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Map 500k--xm21-3

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Detail sample Map 500k--xm21-3
NameMap 500k--xm21-3
CategoryRussian army maps (for the world)
Scale 1:500000 1 cm to 5 km
File size 3.4 Mb
Calibration OziExplorer calibration
ContentUSSR millitary
Coordinates grid
CountriesFalkland Islands
You see a map that shows territory of Falkland Islands. Displayed capital of Falkland Islands town Stanley for Garmin. Displayed Goose Green Settlement marked. Port Howard free download. Walker Creek free download. Displayed Tranquilidad marked. On this map Teal Inlet Settlement marked. Displayed Salvador Settlement presented. Displayed Sand Fountain for Garmin. You can find here San Carlos Settlement presented. You can find here Rincon Grande Settlement download for free. Displayed Port San Carlos Settlement marked. On this map Port Louis South for Garmin. Port Louis Settlement marked. On this map Piedra Sola free download. Pebble Island Settlement for Garmin. Orqueta presented. You can find here Mid Rancho marked.

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Populated places:
Stanley (2213 people)
Goose Green Settlement (83 people)
Port Howard (41 people)
Walker Creek
Teal Inlet Settlement
Salvador Settlement
Sand Fountain
San Carlos Settlement
Rincon Grande Settlement
Port San Carlos Settlement
Port Louis South
Port Louis Settlement
Piedra Sola
Pebble Island Settlement
Mid Rancho
Mare Harbour Rancho
Johnson Harbour Settlement
Horseshoe Bay
Hope Cottage
Fitzroy North
Fitzroy Settlement
Estancia House
Douglas Settlement
Dos Lomas
Darwin Settlement
Camp Verde
Burnside House
Bombilia House
Bluff Cove
Lively Settlement
Bluff Cove Settlement
Green Patch Settlement
Johnson Harbour Settlement
Foam Creek House
Keppel Settlement

Mount Usborne (705 m)
Mount Robinson (700 m)
Mount Maria (658 m)
Mount Wickham (600 m)
Mount Simon (600 m)
Mount Edgeworth (560 m)
Mount Moody (554 m)
Mount Kent (440 m)
Salvador Hill (276 m)
Mount Rosalie (218 m)
Wickham Heights (176 m)
Hornby Mountains (165 m)
Mount Keppel (155 m)
Smoko Mountain (152 m)
The Six Hills (140 m)
Mount Challenger (137 m)
Bull Hill (136 m)
Mount Low (130 m)
Princes Street (116 m)
Mount Vernet (112 m)
Twelve o'Clock Mountain (111 m)
Bodie Peak (107 m)
Keppel Island (103 m)
West Falkland (98 m)
Mount Brisbane (93 m)
Two Sisters (89 m)
Wall Mountain (86 m)
Long Island Mountain (84 m)
Cerro Montevideo (74 m)
Marble Mount (72 m)
Mount Pleasant (71 m)
Black Rock (65 m)
Louis Pass (61 m)
Carcass Bay Hill (61 m)
Bombilia Hill (52 m)
Goat Ridge (42 m)
Mount Harriet (36 m)
Standing Man Hill (35 m)
Long Island Ridge (29 m)
Tumbledown Mountain (27 m)
Cove Hill (27 m)
Corner Pass (25 m)
Settlement Rocks (23 m)
Moody Valley (21 m)
Mount William (20 m)
Findlay Rocks (20 m)
Corral Brazo (16 m)
Glen Point (16 m)
Port Louis (15 m)
Pebble Island (15 m)
Rock Point (15 m)
Mengeary Point (15 m)
Northern Valley (15 m)
West Hill (14 m)
Chapel Rock (14 m)
Castle Hill (14 m)
Mylor Point (14 m)
Carruther Point (14 m)
Ponys Pass (12 m)
Furze Bush Pass (10 m)
The Saddleback (10 m)
East Falkland (7 m)
Mount Longdon (6 m)
Rabbit Rocks (5 m)
Drunken Rock Pass (4 m)
Sapper Hill (4 m)
Dry Island (4 m)
Box Island (4 m)
Wireless Ridge (4 m)
North Swan Island (3 m)
Islet Point (3 m)
Lower Pass (2 m)
Drunken Rock (2 m)
Long Island Sand Beach (1 m)
Elephant Beach (1 m)
Cape Bougainville (1 m)
Tussac Rocks (1 m)
Fanning Head (1 m)
Twelve o'Clock Hill (1 m)
Rugged Hill (1 m)
Mount Round (1 m)
River Hill (1 m)
North Lookout (1 m)
Middle Peak (1 m)
Mary Hill (1 m)
Margaret Hill (1 m)
Goat Hill (1 m)
Eagle Hill (1 m)
Cortley Hill (1 m)
Indian Mountain (1 m)
Hawk Hill (1 m)
Cow Bay Ridge (1 m)
Diamond Mountain (1 m)
West Swan Island (1 m)
Swan Island (1 m)
Seal Island (1 m)
Sandbar Island (1 m)
Round Island (1 m)
River Island (1 m)
Pleasant Island (1 m)
Phillimore Island (1 m)
Peat Islet (1 m)
Passage Island (1 m)
Middle Island (1 m)
Middle Island (1 m)
Long Island (1 m)
Hog Island (1 m)
Green Island (1 m)
Great Island (1 m)
Golding Island (1 m)
Elephant Island (1 m)
East Island (1 m)
East Island (1 m)
Burnt Island (1 m)
Broken Island (1 m)
Pebble Islet (1 m)
Gull Island (1 m)
North West Islands (1 m)
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) (1 m)
Mount Purvis (1 m)
White Cliff Point (1 m)
Whale Point (1 m)
Tussac Point (1 m)
Squib Point (1 m)
Penarrow Point (1 m)
Ordnance Point (1 m)
Noola Point (1 m)
Navy Point (1 m)
Narrow Point (1 m)
Monkey Point (1 m)
Main Point (1 m)
Low Point (1 m)
Lion Point (1 m)
Lerat Point (1 m)
Lancaster Point (1 m)
Lamarche Point (1 m)
Knob Point (1 m)
Hummock Point (1 m)
Hookers Point (1 m)
Garnier Point (1 m)
Elephant Point (1 m)
Dog Point (1 m)
Doctor Point (1 m)
Clam-Bed Point (1 m)
Chabot Point (1 m)
Burnt Point (1 m)
Bull Point (1 m)
Bold Point (1 m)
Bold Point (1 m)
Jack's Point (1 m)
Black Point (1 m)
Murray Heights (1 m)
Shanty Ridge (1 m)
Eagle Rock (1 m)
Celery Island (1 m)
Shag Rocks (1 m)
Lookout Rocks (1 m)
Rookery Valley (1 m)
Black Rock Valley (1 m)
Pond Valley (1 m)
Deep Valley (1 m)
Paloma Sand Beach
Armantine Beach
Campa Menta Beach
Volunteer Beach
White Bluff
Cape Tamar
Cape Pembroke
Cape Frehel
Cape Dolphin
Macbride Head
Doctors Head
Cape Carysfort
The Bluff
Black Point
Goldsworthy Rock
Canopus Hill
White Island
West Island
Tussac Island
Tussac Island
Tussac Island
Little Shag Island
Sea Lion Island
Scott Island
Sandy Island
Reef Island
Rat Island
Rabbit Island
Rabbit Island
North Island
Narrow Island
Little East Island
Kidney Island
Keppel Islet
High Island
High Cliff Island
Hare Island
Gull Island
Green Island
Government Islet
Fanning Island
Ear Island
Direction Islet
Cochon Island
Centre Island
Centre Island
Cat Islet
Bobs Island
Big Shag Island
Hill Gap Island
Whig Islands
Tyssen Islands
Tussac Islands
Seccomb Islands
Samuel Islands
Kidney Islands
Kelp Islands
Becher Islands
Arrow Islands
Yorke Point
White Rock Point
White Point
White Point
West Point
Volunteer Point
Turn Point
Sturgess Point
Strike Off Point
Sparrow Point
Seaview Point
Seal Point
Sea Lion Point
Rock Point
Robinson Point
Reef Point
Red Hill Point
Race Point
Rabbit Point
Poker Point
Poke Point
Pleasant Point
Platt Point
Philips Point
North Point
The Moro
Middle Point
Magellan Point
Lion Point
Lake Point
Knob Point
Kelp Point
John Point
Jersey Point
Hut Point
Hospital Point
Horse Point
Green Point
Gascoigne Point
Garden Point
Point Frio
Point Frances
Fox Point
Fall Point
Engineer Point
East Point
Eagle Point
Duclos Point
Creek Point
Cow Point
Charles Point
Chancho Point
Cattle Point
Bold Point
Bold Point
Boat Point
Black Point
Beach Point
Bay Point
Arrow Point
Goat Point
Mushroom Point
Grave Point
Jenesta Point
Wreck Point
South East Point
Rapid Point
Young Rock
Wolf Rock
White Rock
The Viper
Uranie Rock
Tide Rock
Sunk Rock
Mid Rock
Maggie Elliot Rock
High Rock
Fish Rock
Eddystone Rock
Cannon Rock
Boat Rock
Billy Rock
Sixtus Rock
Concordia Rock
Tussac Rock
Dutchmans Island
Seal Rocks
Sea Lion Rocks
Kelly Rocks
East Rocks
Double Rocks
Bold Rocks
Black Rocks
Volunteer Rocks

Stag Road
East Road
Yorke Bay
White Rock Bay
Wharton Harbour
Uranie Bay
Tamar Harbour
Surf Bay
Shallow Harbour
Shallow Bay
Shag Harbour
Port San Carlos
Pleasant Road
Pebble Sound
North Creek
Middle Bay
Marville Bay
Mare Harbour
Port King
Kelp Harbour
Kelp Bay
Johnson Harbour
Jersey Harbour
Port Howard
Horseshoe Bay
Hells Kitchen
Grantham Sound
Golding Bay
Foul Bay
Findlay Harbour
Fanning Harbour
Elephant Bay
Darwin Harbour
Cygnet Harbour
Cow Bay
Committee Bay
Choiseul Sound
The Canache
Button Bay
Bonners Bay
Blanco Bay
Berkeley Sound
Arrow Harbour
Ajax Bay
Port William
Carcass Bay
Lawson Bank
Swan Passage
Main Passage
Deep Channel
Darwin Narrows
Tickle Pass
Whalebone Cove
West Cove
Watt Cove
Sparrow Cove
Shallow Cove
Sand Bay
Rookery Bay
Rain Cove
Rabbit Cove
Rabbit Cove
Pebble Cove
Peat Cove
Magellan Cove
Kidney Cove
Islet Cove
Hamond Cove
Hamblin Cove
Hadassa Bay
Gipsey Cove
Fitz Cove
Fairy Cove
Eliza Cove
East Cove
Don Carlos Bay
Cutter Cove
Christina Bay
Careening Cove
Canard Cove
Beatrice Cove
Archer Cove
Aiguade Cove
Diamond Cove
Swan Pond
Port William
Stanley Harbour
Rock Harbour
River Harbour
Port Purvis
Port Louis Harbour
Port Pleasant
Port Fitzroy
Egg Harbour
Ship Harbour
Weir Creek
Walker Creek
Victoria Harbour
Teal Inlet
Teal Creek
Swan Inlet
Port Sussex
Smylie Creek
Seaview Creek
San Carlos Water
Port Salvador
Old House Creek
Norton Inlet
North East Creek
New Haven
The Narrows
Mullet Creek
Muddy Creek
Miles Creek
Middle Creek
Many-branch Harbour
Mackinnon Creek
Lebon Creek
Justice Inlet
Island Creek
Hill Gap
Hearnden Water
Head of the Bay Creek
Port Harriet
Gosling Creek
Fitzroy Creek
Fish Creek
Findlay Creek
Fern Valley Creek
False Creek
Duperrey Harbour
Chabot Creek
Calf Creek
Brenton Loch
Bougainville Creek
Bodie Inlet
Bluff Creek
Barthe Creek
Campa Menta Bay
Volunteer Lagoon
Salt Lagoon
Paloma Pond
North Basin
Lorenzo Lagoon
The Lagoon
Kelp Lagoon
Island Harbour
Fitzroy Basin
The Careenage
Swan Pond
Pleasant Lagoon
Loch Head Pond
Purvis Narrows
Round Pond
Rodeo Pond
Pebbly Pond
Mile Pond
Muddy Pond
Dutchmans Pond
Shingly Pond
Polinki Pond
Rookery Ponds
North East Reef
Newings Reef
Armantine Rocks
North Falkland Sound
Keppel Sound
Tyssen Patch
Hutchison Shoal
Fripp Rock
Oberon Patch
River Warrah
Turners Stream
Shepherds Brook
Shanty Stream
San Carlos River
Pilot River
River Pedro
Murrell River
Mullet Creek Stream
Moody Brook
Jamesons Stream
Fitzroy River
Felton Stream
Camilla Creek
Blackburn River
Sheila's Creek
Campa Menta Brook
Black Rock Brook
Dutchmans Brook
Fish Creek
Monty Dean's Creek
Tamar Pass
North West Passage
Falkland Sound
Anxious Passage
Inner Pass