock
Sloop Rock
Skip Rock
Sail Rock
Horse Block
Gibraltar Rock
Black Rock
Sollis Rock
Channel Rock
Castle Rock
Cliff Island
Seal Rocks
Race Rocks
Needles Rocks
The Colliers
Rabbit Island Rocks

Philomel Road
Burnt Harbour
Bense Harbour
Bald Road
Whitsand Bay
Whaler Bay
Symonds Harbour
South Harbour
Ship Harbour
Shallow Harbour
Shallow Bay
Rees Harbour
Queen Charlotte Bay
Quaker Harbour
Pond Bay
Northwest Bay
North Harbour
King George Bay
Island Harbour
Hope Harbour
Gull Harbour
French Harbour
Fox Bay
East Bay
Chatham Harbour
Brown Harbour
Brett Harbour
Beaver Harbour
Beaver Bay
Useless Bay
North West Bay
Stevelly Bay
Whale Passage
Westpoint Pass
West Passage
Tea Island Passage
Smylie Channel
Reef Channel
Philomel Pass
Grey Channel
Governor Channel
Friend Passage
False Passage
Dyke Island Pass
Hecate Passage
The Gammon Channel
West Cove
Watering Cove
Table Cove
States Cove
Sealer Cove
Sealer Cove
Roy Cove
Pillar Cove
Penguin Cove
New Year Cove
Isthmus Cove
House Cove
Hill Cove
Halfway Cove
Grave Cove
Entrance Cove
Elephant Cove
Skull Bay
Cat Cove
Westpoint Cove
Port Egmont
Port Richards
Port Philomel
Port North
Double Creek West Arm
Rous Creek
Pitt Creek
North Arm
Narrow Creek
Kelp Creek
Fish Creek
Edye Creek
East Branch
Double Creek East Arm
Crooked Inlet
Christmas Harbour
Anthony Creek
Leicester Creek
Malo Creek
Rocky Inlet
Lake Hammond
Lake Sulivan
Forrest Gap
Hope Reef
Gibraltar Reef
Carcass Reef
Loop Ridge
Lindblad Reef
Hunt Rock
Napier Rock
Goodwin Reef
Byron Sound
McGill Shoals
Teal River
Fish River
Fish Creek
Doyle River
Chartres River
Bull River
Dunbar Creek
Quaker Passage
East Passage
The Woolly Gut